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Did Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) bribe a judge? On October 14, 2009, she submitted the name of Superior Court Judge Calvin E. Murphy for nomination to a lifetime seat as a U.S. District Court judge. On October 23, nine days later, Judge Murphy ruled in favor of her husband in a multi-million-dollar lawsuit.

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Obama jokes about six-year-old unpaid bills stacked up in his Chicago home. “We’re leaving town so we don’t have to pay these bills,” pretty much describes his attitude as president, too.

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Cook County voting machine won’t let Republican vote for himself. “I cannot say whether or not this was intentional,” said candidate Jim Moynihan after the machine kept registering a vote for his Democrat opponent every time he tried to vote for himself, “but Cook County voters deserve better.” Yes they do and they have for a long time.

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Ebola Czar thinks overpopulation is world’s biggest issue. Who better to battle Ebola than a guy who can look at a pandemic and see, not a problem, but a solution?

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Besides Solyndra, what else is the new Ebola Czar famous for? Well, besides leading the team that got Ruth Bader Ginsburg confirmed to the Supreme Court and lobbying for Fannie Mae as it was destroying the American economy, he was one of the Democrat lawyers trying to get Florida military ballots disallowed in the 2000 presidential election. In other words, he’s the male version of Jamie Gorelick.

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CDC finally removes incorrect Ebola guidelines from website. For months, doctors around the world have been telling the CDC that you don’t remove gloves first when removing protective gear, but Frieden The Foolish was actually on TV last week defending the guidelines. Now, like so many other things he told us…

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Meanwhile, the president golfs. The president convened a second White House meeting on the Ebola crisis – without his new Ebola Czar of course. The meeting had to be held on Saturday evening because he spent five hours golfing Saturday afternoon. At least he’s consistent.

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They’re kidding, right? The new Ebola Czar won’t start for five or six months.

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Common Core stupid question of the week:

“There are 25 sheep and 5 dogs in a flock. How old is the shepherd?”

Please show your work.

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Ebola caused by Global Warming. That’s according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service… which we assume will be needing more money in its 2015 budget to save hemorrhaging monkeys in Africa.

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UCLA chooses communist anti-American terrorist as new cover girl. At least the university is honest about what kind of message they have ready for incoming students: Angela Davis and the USSR good, Ronald Reagan and the USA bad – now write us a check for your kid’s tuition, sucker.

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President Obama decides we need an ‘Ebola Czar.’ Because clearly the situation demands another layer of bureaucracy and who better to be in charge of that new layer than the guy previously responsible for channeling Stimulus money to Democrat cronies?

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Texas Presbyterian worker who handled Ebola bodily fluids is on a cruise. Hey, the CDC told her to “self monitor” and she decided she could do that on a cruise ship. When the cruise ship found out and tried to unload her in Belize, the government of Belize said, “No thanks!” so at least SOMEONE has common sense.

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Dutch biker gang in Iraq fighting ISIS. And the public prosecutor for the Netherlands says that’s okay, they’re breaking no law. Finally! someone from Obama’s “Inherent Resolve” coalition willing to put boots on the ground.

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Frieden: You can GIVE – but not GET – Ebola on a bus. WTF? Is this guy high?

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Also on hold until after the election. The results of the Army’s investigation into Bowe Bergdahl… because Obama doesn’t want Americans learning he traded for a deserter until after they vote.

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STOP THE PRESSES! PRESIDENT OBAMA CANCELLED TODAY’S FUNDRAISING TRIP! Wow, who thought that would ever happen? The Ebola virus has done something only golf ever managed to do: capture the man’s attention.

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Another one. A second Texas Presbyterian healthcare worker is infected with the Ebola virus. It might be time to consider impeachment of the president and criminal prosecution of Thomas Frieden.

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Is Ebola the same virus as the Black Death? You won’t hear this from that numbskull running the CDC, but evidence supports the conclusion that the 14th century plague called the Black Death was caused by a “viral hemorrhagic fever pandemic similar to Ebola.” By the time it was done, the Black Death killed a third of the population of Eurasia.

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Ebola nurse’s boyfriend admitted to Texas Presbyterian for monitoring. He works at Alcon, a medical company specializing in eye care products. They ship eye drops all over the U.S. Lovely.

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Turkey, Georgia, and other countries calling Obama a liar. Turkey says no, they are not allowing U.S. aircraft to fly against ISIS from Turkish air bases; and Georgia says no, they have not agreed to host an anti-ISIS training base. Meanwhile, the White House claims a bunch of nations offered to send troops but reporters can’t verify a single one.

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Alexa officially joins the dark side of the Force. The supposedly objective provider of website traffic analytics announced a new method of calculating rankings and suddenly conservative website rankings are plummeting while liberal pro-government websites are skyrocketing. Even MSNBC’s Alexa rank is rising… which tells you all you need to know.

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NBC crew violates their voluntary quarantine. So the state of New Jersey has placed them in a mandatory quarantine. Question: who was naïve enough to trust a bunch of journalists – especially NBC journalists – in the first place?

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Nobody wants to be a patient at Texas Presbyterian Hospital. So add this consequence to all the other consequences of letting Thomas Duncan into the country. Texas Presbyterian is so empty, many hospital employees are having their shifts cancelled.

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The Republican candidate is leading in Colorado senate race, BUT… last year the Democrat legislature passed a new voting law that not only invites election fraud, it makes election fraud impossible to stop.

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