Playboy Makes Bombshell Decision That Will Forever Change the Magazine. No more naked pictures! Below is the new Miss December.

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California opens to the door to more voter fraud with new motor voter law. This is why people fought for no driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. It appears now that a lot of them will be voting for the Democrats, AKA: more free shit. The same applies to convicted felons.

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HARRY REID LAWSUIT AGAINST EXERCISE BAND MANUFACTURER ‘OPENS THE DOORS’ TO HIS BATHROOM, MEDICAL AND BANK RECORDS. We wonder how long before Harry drops this lawsuit? We bet his bank account history would be nothing short of fascinating.

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Che Guevara’s Death Anniversary–(It was 48 years ago today, Sergeant Teran taught Che Guevara to play: “what goes around comes around.”) Che was DOA and lots of people lived to see another day.

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Obama arrives at Roseburg High School for meeting with families of shooting victims. Avoids protesters, sneaks into the school via the back way. President Courage.

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Feds Spend $60,000 for Play About First Gay President Who Fights Zombies in WH Basement. Then they wonder why people bitch about taxes.

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EPA crew at Standard Mine above Crested Butte triggers waste spill. And they bitch about Volkswagen,

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California Gun Owner Explains Why He Feels Partly Responsible for Gun Violence — See What He Did to His Own Firearm in Response. Next week he should cut off his dick because of rape violence.

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McCarthy withdraws from speaker race, vote postponed. Boehner light is out of sight.

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Commentary: How the NRA can help reduce gun violence. According to the Chicago Tribune, the person who wrote this article, Jeffrey Zalles, is president of the Marin County, California chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Jeffrey we have some major problems with your ideas and wonder if you ever took common sense 101.

Has Jeffrey, who lives in the ivory tower county of Marin, never driven across the San Rafael Bridge and hung around in the hood in Richmond or Oakland, California to see what really goes on in society besides what happens at the golf courses, polo clubs, yacht clubs and hoidy-toity restaurants of Marin County? Has he ever spent a few days in Richmond’s Iron Triangle or hung around 98th and A in Oakland? We seriously doubt it.

Since this is in the Chicago Tribune, perhaps Jeffrey should visit South Side Chicago and ask some of those law-abiding members of the gangs of Chicago what they think of this idea? Jeffrey may get his answer while he’s running for his life dodging bullets purchased illegally, fired from guns purchased illegally, being shot by felons owning guns illegally, who are hopped up on illegal drugs.

Let’s take Jeffrey’s arguments point-by-point.

1. Claim: First, license buyers of ammunition. This license would take the form of a photo ID, and obtaining it could be as easy as watching a video, answering some gun-safety questions, paying a small fee and passing a background check.

OK so ammo buyers can get photo ID’s but voters can’t? Won’t this discriminate against poor ammo buyers with no transportation living in rural areas? Won’t this discriminate against poor minorities who can’t afford to pay for a licence or don’t have transportation?

Not to mention none of this will stop anyone from shooting someone, justified or not. There’s plenty of people locked up in the slammer due to crimes of passion (AKA they don’t give a shit what happens they’re going to kill the sonofabitch they’re pissed off at).

2. Claim: Second, mark the shells. All bullets could be stamped with a serial number, and stores could scan a buyer’s license and a barcode on the box. Since shell casings recovered at a crime scene could easily be traced back to stores and buyers, there would be a powerful incentive to see that bullets were handled responsibly.

Jeffrey may think OZ is real. What’s wrong with this? Lots! First of all what if someone steals the ammunition and blows away someone? The owner of the ammo gets arrested for the crime? I can hear the cops saying “you got some ‘splainin’ to do about why your brass was found at the scene of a murder.”

We suppose Jeffrey will counter with you could report your ammo stolen and avoid this problem. Sounds good, except there will be people who will report their ammo stolen and then go blow someone away in an effort to avoid arrest and prosecution. There will also be the guy who doesn’t even know his ammo is missing who will get nailed for the crime. It appears to us this only muddies the water more.

Recover shell casings? Stellar idea Jeffrey! Unless the perp picks them up, or uses a revolver, or a brass catcher (see below). The headline will read: No Ammunition Found at the Scene. Cops Clueless. (This also applies to California’s moronic law requiring guns to have firing pins stamp ammunition so it’s identifiable at crime scenes).

