Confidence in CDC plummets in new CBS poll. With President Obola the wrong track IS the right track.

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Spanish Firm Under Federal Investigation Wins $230 Million in DOE Subsidies. It appears being green means turning bullshit into greenbacks. Al Gore would be so proud.

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Eric Holder’s Top DOJ Deputy Resigns After Fast And Furious Documents They Withheld Are Made Public. Roaches hate sunlight. It appears he may be trying to avoid a federal roach hotel with barred windows.

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UCLA chooses communist anti-American terrorist as new cover girl. At least the university is honest about what kind of message they have ready for incoming students: Angela Davis and the USSR good, Ronald Reagan and the USA bad – now write us a check for your kid’s tuition, sucker.

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BREAKING: Possible Ebola Case at the Pentagon. ISIS must be laughing their asses off about now. No need to blow shit up to take down the US. All they have to do is sit back and watch President Obola do his job.

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DHS Official Caught Selling US Citizenship to Illegals. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Just wait for President Obola to use his pen and his phone after the November election.

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SHOCKING: CDC Admits 100-150 People a Day Entering US from Ebola Infected Countries (Video). This appears to us to be suicidal. What’s that say about President Obola?

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US has capacity for just NINE Ebola patients at specialized hospitals. Not 9,000 or 900 or even 90, just 9. Smart planning by the biggest dumbasses smartest administration ever!

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Seattle Socialist Party Wants $20 Per Hour Minimum Wage, Offers $13 Per Hour For Website Manager. Communism is glorious! Some workers are just more equal than others! (We wonder what the person who runs the Seattle Socialist Party gets paid?)

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DHS STARTED EXPEDITING VISA EXTENSIONS FROM EBOLA COUNTRIES IN AUGUST. Let’s make sure we get more Eblola as fast as we can! Eleventy!

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President Obama decides we need an ‘Ebola Czar.’ Because clearly the situation demands another layer of bureaucracy and who better to be in charge of that new layer than the guy previously responsible for channeling Stimulus money to Democrat cronies?

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Obama creates an Ebola Czar out of a Democratic political operative. Expect and even bigger Ebola FUBAR in the near future.

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Texas Presbyterian worker who handled Ebola bodily fluids is on a cruise. Hey, the CDC told her to “self monitor” and she decided she could do that on a cruise ship. When the cruise ship found out and tried to unload her in Belize, the government of Belize said, “No thanks!” so at least SOMEONE has common sense.

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CDC doled out $25 million in bonuses while blaming cuts for Ebola outbreak. Let’s see, between fat lesbian research and this? Yep, it’s all the NRA’s fault.

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Alarm after vomiting passenger dies on flight from Nigeria to JFK. Supposedly no Ebola, but we all know sooner or later it’s going to happen unless President Obola and the Center for Disease Circulation get a clue.

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Justice apologizes for 234 sexually explicit emails that he sent and received, but insists his colleagues are out to get him. Gee, and we thought the Republicans were waging the war on women.

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Countries issue travel bans on Ebola-stricken nations: If only America still had the same quality of leadership that can be found in most third world countries.

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Pelosi demands hearing on Ebola funding: CDC incompetence directed a symptomatic Ebola carrier to fly across the country on a commercial airplane. We shudder to think what they, and similar government systems, could accomplish with more money.

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Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Was Kicked Out Of The Navy For Cocaine Use: Having watched the last vice-president debate we’ve a pretty good idea where the kid learned it from.

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ALERT! Delta Airline Flight 1760 — This Is How Pandemics Begin! Shocking Radio Call-in… You’ve Got To Hear This One! How do pandemics start? Obviously due to morons!

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CNN: THE NRA MAKING MATTERS WORSE BY KEEPING AMERICANS IGNORANT ON EBOLA. Judging by the morons running things now, what difference does it make? (Sorry Hillary, we stole your punchline).

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Student’s photo of skimpy Michelle O school lunch sparks outrage. Finally! Something that makes airplane food look good!

Chickasha lunch

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Dutch biker gang in Iraq fighting ISIS. And the public prosecutor for the Netherlands says that’s okay, they’re breaking no law. Finally! someone from Obama’s “Inherent Resolve” coalition willing to put boots on the ground.

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Jackson Lee and Dems – No Reason To Ban Ebola Travelers Until We Reach An Epidemic. Let’s double-down on the stupid.

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Houston mayor, city attorney: On second thought, maybe those subpoenas were a wee bit broad. Not to mention overly stupid. Too bad someone does’t start a recall campaign,

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