MCCONNELL CAVES, BUT REID WANTS FULL SURRENDER FROM BOEHNER AS WELL. Mitch is still Reid’s bitch and we’d bet Boehner is getting ready to bend forward as we type.

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Great news: State Dept official in charge of counterterrorism caught soliciting sex — from a minor. He obviously wasn’t nuanced enough to not get caught.

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Greg Gutfeld: The Phrase ‘Gun-Free Zone’ Is Liberal For ‘Sitting Duck.’ California should be a prime target as the entire state is a not only a gun-free zone but a brain-free zone. Caveat: Unless you’re rich libtards who can afford body guards, get a concealed carry permit because you’re special compared to everyone else, or have LAPD snipers at your event.

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Mayor Emanuel To Face Chuy Garcia In Runoff Election. We suspicion there’s some Chicago voters who are p.o’ed at Obama and taking it out on Rahmbo,

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Brian Williams-less, ‘NBC Nightly News’ Grows Week To Week In Ratings. Talk about adding insult to injury. Not only are you a liar you suck.

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Obama denies Americans jobs, vetoes bipartisan Keystone XL Pipeline bill. Hell with jobs! Hell with safety! Gotta keep Buffet’s choo-choos running! He’s a big donor!

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No federal charges for Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin death. Can we get a big ‘no shit Sherlock?’

I say Watson, the morons at DOJ finally figured it out!

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Surprise: Poorest Obamacare Enrollees Face $530 IRS Tax Bill. Dear Leader bites his voting base in the wallet.

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Scott Walker’s insidious agnosticism. Yet another lame attempt by the left to discredit the man they fear the most. This is also known as making Mount Everest out of a molehill.

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Climate Clown Pachauri Steps Down Amid Sexual Harrassment Allegations. In honor of his stepping down we offer a poem.

He’s got that global warming in his pants

He says it feels like fire ants

When I see a Hindu chick

It does some strange things do my dick

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Mall of America – Protected from Jihadist Attack by Gun Free Zone Signs. Um, shouldn’t they have these printed up in Arabic?

Mall of America - Protected from Jihadist Attack by Gun Free Zone Signs

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LEFT PANICS OVER PEER-REVIEWED CLIMATE PAPER’S THREAT TO GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM. Yeah, if there’s no global warming then the money train runs out of hot steam.

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BREAKING: Watch The Bombshell Al Sharpton Exposé That Has The Filmmaker Fearing For His Life. Fearing for his life sounds like hype to us. The video is interesting in that it shows people feel Al is taking advantage of the very people he professes to help.

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CIA looks to expand its cyber espionage capabilities. Does anyone actually go out into the field and spy anymore? We can envision the lead in to a new spy novel in a few years:

007 got up from his desk because he was out of Cheetos. On his way to the kitchen he heard his computer alert that there was a cyber intruder starting to download his data. He dove and managed to pull the plug before any data was uploaded. Was it China? Russia? North Korea? Or some zit faced kid in his mommies basement who thought he was uploading porno flicks?

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Oregon Governor’s First Act Is To Investigate Whistle Blowers. The new libtard governor of Oregon is on a witch hunt. Well, the capital of Oregon is Salem. Coincidence?

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MEDIA BIAS: News Wire Caught Lying About Flood ‘Caused’ by Israel, Then Retracts False Story. Oh look! The French retreat on news stories, too!

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Michelle Obama Complains About Her Struggles. Yes it’s a real struggle going from one vacation struggle to the next. Tough work but someone’s gotta do it. We’ll give Michelle an ‘attaboy’ for continuing her vacations struggles.

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Republican FCC Commissioners Ask Wheeler To Delay Net Neutrality Vote, Release Proposal. Good luck getting the most transparent administration in history to do anything but conceal the fustercluck they have in store for us.

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Animal bill could put PETA out of the shelter business. According to this website, PETA took in $50,449,023 in 2014. PETA took in 2,631 cats and dogs and 2,324 were euthanized. Wheres the “Undesignated” $10,139,586 go? Bonuses? Fat expense accounts? Inquiring minds want to know. We suggest they change PETA to stand for People Euthanizing Timid Animals.

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I’ve gotten info about posting problems. I just posted test comments from my phone, pad and laptop with no problems and this post too.

About all I can suggest at this point is to clear your browser cache and history and see what that does, and/or reboot your computer, too.

I’ve been to all the webpages I’ve posted (but not all from other posters) so I doubt a computer virus came from my posts, nor have I had any alerts from my virus program about bad websites.

Let me know if you find out anything else. In the meantime I’ll click on links and see what goes on.

Poppajoe49 getting redirected to GoDaddy is really weird.

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DHS Secretary Warns as DHS Bill Comes Up: ‘If Anyone Is Planning to Go to The Mall…’ So was this a big line of BS to scare everyone into contacting their Congress critters and scream if we don’t pass the funding we’re all gonna die? In our opinion probably.

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And the Oscar goes to … LAPD snipers who will keep Hollywood’s elite safe tonight? Only one Academy Award to American Sniper? Their Hollywood hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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Documents show the expensive tastes of Jeb Bush’s low-key wife. It looks like after their failure to hit Governor Scott Walker the Washington Post is now going after Jeb Bush’s wife. This is yet another Washington Post total fail as evidenced by no mention whatsoever of Michelle Obama’s extravagant vacations at taxpayer’s expense. At least Mrs. Bush used her own money and wasn’t a leaching on the taxpayers dime. This is so laughable they even go back in time to slam Mary Todd Lincoln!

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Senate GOP ready to split DHS funding and blocking Obama’s amnesty into separate bills? RINO douchebags trying to not look like RINO douchebags. Typical lose-lose situation for these dumbasses.

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12-Year-Old Student Gives Epic Answer to the Question: ‘Do You Really Love America, Obama?. He’s got more common sense than almost everyone in Washington, DC.

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