Two Veterans Perform Citizens Arrest on Entire County Board, They Laugh Until Sheriff Shows Up. Confucius say veterans who laugh last laugh best. Awesome.

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Black Panthers Indicted On Federal Gun Charges, Pipe Bomb Plot Near Ferguson [VIDEO]. President Obomba, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton say: If you like your race war you can have your race war. This is what it appears they’re trying to start.

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BIG CHIN, NO SPINE: Leno Cancels Appearance Due to Gun Control Bullies. Pussy! More like big chin, no balls.

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Man claims PETA stole, killed family pet. PETA = People Euthanizing Tiny Animals.

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Author Brad Thor Previously Made Controversial Prediction About Bergdahl Swap — Stunning Report Seemingly Proves He Was Right. Who’s the JV Team? Apparently they’re in the White House.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) revealed the ransom payment in a Nov. 5 letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. The congressman noted that the DoD’s Joint Special Operations Command delivered the payment, but it was stolen by the “intermediary” who claimed to represent the hostage takers, the report adds.

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Opinion: Controller John Chiang drops bombshell on California public pensions.

Chiang added public pension systems to his already large fiscal database. One chart reveals that their “unfunded liabilities” – the gap between assets and liabilities for current and future pensions – exploded from $6.3 billion in 2003 to $198.2 billion in 2013.

But somehow California can afford Jerry Brown’s boondoggle Choo-Choo to Nowhere.

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White House Details on Anticipated Administrative Relief. Evidently the National Immigrant Youth Alliance is po’ed before Obama’s even given his speech. Here’s the leak.

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Only 50% Of Scientists Blame Mankind for Climate Change In New Study. So much for that 97% consensus. Send this to a greentard and make their day.

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Updated list of 66 excuses for the 18-26 year ‘pause’ in global warming. Finally! Something with more excuses than Obama!

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Animated Video Casts Even More Doubt on Claims that Gruber Wasn’t Involved in Building ACA. Gruber who?

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BREAKING: Al Sharpton Announces Nationwide Race Riots… Here’s the List of Cities He’s Targeting. Riots-Я-Us at the following cities.

ATLANTA, GA: 75 Spring St, SW, 2211 U.S. Courthouse
BIRMINGHAM, AL: 1729 5th Avenue North #140
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ: 2715 Atlantic Ave
BROOKLYN, NY: 225 Cadman Plaza E. Brooklyn, NY
CHARLESTON, NC: 200 East Bay Street City of Charleston Police Department, 180 Lockwood Blvd
CHARLOTTE, NC: 401 West Trade Street
CHICAGO, IL: 219 S Dearborn St #74
CINCINNATI, OH: 550 Main Street
PHILADELPHIA, PA: 601 Market Street
CLEVELAND, OH: 801 West Superior Avenue
DETROIT, MI: 231 W Lafayette Blvd
FERGUSON, MO: (Police Department), 222 S. Florissant Road
NATCHEZ, MS: 109 North Pearl Street
NEWARK, NJ: 970 Broad St. (Broad/Walnut Sts.)
OAKLAND, CA: 1225 Fallon Street
ORLANDO, FL: 401 West Central Boulevard
PATERSON, NJ: 401 Grand Street
PHOENIX, AZ: 400 West Washington
SANFORD, FL: 1300 Park Avenue
TALLAHASSEE, FL: 111 South Adams Street

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Silicon Valley Company Deploys Robotic Security Guards to Keep Watch. The Daleks have arrived.

Image source: KPIX-TV

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Union Warns Anti-Keystone Democrats There Wil Be Consequences. Not voting for the pipeline is decreasing their money pipeline. (Don’t blame us for ‘wil’ blame the DC.)

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BREAKING: DOJ Moves to Disqualify All Defense Attorneys Who Know of Govt Misconduct. Just when you think things can’t possibly get any more crooked.

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President Obama to make a statement on immigration Thursday night. Statement? More like he’s going to make a royal decree.

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OBAMA ON SYNAGOGUE ATTACK: ‘TOO MANY PALESTINIANS HAVE DIED.’ Well, we can see whose side Barack Hussein is on.

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Is Ebola back in New York? FDNY arrives in Hazmat suits as woman who had ‘recently traveled from Guinea and was being monitored for Ebola drops dead with blood coming from her face, nose and mouth.’ It looks like President Obola and the CDC’s smart medicine is working well.

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New Study Suggests Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Just as Dangerous as Tobacco Smoke. This should make heads spin in the People’s Republic of Berkeley, CA.

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NEW YORK TIMES HIGHLIGHTS OBAMA’S OWN LEGAL OBJECTION TO EXECUTIVE AMNESTY. President Obola was against amnesty before he was for amnesty. A man of conviction.

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Palestinians Celebrate – Hand Out Candy After Synagogue Terror Attack. The religion of Reese’s Pieces?

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MSNBC Host Literally Screams ‘No One Cares About Jonathan Gruber!’ [VIDEO]. The voters aren’t only stupid, now they don’t care.

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NUTMEG STATE SWAT STORMS GUN OWNER’S HOME, SEIZES FIREARMS. Here you go folks. All it takes is one pissed off ex-wife or anyone else for that matter and the Constitution gets tossed out of the window.

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Under Obama, U.S. personal freedom ranking slips below France. If this keeps going pretty soon it will be below Nazi Germany and the U.S.S.R.

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WATCH: Fox News Confronts Obamacare’s Jonathan Gruber. For someone who likes to run his mouth this guy’s awfully quiet all of a sudden.

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Gruber frequently visited White House. Pretty good for a guy nobody ever heard of.

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