DEA agents had cartel-funded ‘sex parties’ in Colombia, and other shocking revelations from a new report. Oh what the hell, at least they weren’t playing golf every other day or taking extravagant vacations.

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Dem Rep. Tries to Park Car, Fails Miserably. How She Left It Suggests She Had No Idea She Was on Video. It looks to us like she may have stopped off at the local dive bar for a tuneup before work.

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Josh Earnest Couldn’t Even Convince an MSNBC Panel to Believe What He Was Saying on Live TV. Pretty sad when you can’t BS anyone at MSNBC. We think they should name Harf, Pataki and Earnest the Three Stooges.

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Jen Psaki on Bergdahl: Of course it was worth swapping a deserter for five Taliban killers. Look! Our country is blessed with another “genius.” Wanna bet she pays $500 for $100 of groceries?

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Witnesses? We Don’t Need No Steenking Witnesses! – Obama State Department Calls Bergdahl’s Platoon Mates Liars. Harf’s spewing her “intelligence” again. What the hell do eye witnesses know anyway?

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Murderer of Four in North Carolina Was a Drug User, Gang Member and an Obama “Dreamer.” One “Dreamer” for 4 citizens. One “deserter” for 5 Taliban. See a pattern here?

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‘That’s fantastic’: As Middle East Implodes, Obama Heads to Florida for Golf Vacation. Golfing and tweeting, the Obama way to fight a war.

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The man who murdered everybody aboard Flight 4U9525: Screams as passengers realised in final seconds co-pilot was deliberately flying them into mountain after locking captain out of cockpit. Andrea Lubitz. Perhaps he was a white Muslim?

*Black box voice recorder reveals chilling final moments of Airbus A320
*Co-pilot heard breathing calmly as he smashed jet into Alps at 400mph
*Prosecutor: ‘The intention was to destroy the plane. Death was instant’
*Co-pilot was named today as 28-year-old German Andreas Günter Lubitz
*Prosecutor says he does not believe disaster was suicide or terrorism
*Airline CEO: ‘If one person kills 149 people with him, it is not suicide

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Report: France jet audio shows pilot locked out of cockpit. Guess what? This is beginning to sound like…um…deliberate.

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Clinton hit with racketeering lawsuit over emails. Nixon’s ghost heard laughing.

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Gillibrand: Wrong to Criticize Woman For False UVA Rape Allegations. Yet more proof liberalism is a mental disease.

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Federal Appeals Court to Hear Arguments on Immigration Ruling. Ten of its 15 active judges were appointed by Republican Presidents, and its decisions often reflect a concerted effort by Republican administrations to impose a conservative policy agenda through the courts. Well, well, this should be interesting.

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LA CONSIDERS MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE: $15.25 BY 2019. Libtards folliwing the ‘great success’ of MWI’s in Oakland and Seattle.

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Harry Reid, Senior DHS Official Implicated in Scheme to Approve Visas for Non-Qualified Foreigners. Sorry we’re not getting excited. One-Eyed Harry will escape unscathed? Why you ask? Well, Obama let’s in tens of thousands of illegal aliens in and the GOP bobble heads merely not their heads in silent approval.

Did I do that?

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Another “dark money scandal” hits, this time for Scott Walker. Oppo researcher’s blinders evidently won’t let them see about all that foreign money going into the Clinton Foundation.

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Jeb Bush: James “F**k The Jews” Baker Wasn’t Speaking For Me. Plausible deniability.

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House Introduces Bill to Repeal the Patriot Act. Fat chance it gets passed in the Senate and if it does Obama will veto it.

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Obama: Words ONLY Matter If The Speaker Is Jewish-Don’t Matter When Ayatollah Speaks. Evidently the Ayatollah had both hands behind his back with his fingers crossed when he called for the death of America.

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Planet Fitness Hit With Lawsuit Over Claims Of Hostile Environment For Women And Children. No hot dogging it in the locker room.

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WHOOPI THE BIRTHER: Whoopi Wants to See Cruz’s Birth Certificate, But Not Obama’s. So let’s see. If it’s a half black and half white guy there’s no need to see the birth certifacate. If it’s a half Hispanic and half white guy we need to go on the birth certificate witch hunt. Prejudiced much?

Here’s Whoopi going off on Trump about Obama’s birth certificate.

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Decades of human waste have made Mount Everest a ‘fecal time bomb.’ We found the first place to mine gold from turds. This is the bonanza! The mother lode! We expect turd miners to flood the area any day now. There’s turds in them thar hills!

The Elusive Himalayan Golden Turd

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NYC Board of Health’s new, stricter rules for day cares limit how much juice kids can drink, cut ‘sedentary’ time. Meet the new nanny, same as the old nanny.

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Noted Global Warming Skeptic Gets His Twitter Account Suspended. First Steven Goddard and now this guy. Looks like the commiecrats at Twitter are starting a good old communist purge. To the Cyber Gulag with you! ISIS supporters on Twitter evidently need have no worries.

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​Scientists Want to Mine Our Poop for Gold. The Democrats are on this idea like flies on shit. They figure they’ll make extra money selling all those polished turds they have. Goldfinger on the other hand is not happy about having to change his name to Stinkfinger.

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Liberal Alan Dershowitz: Ted Cruz Was Among the Smartest Students I’ve Ever Taught. Meanwhile, everyone’s still waiting for Obama’s college transcripts.

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