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Seriously, is this what presidential elections have come to? Is it all about whose comic book is better?

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Egyptian TV commentators laugh at and skewer President Obama. After watching this short video, you will naturally wonder why you don’t hear this sort of thing on U.S. television.

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The words Scott Walker did not say. Brought to you by another Politico nitwit.

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Solar panels on Apple facility catch fire. Technical question: is it still considered green energy when there’s black smoke pouring out?

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Kenyan lawyer wants to marry Malia Obama. He’s offered 50 cows, 70 sheep, and 30 goats for Malia, saying he fell in love with her in 2008 (when she was 10) and hasn’t dated anyone since… which might explain all the sheep and goats.

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Self-parking Volvo plows into journalists. Where is John Connor when you need him?

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The words Ted Cruz did not say. Brought to you by another Hollywood nitwit.

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Turns out World Cups in Russia and Qatar were the result of bribes. Another contender for the 2015 No Shit Sherlock award.

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Christian jeweler manufactures custom engagement rings for lesbian couple. Lesbian couple is outraged and demands refund when they discover he personally opposes gay marriage.

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You can still buy whatever you want in socialist Venezuela. As long as you have American dollars.

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Last week’s timeline of Obama Administration climate change BS

Wednesday: President Obama tells Coast Guard grads that climate change is a national security threat.

Friday: Vice President Biden tells Navy grads they need to be ready to deal with the “devastating effects of climate change.”

Saturday: We learn the CIA is shutting down its projects to study the security implications of climate change.

Andrew Carnegie: “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.”

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The case for a lost race of Native American giants. Part 1 and Part 2. For more than a century and a half, establishment anthropologists, including a former head of the Smithsonian, have been covering up the fact that a slew of 7-to-8-foot skeletons with elongated skulls, large jaws, and extra teeth have been discovered in the eastern U.S. … Is there any scientific discipline we can trust?

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State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf: still stupid. This week she complimented Iraq army troops who fled Ramadi in disarray, telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “The Iraqi security forces have held their lines on the outside of the city.”

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Teamsters cut pensions but not political donations. Nice to see their priorities are in order. After all, Democrat politicians and Mafia thugs come before retired truck drivers, right?

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White House says Iraq strategy has been a success. Saturday Night Live would do a skit but how do you parody something that’s already a parody?

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Speaking of untrue scientific studies being published. A widely heralded pro-gay-marriage study published in the December issue of Science has been retracted because the data was completely fabricated. [Headline reference.]

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Boy Scouts of America bans water gun fights. Because “pointing a firearm at someone is unkind.”

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Bin Laden raid documents declassified and guess what: based on his reading material, the SOB was a leftist. In fact, Bin Laden, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton all read the same sort of crap.

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Obama calls Camden a “symbol of promise for the nation.” In case you were wondering how disconnected Washington politicians are from the country they govern…

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Job opening! Saudi Arabia is beheading and amputating at such a rate this year, they’re advertising for eight more swordsmen-executioners—no experience necessary.

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Editor-In-Chief of world’s best known medical journal:

“The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue.”

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At Billboard Music Awards, Kanye West is booed during his introduction. And yet, somehow, the ensuing performance is worse than anybody expected.

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Obama says chlorine gas used by Syria is not a chemical weapon. [2:25 mark] Never mind that it kills people, makes them puke and suffocate, and even survivors suffer from bronchitis and pneumonia for weeks. Never mind all that. The smartest president ever wants you to know that he took away Syria’s chemical weapons so those chlorine gas attacks you’re hearing about ain’t about nothin’.

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“Bee-pocalypse” is just like Global Warming: i.e., a complete fabrication by leftwing environmental whackos.

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Democrat talking about “Indian Americans” uses disparaging war whoop. Dumbass Loretta Sanchez is running for dumbass Barbara Boxer’s U.S. Senate seat. She’s running against an Indian American… the kind from India. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

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