12 more glaciers that haven’t heard the news about global warming

by editor on January 25, 2010

The glaciers are melting! The glaciers are melting! The glaciers are…uhhhhh…never mind.

Turns out the IPCC’s chicken little story that all the Himalayan glaciers are melting is just another exaggeration. Or fraud. Take your choice. You know, like the stats coming out of East Anglia CRU. And its claim that Antarctica is melting. And that Greenland’s ice cap is melting. And that sea levels are rising. And that the polar bears are dying. Fact is, some glaciers are retreating, but many others around the world are growing.

“But how is that possible? How can glaciers be growing when the world is warming up like a package of Jiffy-Pop in a microwave?”

Here are a dozen glaciers (or groups of glaciers) around the world that are growing almost as quickly as global warming skepticism.

1. Himalayan glaciers are growing, not shrinking

Things are not as they seemed to be in the IPCC report. Not only are the Himalayan glaciers not shrinking, they’re growing. Discovery reports:

Perched on the soaring Karakoram mountains in the Western Himalayas, a group of some 230 glaciers are bucking the global warming trend. They’re growing. Throughout much of the Tibetan Plateau, high-altitude glaciers are dwindling in the face of rising temperatures. The situation is potentially dire for the hundreds of millions of people living in China, India and throughout southeast Asia who depend on the glaciers for their water supply.

But in the rugged western corner of the plateau, the story is different, according to a new study. Among legendary peaks of Mt. Everest like K2 and Nanga Parbat, glaciers with a penthouse view of the world are growing, and have been for almost three decades.

“These are the biggest mid-latitude glaciers in the world,” John Shroder of the University of Nebraska-Omaha said. “And all of them are either holding still, or advancing.”

Source: Discovery

2. Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier. Growing. A lot.

Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier is advancing moving toward Gilbert Point near Yakutat at an average of seven feet per day.

The Army Corp of Engineers’ Hubbard Glacier website for has some great photos of the advancing behemoth.

Source: CDApress.com

3. Norwegian glaciers. Growing again.

IceAgeNow.com reports on the growth of Norwegian glaciers:

“After years of decline, glaciers in Norway are again growing, reports the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate. The actual magnitude of the growth, which appears to have begun over the last two years, has not yet been quantified, says NVE Senior Engineer Hallgeir Elvehøy.”The developments were originally reported by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).

Source: IceAgeNow.com

4. Glaciers growing on Canada’s tallest mountain

Canada.com tells the tale of glaciers growing on Canada’s tallest mountain:

“Canada’s tallest mountain, the Yukon’s towering Mount Logan, may have experienced a growth spurt.

“The University of Alaska aerial survey, conducted last summer with a laser altimeter by Fairbanks-based geoscientist Sandy Zirnheld, pegged Canada’s geographic zenith at 5,966 metres. That’s seven metres (23 feet) higher than the official height of 5,959 metres, determined in 1992 after a celebrated climb to the top by a team of Canadian researchers led by Mike Schmidt of the Geological Survey of Canada.

“Snow and ice accumulation is the most likely explanation,” Chris Larsen, the scientist leading the University of Alaska’s research on the continent’s northwest mountain ranges, said.”

Source: Canada.com

5. North to Alaska and more growing glaciers

Alaska’s glaciers have been in retreat for nearly 200 years. But now they’re advancing again.

MichNews.com reports the cold, hard facts:

“Unusually large amounts of Alaskan snow last winter were followed by unusually chilly temperatures there this summer. “In general, the weather this summer was the worst I have seen in at least 20 years,” says Bruce Molnia of the U.S. Geological Survey, and author of The Glaciers of Alaska. “It’s been a long time on most glaciers where they’ve actually had positive mass balance (added thickness).”

“Overall, Molnia figures Alaska had lost 10–12,000 square kilometers of ice since 1800, the depths of the Little Ice Age. That’s enough ice to cover the state of Connecticut. Climate alarmists claim all the glaciers might disappear soon, but they haven’t looked at the long-term evidence of the 1,500-year Dansgaard-Oeschger climate cycles. During the Little Ice Age—1400 to 1850—Muir Glacier filled the whole of Glacier Bay. Since then, the glacier has retreated 57 miles.

Source: MichNews.com

6. Glaciers are growing in California. California?

You might be surprised to learn that the Golden State has glaciers. And the Associated Press says they’re growing:

“Global warming is shrinking glaciers all over the world, but the seven tongues of ice creeping down Mount Shasta’s flanks are a rare exception: They are the only known glaciers in the continental U.S. that are growing.”

Source: FoxNews.com

7. A glacier is growing on Washington’s Mt. St. Helens.

Mount Saint Helens has glaciers? But it’s an active volcano. But, but, but…

KATU-TV reports the details:

“On May 18, 1980, the once bucolic ice-cream cone shape that defined Mount St. Helens in Washington state disappeared in monstrous blast of ash, rock, gas, and heat.

