Student wielding 2 knives injures 21 at Pennsylvania school. Liberal heads all over the country are spinning because schools are knife free zones. How could this possibly happen? We expect a boatload of legislation banning assault knives any day now that will include a ban on carrying more than one knife.

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Last Man Standing. Well, now you know why all these government agencies are buying up guns and ammo like crazy. Don’t expect this will be the last time something like this happens.

Government vehicles and personnel outside of the Bundy ranch / Cliven and Carol Bundy

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John Boehner Cries at Taco Bell Event. Isn’t it time this guy changes his name to Nancy and starts buying clothing at Fat & Wide where Hillary and Michelle shop?

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Rev. Al Sharpton’s Past ‘Secret Life’ Revealed: Report. Downside? None. Either the Mob will get him, or he’ll go into the witness protection program. Either way we won’t have to hear his BS anymore.

Al+Sharpton+2012+BET+Awards+Debra+Lee+Pre+u7SKFCitaBCl1 Al Sharpton Educates Pope Francis on Race, Sissies and Prison Showers

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IRS agents’ testimony: NO progressive groups were targeted by IRS. Yes folks. Not even a “smidgen of corruption” at the IRS.

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Vandals target Smart cars in San Francisco. This is the 21st century version of cow tipping.

SF Smart car vandalism

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This Is Reportedly CBS’ Top Choice to Replace David Letterman. Looks to us like CBS must want to lose a lot of market share.

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Ft. Hood Shooter Ran Free for 15 to 20 Minutes, Stopped by Military Policewoman. 15 to 20 minutes? Ridiculous.! And who’s fault is it that trained military personnel can’t carry weapons on base? Well, this time you CAN blame Bush. Perhaps they should change their motto to “The Great Place to Die.”

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FBI seizes Native American, other artifacts at rural Indiana home. Looks like the 4th and 14th Amendments just died some more. Let’s just confiscate this guys stuff and find out if it’s illegal later. So much for due process. Welcome to Amerika.


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Obama Heads to Fundraiser After Giving Brief Ft. Hood Statement. Again people lie dead and wounded and Emperor Douchbagius goes fund raising. What a guy.

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Shooting with casualties reported at Ft. Hood. Another act of terrorism case of workplace violence? Let the lying and spinning begin!

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Report: EPA tested deadly pollutants on humans to push Obama admin’s agenda. Meet the new Doctor Mengele.

Gina McCarthy testifies before a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on her nomination to be administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency on Capitol Hill in Washington April 11, 2013. (REUTERS/Joshua Roberts)

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Supreme Court lifts overall limits on congressional campaign donations. Let the bidding begin! Buy your own Congress Critter! Cheaper by the dozen! What buying people has to do with free speech is beyond us. Brought to you by the same Supreme Dipstick who gave his seal of approval to Obamacare. We wonder who has what on this guy?

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Colorado Democratic governor faces ethics probe. While evidently minor, we have yet another “honest” Democrat in trouble. This must be the week for it. Who’s next?

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‘We Are Going to Take That Gun’: Watch Dramatic Open Carry Arrest With an Ending You Probably Won’t See Coming. The first cop handled it right. The rest of them should have SS lapel pins. We hope this guy gets a good attorney and sues the stuffing out of SAPD.

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Victims’ relatives demand answers from GM over ‘death trap’ cars. Funny how the government hounded Toyota and just got a $1.2 billion settlement out of them yet we got nary a peep out of Ray LaHood or the Obama administration about Government Motors defective cars. Gotta protect those union voters employees who obviously make a better product. Chevy Cobalt anyone?

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‘Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you’: What deaf Obamacare customers were greeted with after being mistakenly directed to a sex chat number instead of insurance line. If Obamcare would do this they’d have no trouble getting more enrollees than they ever dreamed of.

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British sniper kills SIX Taliban fighters with a SINGLE bullet: Ace marksman hit suicide bomber’s explosive vest from half a mile. This time the April Fools Joke was on the terrorists.

Deadly: How the lance corporal from the Coldstream Guards took down six insurgents with a single shot

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Exclusive: President Obama admits he was really born in Kenya and his real father is Louis Farrakhan. Dateline 4/1/2014. Washington, DC. This morning President Obama called a press conference where he admitted he was actually a citizen of Kenya and his real father is Louis Farrakhan. He also admitted he’s really a Muslim and that he was immediately banning Christianity and declaring himself Dictator for Life. He then said he was divorcing Michelle and making Reggie Love Queen, Joe Biden Court Jester and Sandra Fluke the new Birth Control Czar. Further news on these developments will be handed out as ordered by the new Minister of Stupid Propaganda, Nancy Pelosi who will probably blame it all on Fox News and Bush.

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Sebelius left speechless when told Obamacare is unpopular. It’s called get your head out of your ass lady and see what’s going outside the planet Uranus.

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7 militants blown up while making roadside bombs in a mosque in Ghazni. Reminds us of the old tale from the Brothers Grim: 7 At One Blow.

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The inevitable “draft Jeb” campaign shifts into high gear. Are RINO Rove and his buddies bound and determined to lose another election?

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Our Noel Sheppard Passed Away. It’s a sad day for conservative blogging. His voice will be missed by many. Rest in peace Mr. Sheppard.


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Maryland to dump its ObamaCare exchange. Oh what the hell. $125 million up in smoke? Liberals don’t care! It’s other people’s money! Not theirs!

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Bill Maher Tricks Guests With ‘Racist’ Paul Ryan Quote That Was Actually Said by Michelle Obama — The Reaction He Gets Is Priceless. Watch the real racists in actions AKA Liberals.

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