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AG nominee tells Senate that illegal aliens have a right to work. Just what we need: another Attorney General who ignores the law and does whatever Obama wants.

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Jesse Ventura says he won’t be seeing American Sniper. He says Chris Kyle is a liar, not a hero. Easy to act brave when the guy you’re insulting is dead, Jesse—but we know who you really are: you’re the guy who sues widows.

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General tells Senators al-Qaeda has “grown fourfold in the last five years.” Hmm, what was it Obama said in his State of the Union Address last year?

“Today, the organization that attacked us on 9/11 is a shadow of its former self.” -February 12, 2013

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Meet the nominee for Physician General of Pennsylvania. It’s a guy who decided in middle age that he’s a woman and now calls himself Rachel Levine. The new progressive governor thinks this is the person who can “treat teens with medical and psychological problems…”

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Obama State Department financing election campaign against Netanyahu in Israel. Not only does that violate U.S. law, we’re pretty sure it’s not kosher in Israel either.

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Alabama secedes from the Union again. Alabama’s Supreme Court Chief Justice sent a letter to the governor urging him to join with state courts in ignoring last week’s federal court decision which struck down the state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

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Oxford University Press bans any mention of pigs in children’s books. Ditto for sausages and other pork-related words. Ostensibly, the publisher doesn’t want to offend “Jews and Muslims” but we all know who they’re really worried about offending… and it ain’t Jews.

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BBC executive says Charlie Hebdo killers should not be called terrorists. Tarik Kafala, head of BBC Arabic, said the term ‘terrorist’ is too “loaded” and “value-laden.” A member of the House of Lords called the BBC “mad as rats” and said the only things loaded were the terrorists’ weapons.

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Those new jobs Obama is always bragging about? They’re all in Texas.

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Five days after claiming credit for increased oil production… Obama moves to limit oil production. (Again.)

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Immigration officers blast Republican border bill. Different political party in control of Congress, same old policy: stall and pretend while illegal aliens flood across the border.

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As Obama tours India, Indians pine for Bush. And no wonder: at least Bush wasn’t so rude as to chew gum in the prime minister’s face.

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Fox News protester shoots himself in chest outside headquarters. Is that what they call a good start?

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British researchers want to release genetically modified mosquitos in Florida. They breed their GMO bugs with fragments of genes from coral, cabbages, the herpes simplex virus, and E. coli bacteria… what could go wrong?

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Report: Renee Ellmers (R-NC) and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) having an affair. Well, we knew they had to reproduce somehow.

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California bars judges from being Boy Scout leaders. California is answering the question, “What would happen if the gay mafia took over a state?” and the answer ain’t pretty.

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Norwegian soldiers sent on naked Arctic jog catch frostbite. Maybe the Norwegian army is over-manned and wanted to reduce staff.

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De Blasio calls Sheldon Silver “a man of integrity.” This on the day Silver is arrested for corruption. Too bad de Blasio couldn’t muster that kind of loyalty for NYC cops.

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The conservative TV ad NBC refuses to run. If the Comcast(which owns NBC)-Time Warner merger is approved by Eric Holder’s Justice Department, the merged entity will be a mammoth virulently-leftwing media monstrosity controlling “80 percent of local political advertising.” So this refusal to run an ad is a warning shot.

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Mossad slaps down Bloomberg News. Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that Mossad had “gone rogue,” disagreeing with Prime Minister Netanyahu by opposing new sanctions on Iran. Today, Mossad issued a statement explaining that they have always been in favor of more sanctions and, furthermore, that’s what they told a group of U.S. senators three days ago.

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Satellite image shows new long-range missile outside Tehran. So far the U.S. mainstream media is ignoring both the story and the implications, probably because the missile clashes with the meme that Obama is negotiating successfully with these whack jobs.

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NY Assembly Speaker arrested for bribery and kickbacks. Yawn. Another day, another crooked Democrat.

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Republican border security bill removes more fence than it builds. Co-sponsored by the aptly named Sen. Flake in the Senate, the bill adds a mere 27 miles of new fencing while requiring that 66 miles of older weaker fencing be torn down. Maybe they should add a little money for welcome mats and cold beverages.

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Scientists rank most dangerous sex positions. Wait a minute, we can use different positions!?

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NFL ball scandal swells. Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer quarterback Brad Johnson (actual name) admits paying “some guys” $7,500 to manhandle his balls before Super Bowl XXXVII. He wanted the balls roughed up so they wouldn’t be slippery.

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