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12-year-old raped by stepfather since she was 10 taken to three different abortion clinics: Cleveland Surgi-Center, Planned Parenthood in Shaker Heights, and finally Preterm Abortion Clinic in Cleveland. Not one of them reported the situation to police so the stepfather kept raping her for another year. Forget about the War on Women – liberals are waging a war on little girls.

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Chinese communists build running track with right-angle corners. “Painting right angles was faster than painting curves,” explained an official.

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Obama nominates as new Religious Freedom Ambassador… a guy who doesn’t support religious freedom.

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“Gun Group Trolled By Skanky Topless Libtards” That was the caption on Facebook after anti-gun protesters showed up topless with signs saying, “Boobs for peace!” to argue with open-carry advocates about gun rights. Then things really got nasty: “Touch me and I’m going to stick a dollar in your shorts,” said someone from the gun group.

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WAR: Turkey entering Gaza conflict on side of Hamas. These are the same people with whom Lurch negotiated his ill-fated and quickly rejected cease fire proposal. Abandoning any pretense of neutrality once the U.S. Secretary of State was out of earshot, Turkey officially approved the formation of “Freedom Flotilla II” to re-supply Hamas and plans to protect the flotilla with the Turkish Navy.

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Israel accuses Kerry of “completely capitulating” to Hamas. Sounds about right, coming as it does from Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Look who he met with to design the cease fire proposal: Turkey, which hates Israel; Qatar, which is Hamas’s main sponsor; and a bunch of Europeans who face anti-Israel rioting at home. No Israelis were invited.

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Muslim suicide bomber’s failure caused by bad personal hygiene. He wore his explosive underpants for two weeks straight and, as a result of the accumulated filth, the bomb’s “efficacy was degraded.”

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Chinese river turns bright red. So far they don’t know the cause, but we have an educated guess.

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Congressional staffers banned from Wikipedia for “disruptive editing.” One of their sophomoric too-much-time-on-their-hands revisions was to the biographical page of Donald Rumsfeld – they called him an “alien lizard who eats Mexican babies.”

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Crash site mascara posted on Instagram. A separatist in eastern Ukraine was so proud of mascara looted recycled from the crash site of MH17, she posted a photo of herself wearing it, with the caption: “Mascara from Amsterdam; to be precise, from the field. Well, you understand.” Classy dame.

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Another multi-million-dollar federal computer mess. The Social Security Administration, under acting-commissioner Carolyn Colvin, spent six years and $288 million installing a new computer system for disability claims, and it doesn’t work… which might make her upcoming confirmation hearings a bit awkward.

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Newspaper editor fired for disagreeing with “Queen James Bible.” It’s open season on Christians lately. News editor Bob Eschliman explained his disagreement with a gay-friendly re-interpretation of the Bible, on his personal blog, and the Newton Daily News was so offended and worried about the Gay Mafia they not only fired him, they castigated him in a special editorial.

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Anderson Cooper accidentally admits TWA Flight 800 was shot down. Then, a half hour later, his bosses at the Clinton News Network made him retract the admission.

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Peer-reviewed paper: lying about Global Warming is okay. Because it furthers the proper agenda, don’t you see? The interesting thing is the admission that climate scientists are lying.

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Another financial services executive dies mysteriously. This time it’s 39-year-old Nicholas Valtz of Goldman Sachs, found floating off the coast of Long Island still attached to his kiteboard. These guys are dropping like flies – this is the 15th weird death in recent months.

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University of Wisconsin mulling “diversity-based grading.” To hell with scholarship and the acquisition of knowledge, we can’t let Asian kids monopolize all the As in the math courses, right? Silver lining: if the university is consistent, we expect to see a 5’3″ Cambodian on the basketball team this winter.

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King Obama proclaims all U.S. territories exempt from Obamacare rules. Never mind what the actual law says. He don’t need no stinkin’ laws tellin’ his ass what to do.

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Egyptian cleric denounces Muslim Brotherhood’s “anal jihad.” Because it is punishable by death according to sharia law, allowing homosexual activity among frontline troops is “asinine.” Seriously, that’s what he said.

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In campaign brochure, Minnesota governor misspells Minnesota. There is a scientific debate about whether the human race has stopped evolving and started deteriorating… an hypothesis for which the Democrat Party provides constant evidence.

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Second carbon tax domino falls. The day after Australia abolished its carbon tax, South Korea announced that it is delaying its own “emissions trading market” because it is “flawed in many ways.” This is like a fairy tale with Global Warming being the emperor and Australia the little boy who says, “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!”

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The “ideal head.” Bizarre examples of racial ignorance from a 1906 elementary school geography book – Frye’s First Steps in Geography – illustrate why we do not want professional educators in charge of what our children are taught.

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Wikipedia war over crash of Malaysian flight MH17. Every time someone writes that the Russian government provided “terrorists” with the missile that shot down the plane, the Russian government changes the entry to say, “The plane was shot down by Ukrainian soldiers.”

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Mosque leader arrested for trying to cut off man’s hand… in Philadelphia. Coming soon to a city near you.

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NYTimes blames Bush for Biden’s illegal alien loopholes. It was Senator Biden who concocted the 2008 loophole that now prevents illegal alien children from non-contiguous countries from being immediately deported. Then in 2013 Congress added another loophole, championed by Vice President Biden, preventing women from being deported.

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Repel the invasion. American citizens are riled up about illegal aliens, to say the least. One of our regular IHTM commenters emailed a list of protests taking place over the next two days, broken down by state. If you have some spare time and feel like having your voice heard…

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