Climate Change Activists Set to Flood NYC, but Some Doubt the UN’s Approach to the Problem. OK, let’s have some fun.

On September 21, tens of thousands of people, perhaps as many as a hundred thousand, are expected to descend on Manhattan for the People’s Climate March, which promises to be the largest climate change demonstration in history.

How many people do you think will show up? We’re betting it won’t be anywhere near what they’re claiming.

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Dems block Cruz bill to strip U.S. citizenship from Islamic State defectors. Now we all now whose side the Democrats are on. The side of ISIS.

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Inspector General: Maybe VA Fraud in Phoenix Did Result in Deaths After All. So simple a caveman could figure it out, but not this ‘genius.’

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Get College Credit For Going Socialist … And Recruiting Others. What? They’re not paying them? Quick! Someone report them to the Kalifornia People’s State Secretariat of Minimum Wages!

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Democrats Hold #AskDems Twitter Townhall. It Goes About as Well As a Savvy Twitter User Would Expect. Ready! Aim! Fire!

John Murphy @johnmurphy
#AskDems What’s next in your attempt to erode 1st & 2nd amendment rights? Or do you have new & exciting ways planned to take away liberties?
12:27 PM – 18 Sep 2014

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Michelle Obama: ‘I’m like any working mom.’ Isn’t this was Marie Antoinette said just before she said ‘let them eat cake?’

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Jimmy Carter: ‘I Think We Need to Attack ISIS.’ What? Attack? Has Jimmy been in his Billy Beer stash?

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Happy Constitution Day! Ninth Circuit Affirms That It’s Illegal To Wear American Flag Shirts On Cinco De Mayo.They must be reading from a different Constitution. Perhaps Obama has his new version out.

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DOCTOR: GOV’T ‘TIGHT-LIPPED’ ON RESPIRATORY VIRUS, MAY BE FROM ILLEGALS. More transparency from the Obama administration.

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Take a Look Inside Satanists’ Kids Activity Book That Might Soon Be Handed Out to Public School Students. Looks like another global warming group is spewing propaganda.

The Satanic Temple

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State Dept. changed name of Benghazi compound so they could ignore security requirements. Instead of calling it a “consulate,” Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy labeled it a “special mission compound,” a term he “made up” to “avoid the OSPB security standards.”

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Chaffetz to DHS Secretary: Did you hear the one about the four suspected terrorists who tried to walk across the border? Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Terrorist. Terrorist who? Terrorist who are going to use WMD. Not funny, it it?

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60-year-old heart transplant patient claims 33-year-old nurse raped him. So why the lawsuit? Why ruin things for all the other heart transplant patients?

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14 ISIS members killed trying to load chlorine gas into rocket. Well of course God knows how to make lemonade.

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California bureaucrats fine small winery out of business. The winery’s crime? Offering a free class on wine-making and letting volunteers from the class help with the harvest and crush. THOU MUST NOT LET PEOPLE DO ANYTHING RESEMBLING WORK UNLESS THOU PAYETH THEM MINIMUM WAGE, sayeth the bureaucrats.

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ISIS releases Hollywood style propaganda video in response to US plans to deploy troops in Iraq threatening the ‘fighting has just begun.’ This lends the appearance that ISIS knows we’re going to have boots on the ground before Obama does. Insider tips perhaps?

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Durbin says amnesty bill would have helped fight Ebola. For Democrats, every crisis is an opportunity to blame Republicans.

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Satanic Temple to distribute materials to school children in Florida. Don’t distribute any Christian materials like Bibles, or we bet you’ll get arrested.

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Obama-Backed “Moderate” Free Syrian Army Members Join ISIS Terror Group. Yes! Let’s keep arming these moderates uber-radical Muslims so they can give those arms to ISIS.

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Boehner: Obama’s request for authorization to arm the Syrian “moderates” is a sound one. We surmise ‘moderates’ only behead people on Tuesdays and Thursdays or something?

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Do NOT order bacon on your sandwich in Australia. A Muslim KFC employee goes apeshit when a customer makes the mistake of ordering bacon.

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Rotherham sex abuse victim confronts Muslim abuser. Police immediately arrest her for racism. Great Britain is now officially part of the Bizarro World.

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Scientists splice human brain gene into mice. What could go wrong?

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EGYPT SENTENCES TOP MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD LEADER TO LIFE IN PRISON. For our money Obama should go play endless golf for the next 2 years and let Egypt take the lead against Muslim extremist in the Middle East.

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