“Inside the volcano, which was once a soft dome of snow but is now a gaping, steaming menace with an unpredictable streak, an unexpected phenomenon is taking place: a glacier is growing.

“In these days of global warming concerns and scientists showing alarming then-and-now images of glaciers disappearing from mountainsides, it may be the only growing glacier in America – or maybe the world.

Source: KATU.com

8. Glaciers are growing in France and Switzerland, too

Another continent has reported in. According to an article in the Journal of Geophysical Research, glaciers are growing in France and Switzerland, too:

The research was conducted by six scientists from leading agencies and departments in France and Switzerland that deal with hydrology and glaciology. The research was funded by Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers de Grenoble (OSUG), the European Programs ALPCLIM and CARBOSOL, and by the city of Chamonix Mont-Blanc.Vincent et al. collected a variety of datasets that could help them understand how the high-elevation glaciers of Mont Blanc were impacted by variations and trends in climate. Among other findings, they found that the mass balance of the glaciers is strongly controlled by precipitation, not temperature.

Vincent et al. state “The most striking features of these figures are the small thickness changes observed over the 20th century. For both areas, thickness variations do not exceed ±15 m. The average changes are +2.6 m at Dôme du Goûter (please note that this glacier is growing) and -0.3 m (-12 inches) at Mont Blanc.

“Considering the uncertainty interval, i.e., ±5 m, it can be concluded that no significant thickness change is detectable over most of these areas”. “All these results suggest that the SMBDôme du Goûter and Mont Blanc did not experience any significant changes over the 20th century.”

Source: World Climate Report

9. New Zealand’s largest glaciers are growing

Growing may not be a strong enough word. They’re surging. IceAgeNow.com reports the story:

Guides say the Franz Josef and the Fox glaciers continued advancing down their valleys in the past year and may soon be close to positions reached 40 years ago.

That (supposedly) contrasts sharply with the plight of many glaciers elsewhere on the planet, which are (supposedly) shrinking three times faster than they were in the 1980s, according to the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS).

Franz Josef Glacier Guides base manager Tom Arnold estimated the Franz Josef and the Fox had advanced hundreds of meters in the past year.

Source: IceAgeNow.com

10. Russia’s glaciers are growing, too

The Russians don’t believe the IPCC forecasts, but they do believe their own eyes.

In 2002, a 22-million ton piece of ice broke off the gigantic Maili Glacier and crashed down a steep gorge into the village of Kami. It killed more than 150 people and injured hundreds more.The 500-foot wall of ice had been growing for six years. The Maili Glacier is just one of several glaciers in the North Caucasus Mountains that have been expanding at an alarming rate.

Other towns in the region have been partially buried by these advancing walls of ice. One local scientist in southern Russia said, “We may be seeing the beginning of a new great ice age!!!”

Source: IceAgeNow.com

11. Argentina’s Perito Moreno glacier is, you guessed it, growing

Is there a continent where glaciers aren’t growing? If so, South America isn’t one of them. Consider Argentina’s Perito Moreno glacier:

Nourished by Andean snowmelt, the glacier constantly grows even as it spawns icebergs the size of apartment buildings into a frigid lake, maintaining a nearly perfect equilibrium since measurements began more than a century ago.

“We’re not sure why this happens,” said Andres Rivera, a glacialist with the Center for Scientific Studies in Valdivia, Chile. “But not all glaciers respond equally to climate change.”

Source: IceAgeNow.com

12. Iceland’s Breidamerkurjokull glacier. Yup, it’s growing, too.

The Daily Mail UK ran a story on July 31, 2009 about the horrors of global warming. It was accompanied, for some inexplicable reason, by contradictory photos that showed the remarkable growth of Iceland’s Breidamerkurjokull glacier.

Their headline screamed, “How global warming is changing the face of the northern hemisphere.” The photos and caption told a story that was, you’ll pardon the expression, the polar opposite of what the article described.

Source: Daily Mail UK

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MattB January 27, 2010 at 10:42 am

Controversial. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

Facts: Global warming & cooling happen: climate changes are a part of earth’s history. What drives these changes that is the real question correct? It is quite silly to argue whether or not the earth is warming/cooling etc; fact is one or the other does occur. Is global warming–if that is the current cycle–driven by man-made disturbances. Well, what has caused it in the past? People should take a close look at the current climactic areas on earth as a whole and research why each region has the weather/climate that it has: e.g. the Polar regions why are they so cold? Further from the Sun based on Earth’s axis tilt/rotation/orbit right? What makes the Tropics…tropical? How much of the earth is covered by land vs how much by water? The ratio I was taught is at least a 3-to-1 ratio of water to land. Now, how much of that land is devoted to either agricultural/industrial use or just plain urban/suburbanized? Think carefully about these ratios and percentages and apply some God given (whether you choose to believe that or not does not matter one iota–except of course to you eventually) critical thinking/reasoning skills and logic. Now start comparing. Perhaps do a little research on what drives weather patterns too… Next, another question: should we be good stewards of the planet we live on? Would you or do you poop in your own house–not on the toilet–but say in a corner or in the middle of any room? I am not proposing that there is no global warming I am merely stating that when climate change happens man-driven causes for that change are negligible when all other factors are also considered.