Brass Catcher

Oh and let’s not forget the hundreds of millions of unstamped rounds already manufactured and in the possession of gun-owners legal and illegal.

And finally, all easily picked up brass found at shooting ranges and reloaded with or without stamp. Again, someone else’s stamp will be at the scene of the crime, not the real criminal’s.

3. Claim: How might the country benefit from this system? Almost immediately, it would become increasingly difficult for those who shouldn’t have ammunition to acquire it. After a while, the guns in the possession of criminals would become virtually useless.

Could someone really be this naive? Evidently Jeffrey thinks the war on drugs is a total success and no illegal drugs are available anywhere in the country because those law-abiding criminals all obey the law. We also note there are no stabbings, bombs, assaults, robberies, rapes. Really Jeffrey? You must think the police are totally unnecessary as are prisons.

Jeffrey, we have news or you. This won’t happen now or ever. If restricted, ammunition will become a huge black market commodity and will be available on every street corner in the hood. Instead of just getting your morning fix you can also buy 50 rounds of the ammo of your choice along with the drug of your choice. The gangs and drug cartels will become Ammunition-Я-Us and make billions.

So there you have it. Another half-baked idea put forth by Jeffrey and the media. Yet another reason we hate the media.


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‘You Thought Obamacare Was Shocking?’: Drudge Reveals What Supreme Court Justice Said ‘To My Face.’ Could be the end of blogging for a lot of people. We’ll rise to the occasion and figure out a way to deal with it. Oh and remember big media, there’s a lot of hungry lawyers out there would would love to sue your socks off for using our stuff.

“I had a Supreme Court justice tell me to my face it’s over for me. Said, ‘Matt, it’s over for you. They’ve got the votes not to enforce copyright law. You’re out of there. They’re gonna make it so headlines, you can’t even use headlines,’” Drudge said. “To have a Supreme Court justice say that to my face!”

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FBI Seizes Four State Department Servers in Clinton Email Probe. Looks like Hillary’s on a roll. Better call Saul.

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The FBI To Seize A Second Device From Hillary Clinton’s IT Company. Is the dirty dealing behind server number 1, server number 2, or server number 3? Where’s Monty Hall when  you need him? Hillary must be about ready to play Let’s Make a Deal.

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Today’s Editorial… 10/7/2015

Breaking the law, breaking the law - Breaking the law, breaking the law. This is what the problem is with today’s United States! Breaking the law seems to be the national past time and it’s getting worse. Soon it’s going to be even more out of control! Perhaps total anarchy will prevail, which is the direction we are headed towards.

It starts at the top with President Obama, who has a long list of what appear to be impeachable offenses.

Then we go on to Hillary Clinton and her illegal home brew server, containing top secret emails that she, under oath, swore weren’t there. She evidently approved her assistant Huma to double dip and work as a consultant while employed at the State Department. Who was she consulting? Countries, companies and people wanting to curry favor with the State Department by dumping wads of cash into the Clinton Slush Fund Foundation? Was she dishing out top secrets to the highest bidder donor? Both? None? Who knows?

Why don’t we know? We’ll start with Congress, a building full of feckless narcissists if ever there was. They have hearing upon hearing and investigation upon investigation, yet nothing ever happens.

Watching Congressional hearings it tantamount to being in a Twilight Zone Episode or the movie Ground Hog Day. At least in the movie after reliving the same day over and over again Bill Murray finally gets it right. Congress never gets it right. They’re doomed to eternally repeat their stupidity and we appear doomed to watch them right into infinity.

Next we have the Justice Department, which under Obama’s command won’t prosecute anyone unless it’s a white dude who committed some act, real or imagined against a black or Muslim. Black on black crime is a non starter as is white on white crime and crimes against Christians of all denominations and races regardless who does them, unless it’s a white dude killing black Christians, then it’s a big no-no.

Punishment? Please. The employees of the various departments of the Obama Administration blow off Congress more than Linda Lovelace does in Deep Throat. The IRS refuses to turn over emails from Lois Lerner, various people refuse to show up to testify when called, a Federal Judge in Texas is going nucking futs trying to get the Obama Administration to explain why they violated an injunction halting Obama’s immigration E.O. fiasco over 2,000 times. See anyone being fined or going to jail? Neither do we? Most get a few threats and that’s the end of it.

