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Al Franken apologizes “for being a guy.” Don’t worry about it, Mr. Smalley, you don’t have that much to apologize for.

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Netanyahu more popular than Obama. According to a Gallup poll conducted Feb. 8-11, 45% of Americans approve of the Israeli prime minister versus 24% who disapprove. The numbers for Obama: 44% approval versus 51% disapproval.

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Obama “very interested” in raising taxes via executive order. That’s according to his official spokesman, Josh (Not) Earnest. The IHTM annual budget, small as it is, can afford to send a copy of the Constitution to the White House but we’re hesitant. We’re afraid they would only use it as toilet paper.

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Shadow of a blue dress. Too funny. The artist who painted Bill Clinton’s official portrait for the National Portrait Gallery hung a blue dress so that it would cast a shadow on the fireplace mantle, explaining it’s “a bit of a metaphor in that it represents a shadow on the office he held,” and pointing out that the 42nd president is “probably the most famous liar of all time.” Ouch.

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Polar bears doing just fine. “It really is time for the doom and gloom about polar bears to stop,” says Dr. Susan Crockford, of the University of Victoria in British Columbia. Except, golly, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s determination that polar bears are threatened by climate change is the sole basis for all of Obama’s schemes to limit carbon in the U.S. economy so… we predict the doom and gloom about polar bears will continue.

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The Daily Beast retracts story on Scott Walker. Remember what the MSM did to Sarah Palin? Constant front page gotcha headlines, followed later by quiet retractions when facts proved Palin correct? Yeah, well, it’s not like the American public has gotten smarter since 2008.

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2,185 cold temperature records broken or tied in last week. And records aren’t just being broken, they’re being shattered: for example, Cynthiana, Kentucky’s previous all-time low temperature was 15 degrees—now it’s negative 23 degrees.

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Federal judge tells deported Mexicans they can come back now. After all, we feel bad that maybe we hurt someone’s feelings.

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Goodbye, Mr. Spock. He lived long, he prospered, and who knew that split-fingered salute he was always flashing was a Hebrew letter signifying the name of God? Talk about putting one over on Hollywood!

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As NASA spacecraft approaches dwarf planet Ceres… Ceres evinces two bright lights. Warning lights, welcome lights, or reflections off a giant alien monolith? We’ll find out March 6.

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Obama spent $3 billion that Congress didn’t authorize. And when Congress asked Treasury to explain, the answer was basically, “Go suck eggs.”

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DC Comics’ Catwoman comes out as bisexual. Are there any comics left without LGBT, Muslim, or environmental whacko superheroes? What’s next, Captain America turns out to be a Soviet sleeper agent?

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Climate alarmist faces congressional investigation for not being alarmist enough. Oh oh! this Borg drone deviated ever-so-slightly from the federally-approved line of thought and the Hive is not happy.

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Richard Dawkins wants government to “protect” children from religion. “Children do need to be protected so that they can have a proper education and not be indoctrinated in whatever religion their parents happen to have been brought up in,” said the famous atheist. So what about protecting children from parents who are atheists?

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Police Commissioner Bill Bratton links NYPD with slavery.

“Many of the worst parts of black history would have been impossible without police, too… Slavery, our country’s original sin, sat on a foundation codified by laws enforced by police, by slave-catchers.

Hey, it’s Black History Month—this is when liberals celebrate 28 days of ritual self-flagellation.

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Who scored higher on climate science quiz, skeptics or alarmists? Not surprisingly, turns out your average skeptic knows more science than your average AGW believer. (In their defense, Al Gore may have skewed the alarmist average downward.)

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ISIS threatens Italy:

“#We_Are_Coming_O_Rome… we will use your leaning tower of pizza to throw off homosexual”

“Pizza?” These ISIS guys aren’t the brightest bulbs in the chandelier are they?

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North Carolina: illegals committed 518 child sex assaults in December. Thank you, Mr. Obama. Thank you, Mr. Boehner. Thank you, Mr. McConnell. Thank you, Chamber of Commerce. Those crimes are your fault.

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John McCain says he’s ashamed:

“I’m ashamed of my country, I’m ashamed of my president, and I’m ashamed of myself…”

For this guy, being right on two out of three is a personal record.

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Brigitte Bardot on trial again for hate speech against Muslims. This is the fifth prosecution against her. What did she say this time?

I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country.

In France, that’s called “inciting racial hatred.”

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Six hour test of new Nevada solar plant torches 130 birds. And they were only using one third of the mirrors:

The test started at 9:00 a.m. on January 14… By 10:30, biologists working on the site began noticing what have become known as “streamers,” trails of smoke and water vapor caused by birds entering the field of concentrated solar energy… and igniting.

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Habitat for Humanity building NJ Dem new house on the Atlantic. Assemblywoman Linda Stender makes $139,000 in public salaries in addition to whatever her husband brings home, yet somehow she conned Habitat for Humanity into building a “2000 square foot, two story, 4 bedroom, 3½ bath home” on the Jersey shore.

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Pacquiao vs Mayweather—it’s on! Potentially the greatest boxing match of all time will happen May 2. And then boxing will continue to die and be replaced by MMA.

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UN climate chief accused of sexual harassment. We don’t believe it. Why would a handsome guy like Rajendra Pachauri need to sexually harass?

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DNC Debbie caught selling herself in emails. We always knew what she was, we just didn’t know the price. Turns out she’s surprisingly cheap.

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