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TV Commercial’s ‘Political Nature’ Led National Network to Yank It. See If You Can Spot the Problem. If she’d pledged allegiance to Obama it would have probably been left up.

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Video: Wisconsin voter-ID law reinstated by federal court for midterms. The Wisconsin Democrats are going to have to change their mantra to ‘One Person-One Vote.’

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NOAA – 246 Low Max Records Broken or Tied From Sept 1 to Sept 10. Some records broken by 16F. Winter’s here and summer isn’t even over until September 22nd.

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Michelle Obama’s unfortunate 9/11 tweet. What a genius our First Lady is.

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CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY ‘DERECOGNIZES’ CAMPUS CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATION. Looks like Janet Reno Napolitano is already busy destroying things.

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Saudi Arabia Cuts Oil Production in Apparent Effort to Keep Price Near $100 a Barrel. Two words: Keystone Pipeline.

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Busted: Associated Press Journalist Caught Coordinating Stories with the CIA.. This must be the Journ O SpyList.

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D.C. Public Schools homework assignment asks 6th graders to compare Bush to Hitler. Until an American president rounds up millions of people and sends them to gas chambers and death camps, comparing any American president to Hitler is ludicrous. This shows how far the loony left will go to impugn Republicans.

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Rapid City sees earliest snowfall since 1888Summer snow covers ground in Denver. It appears we have early global warming this year.

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U.S. Confirms ISIL Planning Infiltration of U.S. Southern Border. Contrary to what some of our elected and unelected morons in Washington, DC claim.

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Frustrated Father Who ‘Obliterated’ Common Core in Viral Post Shares How His Son’s Teacher Reacted. This poor dad couldn’t even get eleventy for an answer.

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KERRY: “ISIL’S HATEFUL IDEOLOGY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM.” Evidently Kerry has nothing to do with brains.

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Michael Moore Slams Obama: History Will Only Remember You Were a Black President. We never thought we’d agree with Michael Moore, but here it is.

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93% of Democratic Senate or Governor Candidates Are White. Must be some of that hope and change. Meanwhile African-American Republican’s are slandered by various slave vernacularisms.

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Golf courses are now rejecting President Obama. Expect Holder to file a discrimination suit any minute now.

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Obamacare Premiums in Nebraska to Rise by 11 Percent. So much for that $2,500 savings Obama promised. Easy come, easy go.

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Welfare recipients can use debit cards for marijuana. Now we’ll wait for them to increase the benefit because the marijuana is causing them to eat more Cheetos and they’re running out of EBT money faster.

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Public Schools Forcibly Subject Students To ‘Meatless Monday’ Activism. Can we get a ‘Moron Monday’ where the Federal Government shuts down?

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Rep. Darrell Issa Says He Caught the Justice Department Red-Handed Conspiring with House Dems on IRS Documents. You can bet a certain official’s hard drive and Blackberry are being shredded as we type.

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 [Watch] Massive DHS Failure – DC Nuclear Reactor, Softest Terror Target Known to Man. They must be too busy looking for crazed Tea Party members.

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Government Putting on Vegetable Puppet Shows For Preschoolers. This is what happens when vegetables run the government.

Reggie Veggie©, Judy Fruity©

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Malaysia Flight 17 likely downed by ‘high-energy objects’ outside plane, report says. No shit Sherlock.

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Todd: Hillary Wouldn’t Be Frontrunner ‘If She Were Running to Be the Second Woman President.’ We suspicion she is running to be the second woman president.

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