Gov. Jay Nixon issues video message, calls for ‘vigorous prosecution.’ Constitution? What Constitution? Looks like it’s time for a recall.

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Mitt Romney: Obama worse than even I expected. No shit Sherlock, like you couldn’t figure this out after his first term? No presidential material here.

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Jesse Jackson talks voter registration at Ferguson McDonald’s. We can hear Jesse tonight.  ‘Excuse me. Hi, I’m Jesse Jackson. Would you mind registering to vote before you throw that Molotov cocktail?’

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Black Law Professor Says Obama Destroying The Nation, Hurting Black People.

Professor Carol M Swain? She is a law professor at Vanderbilt University who said she cannot understand how anyone who calls themselves a Christian could belong to the Democratic Party.

Can we get an Amen?

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NFL wants artists to pay to perform at Super Bowl halftime show. Greedy bastards.

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Rick Perry turns himself in: Texas Governor has mug-shot taken and is finger-printed on abuse of power charges – as dozens turn out to support him at courthouse. That appears to be a mighty devious smile he has. A portent of things to come?

Smirk and swagger: Texas Gov. Rick Perry insists he's being target politically with criminal charges over his veto of funding for a public-corruption prosecutor who was jailed for DUI

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‘American bombing had signed my death certificate’: Missing US journalist James Wright Foley goes unflinching to his death as ISIS behead him in horrific video, as a warning to Obama. Ferguson? Major riots, Obama & Holder involved. One innocent white journalist brutally beheaded by ISIS? Not one peep from the White House. Oh we forgot, Obama’s on vacation again.

Addressing the camera: James Wright Foley's executioner holds his knife and unfurls his reasons for taking the American journalists life before he beheads him

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See Who’s Been Spotted in Ferguson Trying to ‘Incite’ Riots and Mingling Among Group Armed With Molotov Cocktails. If the out of town shit-disturbers would go home we wonder what would be happening.

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Average Price of Ground Beef Hits All-Time High. Who’s going to be the first liberal pundit to tell everyone there’s no inflation?

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REPORT: HARRY REID ‘SEETHED’ AT DISENGAGED PRESIDENT OBAMA. The list of who Obama hasn’t pissed off must be getting very short.

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DUDE: Rick Perry hits back HARD against his ‘indictment’ accusers. Looks like the field day is beginning.

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White House hasn’t ruled out sending Obama to Ferguson. Must be time for another beer summit. Tip for Obama. If you’re in St. Louis make sure it’s Budweiser.

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Perry Prosecutor Accused of Witness Tampering. We’re beginning to think Perry’s going to have a field day with these clowns.

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Ferguson mayor: No ‘racial divide.’ This is your mayor, this is your mayor on drugs (or something).

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BREAKING REPORT: Officer Darren Wilson Suffered “Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket” During Mike Brown Attack. Yet more proof that the police version of what happened is the truth.

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15 shot in NYC within 8 hours, 2 dead. Like Chicago, why isn’t this a national crisis worthy of Obama’s, Holder’s and the MSM’s 24 x 7  attention?

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Getting in the Governor groove: Chris Christie struts his stuff and John McCain does the robot with Jamie Foxx at Hamptons party.  It appears to us Christie is doing the “Rerun.” McCain is doing robot? It looks more like the Mummy or the Zombie to us, we’re not sure. How presidential.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, pictured on the left, surprised attendees at a Hamptons party this weekend when he joined performer Jamie Foxx on stage and strutted his stuff. Arizona Senator John McCain, pictured right, later came on stage and did the robot with Foxx.

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No arrest warrant issued for Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Perhaps the Democrat brain trust in Austin is beginning to realize what idiots they look like.

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Group Behind Perry’s Indictment Got $500K from Soros. Guess who was probably the impetus for this attack on Governor Rick Perry?

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So much for summer: Snow set to blast Scotland as forecasters warn of ‘coldest August spell in a century.’ It’s time to put away the summer kilts and get out the heavy-duty fleece lined ones.

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County investigation: Michael Brown was shot from the front, had marijuana in his system. Another piece of the pie and another indication Michael Brown isn’t exactly sweet and innocent, contrary to what we hear.

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Mayors Against Illegal Guns Mayor Charged with Bribery. He’ll get off. After all, in the progressive liberal Democrat world bribery is a normal function of government, exercising a legal veto is a double felony.

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Seven Killed, 29 Wounded In City Shootings Over Weekend. It seems rather strange we have riots with the police in full force and the National Guard being called up over one person killed in Ferguson, yet nobody appears to give a shit about what goes on in Chicago weekend after weekend.

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Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Struck at Least 6 Times. It doesn’t appear he was shot in the back while running as one witness claimed.

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