wilbert robichaud January 27, 2010 at 10:47 am
Michele January 27, 2010 at 10:26 pm

Rated Awesome! What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1

For those who come here acting superior with your allegiance to “the majority of scientists” – you’ve been duped.

This climate hysteria is not about the science or the environment; That’s simply the device used to tweak your compassion, get you tangled up in details. Climate hysteria is being hocked by activists, politicians, corporations, the media, unethical scientists for their own gain. It’s no hidden conspiracy. Those who will profit have the info all over the place for you to see. They just know you’ll trust what they tell you. You gobble up the excuses of bad science, hidden science, scientists that even admit the falsification for political purposes. I’ve never heard such justifying and making excuses as I have from true-believers in “climate change”.

There’s simply nothing that can open your eyes to the fact you’ve been duped.

You’re simply useful idiots, parroting the very sources who will gain much – and help the environment little. Yeah, I know, you’ll just shrug: “Well, I’d rather risk believing in order to protect the environment.”

Do your research: carbon trading is a massive scam that will not help the environment and will bring all of us many regulations (many govts even have documents stating they’ll need carbon policing. In the link below, read the end of the first bullet point.)

Policing for: “…the enforcement of the anticipated Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.”


Austrailia’s Rudd is really gung-ho on this climate crap. But he’s not alone. The UN talks about how we citizens will all be taxed, regulated, policed.

Sound great, huh? For some of you true-believers it probably sounds fine.

Yeah, that attitude is what the world leaders are counting on, the masses who will trust, not question, quote science out their asses that they can’t really verify – even the freaking scientists who plugged the info in the models, and others are scuttling away like roaches and NASA who has been hiding and readjusting info can’t verify it. But they you’ll believe all their excuses.

So go ahead, act smug. Pretend tin-hatters are just making stuff up, when information is all over the place – ignore it at all our “peril” (to use a word that provokes you climate-change hysterics so well) .

PeterB January 30, 2010 at 12:24 pm

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 3

Through your hatred of the global warmists, you seem to overreact even on the sentence that seems so obviously true to you:
“…the enforcement of the anticipated Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.”
This is, if at all, referring to using police force against those (heavy industry) entrepreneurs who keep polluting, despite all regulations. Nothing wrong with that, especially if all others stick to the rules, you should not let the pollution cowboys have their way!
This sentence however mentions nothing at all about so-called carbon taxes (don’t know why all climate sceptics keep howling about them) and definitely not about enforcing such taxes on citizens.
And even if there will be some more energy/climate taxes in the future: you can also avoid them, by placing solar panels, by insulating your homes. Or you can even use these taxes to your benefit, by having your solar panels subsidised, and by placing so many of them that you actually produce more electricity than you use!

By the way, your story about the unethical scientists is the same as the one about the glacier: thousand of scientists have agreed on man-made influence on global warming, just as thousand of glaciers are rapidly melting. Many falsifications have been made deliberately, by the oil industry, to give them so more excuses to keep them oing “business as usual” a bit longer.
Trust me, I am no carbon-believer. But I have been around long enough to distinguish “incidental mistakes” from “diliberate lies”.
Again, as said earlier: it is not just climate change, something is really going on 9and wrong) in this world. And the least we can do is show some respect for future generations!

flashingscotsman September 22, 2013 at 7:39 am

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

Just another one of the dummies that think that taxes imposed on corporations don’t end up being paid by the end consumer.

Nate January 30, 2010 at 2:28 pm

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

PeterB, you say we need to show respect for future generations. Yes, something is really going on and wrong in this world. You see, we have a world population that fails to recognize the power, providence and soveriegnty of God. We are supposed to be stewards of this world, we should go to great lengths to avoid poluting our environment. We cannot become slaves of this world. We are called to go forth, and subdue the earth and all that is in it. That is pretty straight forward. Thousands of schollars have also agreed that the bible is not true! I am glad to not have swallowed that lie. When science and schollarship agree with the Bible, in it’s entirety, I agree with them. When they conflict, it shows that science and schollars have some catching up to do.
Is it at all interesting to look at all the money tied to Global warming? does it cause you any concern to hear the PM of Greece say that it is time for countries like America to give back to all the other countries (repatations). As if the United States in the past century, having bailed out the whole world in two world wars, then forgiving debts, then rebuilding economies and nations, again forgiving debts; was that a triffle?
OOHHHH it isn’t about money. (they say with a sancimoious tone and much hand wringing) Do you really believe that crap? I suppose Abortion is not about money either? You may think I am getting on a tangent, no it is all tied together. It is not a conspiracy, these things are the symptoms. They are the sickness of the mind and heart that destroy a soul. You can go on with your fear of destruction (may be well placed), you can santimoniously preach the gloom and doom of civilization; Nothing will end or change until God intends it! Thank God it is not up to us(mortals).