Planned Parenthood offing babies and then selling the parts? No problem! Bombing Doctors Without Borders? No problem! Doing end runs around Congress via dubious executive orders? No problem! Using the IRS to persecute your enemies? No problem! Telling ICE to ignore immigration laws? No problem! Releasing illegal alien criminals back into society to commit more criminal acts such as rape and murder? No problem. The list goes on almost endlessly.

See anybody from the big banks going to jail? Perhaps a janitor working for a bank who stole a pack of cigarettes from someone’s desk, but that seems to be about it. Obama buddy? Again no problem! While we’re on the subject Geithner and Bernanke must wear Teflon underwear as does the Fed.

Evidently Bernie Madoff is the designated sacrificial Christ of Wall Street who was sacrificed so the rest of the ripoff artists can continue to plunder. Perhaps he didn’t pay off the right people to maintain his theft franchise.

This meme continues right on down the ladder to every day society. Joe Regular is frequently seen texting while driving (where illegal), running red lights, jaywalking, driving without current registration tags, driving without insurance, speeding, reckless driving, road raging, double parking and performing a long list of other transgressions that are now an everyday occurrence. Hey! If Obama and everyone else and his brother in government can ignore the laws, why can’t we!

The buck hasn’t stopped since Harry Truman was President and we expect it may never stop again until other people’s money finally runs out and the liberals and progressives are run out of town tarred and feathered on a rail like in the old days.

End of rant.

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Dropping Like Flies: Another HUGE Union Abandoning Clinton Endorsement. The fire fighters union’s hoses evidently went limp.

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Last Gun Shop in San Francisco Shuts Down After 63 Years. At the end of October San Francisco will automatically become the safest city in America. All gun crime will immediately cease because criminals will not be able to purchase legal guns in San Francisco anymore. FYI we’re offering the Golden Gate Bridge for sale to the first moron with a million bucks.

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Hillary Clinton Believes It’s Time to Act on Gun Violence. Yep! Smartest women ever. Except not one of these things would have prevented the Oregon, Sandy Hook or Santa Barbara murders. Also, again we have someone who’s dimbulb enough to believe criminals will actually obey the law.

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Swedish bishop wants to remove crosses from church and mark direction of Mecca to make it more inviting for Muslims. Do it! See how long before a bunch of Muslims shows up at your church to rape you pray.

Eva Brunne

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Students warned: Bulging biceps, big guns advance unhealthy masculinity. According to this, it’s better to be a douchebag.

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Oregon Shooter’s Father Says What Could Have Prevented His Shooting Rampage: ‘What Right Do You Have…’ So here we have a dad who basically has ignored his son who’s now whining and blaming the guns and the gun laws. It appears to us that had “dad” done his job and taken and interest in his son perhaps he wouldn’t have turned into a mass murdering nut job. The guns didn’t get up and shoot people by themselves. If you really want to blame someone “dad” perhaps you should go look in a mirror. We’ll take it one step further and ask: are you getting your 15 minutes of fame on a bunch of needlessly murdered people? Call  us cruel if you like, we feel sorry he lost his son but  our sympathy in this case goes only so far.

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Sweden: ‘No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without a Gun.’ If not already there, this is coming to your USA city soon.

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Secret Service agents: Hillary is a nightmare to work with. She’ll be a nightmare as President, too. You want someone like this back in the White House? You can’t bet she doesn’t have the Secret Service vote.

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‘Welcomed in Hell and embraced by the devil’: Details of twisted letter left behind by Oregon college gunman as it’s revealed he had Asperger’s and was kicked out of the Army in 2008. Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook murderer also had Asperger’s. We wonder what kind of drugs the Oregon mass murderer was on?

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Someone should ask Obama why the suicide rate has gone up on his watch. If we look at the below chart we can see that the suicide rate (12.3%) is almost back up to the peak of 13% in 1986. It would appear to us there was a lot of hope and no change for a lot of people. We wonder if that qualifies Obama as a mass murderer?

Media preview

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From One “Bitter Clinger” To President Obama On Guns: You Don’t Get To Disarm Us.  Kurt Schlichter puts Obama in his place.

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