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Nuclear commander caught playing fake poker chips. No wonder the nuclear missile silos didn’t have a wrench—the Vice-Admiral in charge was too busy making counterfeit $500 poker chips and spending 15 hours a week playing poker at the Horseshoe Casino.

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Missing Lois Lerner emails found by inspector general. They were on the backup tapes. Apparently, the IRS and Eric Holder never thought to look on the backup tapes.

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Fruit pickers and maids? Who wrote the president’s speech, Archie Bunker?

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In response to Obama’s amnesty plan, Cruz takes to floor of Senate and quotes Cicero. It was an inspiring moment but here’s the twenty-dollar question: is there anybody left in American politics—besides Cruz—educated enough to know who Cicero is?

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Republicans in House listen to Obama’s immigration plans, talk it over, and… surrender.

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66-year-old co-founder of nation’s largest gay rights organization… arrested for meeting 15-year-old boy in a hotel room. Terry Bean is a man with a lot of high-level connections in the Democrat Party so watch this case get “disappeared.”

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New York subway system cracks down on “man spreaders.” Hey, why pick on men? How about fat women who take up three seats because their thighs prevent them from closing their legs? Or women with butts like Kim Kardashian?

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As king, Charles intends to speak out on important issues. Oh goody, just what the world needs: another certifiable moron acting as his government’s figurehead and filling every speech with hissy fits about Global Warming.

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Hilarious: among Dem presidential contenders, Hillary is the young one. Gee, anybody think the Democrat Party is getting a little stale?

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Nancy Pelosi thinks Democrats won the election… or something:

“Well, we did have 25 seats in play and we’ve won 13 or 14 of them. We’ve won a majority of those seats. We lost seven freshmen and we lost three—Bishop, Rahall and Barrow—fabulous people who won in tough districts over and over again. But remember what I said then, it’s like the Olympics, it’s a little bit on one side, it’ll be a fraction of a second, fraction of an inch. That’s how it came down. Of that 25, I think it’s 14 of them that we have won. There’s one that it’s a loss for us but it wasn’t an incumbent. It was Bruce Braley’s seat. So that’s another seat. But it wasn’t an incumbent, it was just that he didn’t win his own district. But in terms of people who are not coming back, it’s nine, no 10. It’s 10. It’s the three and then seven. Now, we’ll see what happens. They won 10, we won about 14 of them… Of course, no one likes to see their colleagues leave and you don’t want to lose but, of those 25 races, we won 14 and lost 10.”

For the record: the House started out with 233 Republicans, 199 Democrats, and 3 vacancies. So far, Republicans have 12 additional seats with 5 still undecided. If Republicans get 3 of those 5, they will have gained 15 seats and have the largest House majority since 1928.

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Washington Post worried about excessive presidential power. No, they’re not worried about Obama having excessive power—they’re worried about King Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz inheriting all that power in 2017.

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Begich finally concedes in Alaska. So, after inflicting the cursed albatross of nationalized healthcare on the nation by supplying the 60th vote for Obamacare, this one-term crybaby, who only won office because of skullduggery by the U.S. Justice Department, rides off into the sunset whining about “ten million dollars of attacks from outside groups and their partisan narrative.” So long, Markie – don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you.

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Perfect Christmas gift for liberal friends and relatives. The Hillary Nutcracker. “CRACKS TOUGHEST NUTS” – it says so right on the box and Bill can affirm.

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43 Ivy Leaguers caught cheating in ethics class. Proving they have mastered Ivy League ethics and are ready for their careers in Washington.

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What address do many leftwing organizations call home? 666 Broadway, New York, NY, believe it or not. Listed open house hosts: The Funding Exchange (progressive philanthropy), Jews for Racial & Economic Justice (“works to achieve economic equality”), The Indypendent (“opposition to unchecked corporate power”), CODEPINK, Center for Constitutional Rights (George Soros funded litigators)…

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Those “stupid American voters” Gruber was talking about? Some of them work in the Congressional Budget Office.

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New York film fest shows documentary on child sex abuse in Hollywood. Unfortunately, the rest of us will never get to see the documentary because Hollywood will make sure it doesn’t get distributed.

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Washington National Cathedral allows Muslim prayer service. The sacrilegious desecration of our Christian “National House of Prayer” was protested by one single heroic woman, who stood and shouted “Leave our church alone!” before being swiftly removed from the church by Episcopalian “security aides.”

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Three ICBM bases in three different states… one wrench. That’s how badly the U.S. nuclear arsenal has been neglected. These government nimrods FedExed the wrench back and forth so they could adjust the nuclear missiles.

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How bad is the newspaper business? This bad: California’s Orange County Register is asking reporters to deliver papers and answer customer service calls.

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The Democrats’ War on Women. Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) is a war hero who lost both legs in Iraq. She’s pregnant and her doctor says she can’t travel during her last month of pregnancy so she asked permission to vote by proxy from Illinois during the Democrat leadership and committee member elections next week. They said no.

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Obama pledging $3 billion to help poor countries deal with Global Warming. He’s in Australia now, at the G20 Summit, acting like a big man with our money, knowing the whole time his lips are flapping that there’s no way in hell the new Republican-controlled Congress will budget even one dollar for his idiotic pledge.

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Harry Reid invents brand new “leadership position” for Walking Eagle. [Why do Native Americans call her Walking Eagle? Because she's too full of crap to fly.]

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European Space Agency lands spaceship on hurtling comet after 4-billion-mile journey. Meanwhile, over at NASA, no word about their high-priority outreach effort to Muslims.

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Obama strikes Global Warming deal with China. After secret negotiations, during which President Xi Jinping apparently plied President Obama with cosmopolitans and sexy male waiters until he didn’t know up from down, the two men announced that the United States will destroy its economy in order to reduce carbon emissions by 26 to 28 percent over the next eleven years while, in return, China, the world’s biggest polluter, will do… nothing.

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