PeterB January 30, 2010 at 3:04 pm

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 2

Not sure I get you right, Nate, but here goes: are you really saying that those who follow the Bible and God, are (always) doing the right thing, even if they pollute and distroy (almost the same as subdue) it? Just because they can make money of it, under the name of God?
In that case I my have to revise my opinion, from someone who doesn’t believe but truly respects every (religious) opinion, into someone with more active disappointment towards those who believe, but apparently don’t live according to the intention of the Bible.

Nate January 30, 2010 at 3:19 pm

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

Guess you don’t get it do you. You may see the remark about being a steward, I am sure you can look up the meaning of stewardship. You may take some time to read the Bible, God does not offer leagal protection to those that destroy the earth for a proffit. Those who believe the Bible, do so according to the Grace of God. Indeed it is our lack of ability to obey God, that makes necessary the Salvation provided by God! Again, Thank God it is not up to us mortals.

Juan Malo Grande February 11, 2010 at 3:00 pm

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I’m confused…will someone please tell me whether it’s snowboard season or wakeboard season. I’m tired of running to the sports closet, and changing gear after every comment is listed…

Gaby April 18, 2010 at 3:29 pm

Poorly Rated. Do you Like or Dislike? Thumb up 0 Thumb down 3

Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

FormerlyDeanH October 18, 2011 at 8:27 am

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Most scientists are in accordance, believing that climate change is normal, that AGW is BS. The ones pushing the global takeover are the ones getting the airplay. If that’s what you meant then you’ll find most of us agreeing with you. I think we do.

TC April 26, 2010 at 12:58 pm

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I keep hearing about all this horrible Co2 stuff causing global warming, despite archeological evidence that we are pretty much right on track, climate-wise. Last time I checked, Co2 was GOOD for the planet, since that’s what plants (trees, wheat, etc) need to survive … excessive oxygen kills them off. Too bad Gore and buddies don’t worry about getting more trees planted and forget their big lawns to even things out, but doing that would impact their incomes!

Scott Smith July 23, 2011 at 2:53 pm
Dave September 16, 2011 at 12:50 pm

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Global warming, sorry….climate change, is utter rubbish. Anybody who believes it is a mushroom. Basically kept in the dark and fed shit, it’s fit for first year uni students but nobody with an ounce of intelligence.

Henry September 23, 2011 at 2:35 pm

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Real scientists know that Venus is hot because the crust is thin and the molten core heat overwhelms the atmosphere. It has very little to do with the CO2. It would be about just as hot there if the atmosphere were pure Nitrogen. Venus’s atmosphere, at about 98 atmospheres (earth), has 4 times the nitrogen in its atmosphere than Earth. If the greenhouse effect were real, then Mars, which has a CO2 atmosphere, would be warming up. This is not the case at all.

RockingHorseGuy October 17, 2011 at 11:40 pm

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I guess “real scientists” don’t know about Venus being closer to the sun than Earth is?

FormerlyDeanH October 18, 2011 at 8:06 am

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You can always tell a real scientist from the fake ones. The real scientistics wear those cool white coats. Fake ones are on Fox News and wear ties, isn’t that right, Hank?

Logical October 17, 2011 at 7:20 pm

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Come up with a real argument instead of using one based on a fictional book that proliferates the existence of a fictional literary character who rules with world with angst, anger, and an unfair skew of “justice,” all the while claiming to be perfect.

Theodore December 28, 2011 at 10:36 pm

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Any intelligent person will concur. Enough said.

The Real World January 13, 2012 at 7:21 pm

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Well were I’m sitting, I have a great view of the World. I’m I the only person that has discovered the world has had ice ages, golbal warming with-in it’s life.
This is Nature at it best doing what it does, it’s not the first time it won’t be the last. Let’s face up to facts. There has been Volcanic Erouption, Earthquakes, Floods, Ice Ages, Golbal Warmings. Hell there was even Dinosaur’s once, NATURE. Back to the story Glacire’s are growing. Don’t tell PM Gillard and the Greens we will get taxed on this to.

RobertW January 13, 2012 at 8:51 pm

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Rampant fire-storms.

quack September 22, 2013 at 7:26 am

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Another great piece of climate change skepticism: http://www.skepticalscience.com/himalayan-glaciers-growing.htm

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