Michelle Obama Tells Graduates to ‘Shape the Revolutions.’ Funny, our local news completely edited out any revolutionary comments.

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Nevada’s Bunny Ranch brothel seeking paid ‘quality’ control testers. Guys…..Your dream job has arrived. (No this isn’t from the Onion).

Ideal candidates for the full- and part-time positions must have stamina, a love of sex and plenty of experience, said owner Dennis Hof.

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Black TV Executive Calls Obama A ‘White President In Black Face’ [VIDEO]. …and Republicans would have done better leaving Harry Reid in office instead of getting stuck with RINO Obama ass-kisser Mitch “Obama’s Bitch” McConnell.

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Is This The Perfect Memorial Day Picture? Web Denizens Cry Fowl Over Viral Image. We’ve been thinking how to honor our valiant Veterans this morning then we found this. Frankly we couldn’t do any better. Prayers and a IHTM salute for all those who have died defending our freedom.

Memorial Day Eagle  FT Snelling Nat Cemetery

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3 dead, 7 wounded in Chicago shootings. Must be a slow weekend in Chicago.

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Marilyn Mosby’s Consequences – 27 People Shot Memorial Day Weekend – Deadliest Month In Two Decades You can bet your bippy Baltimore PD won’t be investigating these very hard.

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6 people shot in D.C. over an 8-hour period. Must be part of Obama’s Memorial Day Celebration.

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Irish Voters Overwhelmingly Vote In Favor Of Same-Sex Marriage. Now we know what’s really at the end of the Lucky Charms rainbow.

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George Stephanopoulos joined Bill Clinton at Pedo Island. We wonder if any perverts mistook George for a 10 year old boy?

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See any veterans in this #Obama photo? Neither do we. The Democrats must think that watching #Obama eat ice cream is more important than veterans.

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Judicial Watch: Defense, State Department Documents Reveal Obama Administration Knew that al Qaeda Terrorists Had Planned Benghazi Attack 10 Days in Advance. The lies and cover-ups just keep on getting busted. Yet no one does one damn thing.

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Cleveland Officer Acquitted of Manslaughter in 2012 Deaths. Let the rioting looting killing protesting begin!

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Greek hospitals cannot afford painkillers, scissors or sheets as budget cuts bite. All they need is Obamacare. That will fix everything.

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Matt Drudge Unleashes Against GOP in Rare Twitter Tirade: ‘It’s the Night of the Republican Suicide.’  We only have one party anymore. The party of greed.

Matt Drudge Tweet Night of the Republican Suicide

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Why Is A Retroactive Shield Being Thrown Over Some Hillary Emails By Classifying Them? Because Kerry is CHA (covering Hillary’s ass) so he can be the new Ketchup Czar?

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California Governor Prepares Citizens for Coming ‘Toilet to Tap’ Concept. This is a new variation of the “Tax Dollars to Toilet” concept California government has used for years. This is now needed because for decades California government has kowtowed to the greentards and pretty much refused to do anything about increasing water storage even though the population has increased. In 1975 when Jerry Brown started his first term as governor the population was 21.54 million, as of 2014 it is 38.8 million. Now all of a sudden Jerry’s worried about it. Jerry’s last name is Brown, too bad we can’t flush him down.

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Health insurers seek hefty rate boosts. Yet another thank you due to Obama for screwing giving us Obamacare. Oh by the way, we’re still waiting for that $2,500 per year savings.

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Former UN Lead Author: Global Warming Caused By ‘Natural Variations’ In Climate. Yet more proof Global Warming is the biggest scam, ever.

Global temperature change observed over the last hundred years or so is well within the natural variability of the last 8,000 years, according to a new paper by a former Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) lead author.

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Clinton Foundation didn’t disclose $26 million in donations. Minor details. All $26M.

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FBI admits no major cases cracked with Patriot Act snooping powers. Does anyone even think they’re only snooping on terrorists?

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ORRIN HATCH ON TRADE BILL: ‘I DON’T KNOW FULLY WHAT’S IN TPP MYSELF.’  Funny Babs seemed to love it when she voted on Obamacare after hearing Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tell everyone they had to vote on it to see what was in it.

“Secrecy is no good,” Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) responded, backing Warren and Manchin.

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Two DEA employees arrested for lying about running $600,000 strip club on the side with dancers who were in the country illegally. We wonder of the Secret Service was their best client?

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Growing Support for Gay Marriage Isn’t Fake. Funny how this study was of paramount importance when proving the gay marriage point and now that it’s been proven to be a fantasy it doesn’t matter. Politico is spinning at 100,000 RPM to try and minimize the damage.

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About 1,000 Weapons Were Recovered From Scene of Deadly Waco Biker Shootout — and Some in Places You Likely Wouldn’t Expect. These guys are no Boy Scouts but they were certainly prepared.

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Say What? Obama Links Global Warming to Boko Haram, ISIS. Feckless Leader must have ignored his morning briefing from NASA.

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