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AMA: doctors should start treating patients for climate change. But is that covered by Obamacare?

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Researchers discover inverse relationship between belief in science and belief in Global Warming. The researchers, and reporters at Scientific American, are twisting themselves into pretzels trying to explain why this is so. Occam’s Razor says go with the simplest explanation: the more people know about science, the less they believe in fairy tales.

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National Geographic says bird watching is racist. No, they don’t mean that kind of bird watching.

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ISIS leader gave himself Jewish name. The self-proclaimed Caliph of the self-proclaimed Islamic State uses various grandiose-sounding aliases, one of which is “Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Al-Husseini Al-Qurashi.” Thing is, this comically ignorant Arab savage apparently didn’t realize that “Qurashi” means “member of the Qureish tribe” which was a Jewish tribe Mohammed slaughtered. This is what happens when you pluck a name out of the Koran without paying attention to the context.

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Connecticut state representative arrested on 19 vote fraud charges. Guess which political party.

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Muslim asks loaded question, then wishes she hadn’t. The woman who answers has a foreign accent but we wish she was president.

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson descends into Dan Rather territory. For years he has attributed to George Bush the following words after 9/11:

“Our God is the God who named the stars.”

Trouble is, nobody else on Planet Earth ever heard Bush say that, nor can anyone document him saying it. Added to various other things Tyson seems to have made up, it makes you wonder if the Cosmos star has a dependable connection with reality. Tyson’s response:

“I have explicit memory of those words being spoken by the President… Odd that nobody seems to be able to find the quote anywhere.”

Odd indeed.

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Semper latte. President Obama salutes Marines with coffee cup, creating optics that are not so grande.

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Times takes two weeks to correct obvious falsehood. On September 11, on the subject of Obama’s military campaign against ISIS, they printed this on the front page:

“Unlike Mr. Bush in the Iraq war, Mr. Obama has sought to surround the United States with partners.”

In actual fact, Bush had 48 members of his international coalition – plus Congress and the UN – while Obama barely managed to scrape up 9 allies and ignored both Congress and the UN. On Tuesday, The Slimes finally got around to printing a correction.

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Twitter users noticed something peculiar about Sunday’s climate marchers. They were all white. Whatever that says about the cognitive abilities of the Caucasian race, it can’t be positive.

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Wait a minute… the uninsured rate is HIGHER? Hmm, that’s puzzling. Well, with climate science lower temperatures and more ice signify Global Warming so, in a similar vein, the higher uninsured rate probably means Obamacare is working.

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Al Gore tries to quote Jesus. In an eerie coincidence, Gore was working his way toward a dramatic crescendo at Luke 12:56, getting louder and louder, and just as he tried to bellow “Ye hypocrite!” his microphone went out. Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

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Rockefeller heirs divesting themselves of all fossil fuel investments. That thunkety-thunk sound you hear is John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil, spinning in his grave.

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TV reporter quits on-air with line Johnny Paycheck would love. We hope the entire team at MSNBC is inspired to follow suit.

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Democrat candidate for governor of Kansas explains strip club incident. In 1998, when police conducted a drug raid on a club named Secrets, they found Paul Davis “in a somewhat compromising position… in a back room of the club.” But he can explain:

“I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Another No Shit Sherlock moment brought to you by IHTM.

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Redskin ambush on The Daily Show. Four Redskin fans were invited on the show to defend their team’s name, unaware that Jon Stewart, channeling his inner Jerry Springer, invited a large war party of Native Americans to confront them.

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Ambushed in an Iraqi house, Navy SEAL was shot 27 times and hit with grenade shrapnel. Then he went to work. After killing the four al Qaeda terrorists who ambushed him, he cleared the rest of the house and walked back to the helicopter under his own power. Mission complete.

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Eric Holder trying to run out the clock on Fast and Furious. Refusing yet again to turn over documents to the House Oversight Committee as ordered by a federal judge, the DOJ filed a motion asking the judge to delay the transfer of documents while they appeal. This could push the process past Obama’s time in office.

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New York Democrat says all his heroes are enemies of America. Brooklyn Assemblyman Charles Barron thinks Zimbabwe’s repressive President Robert Mugabe is “a shining example of an African leader” and admires Fidel Castro. ‘Cause, you know, those countries are so happy and successful.

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Scotland stays. Scotland stays in the UK so the UK will stay in the EU, simple as that. Probably not a good day for individual liberty.

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Human Rights Council publishes hit list of Christians who oppose LGBT lifestyle. They even marked the list with black Xs and included mug shot-like drawings of the Christians targeted… you know, just in case someone didn’t understand this was a hit list.

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State Dept. changed name of Benghazi compound so they could ignore security requirements. Instead of calling it a “consulate,” Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy labeled it a “special mission compound,” a term he “made up” to “avoid the OSPB security standards.”

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60-year-old heart transplant patient claims 33-year-old nurse raped him. So why the lawsuit? Why ruin things for all the other heart transplant patients?

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14 ISIS members killed trying to load chlorine gas into rocket. Well of course God knows how to make lemonade.

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California bureaucrats fine small winery out of business. The winery’s crime? Offering a free class on wine-making and letting volunteers from the class help with the harvest and crush. THOU MUST NOT LET PEOPLE DO ANYTHING RESEMBLING WORK UNLESS THOU PAYETH THEM MINIMUM WAGE, sayeth the bureaucrats.

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