Houston mayor, city attorney: On second thought, maybe those subpoenas were a wee bit broad. Not to mention overly stupid. Too bad someone does’t start a recall campaign,

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Frontier Airlines: CDC Now Says Ebola Patient May Have Had Symptoms ‘While Onboard the Flight.’ This should go down as one of the biggest FUBARs in history. The buck stops at President Obola’s desk, but he’ll blame someone else.

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Governor’s debate in Florida stalls over a fan. Christ sakes Charlie, a fan? Try Beano next time.

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Frieden: You can GIVE – but not GET – Ebola on a bus. WTF? Is this guy high?

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Amber Vinson, Dallas Ebola Patient, Says CDC Gave Her Green Light To Fly. It’s true! This is yet more proof the Center for Diseased Confusion is clueless.

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Obama: Risk of Widespread US Ebola Outbreak ‘Very, Very Low.’ Based upon President Obola’s track record it’s probably going to be very, very bad.

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CDC: Ebola Patient Traveled By Air With “Low-Grade” Fever. What kind of dumbass gets on a plane with any fever when they know they may have been exposed to Ebola?

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Also on hold until after the election. The results of the Army’s investigation into Bowe Bergdahl… because Obama doesn’t want Americans learning he traded for a deserter until after they vote.

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STOP THE PRESSES! PRESIDENT OBAMA CANCELLED TODAY’S FUNDRAISING TRIP! Wow, who thought that would ever happen? The Ebola virus has done something only golf ever managed to do: capture the man’s attention.

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CDC Demands 132 Passengers That Flew With 2nd Ebola Patient Report For Testing. It also sounds to us they’re afraid it’s gone airborne.

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Obama Will Wait Until After Election to Name New Attorney General. President Chicken-Shit strikes again.

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Gabby Giffords Starts Nine-State Gun Control Tour. Gabby must want to ensure that even more people are pissed off at the Democrats than there already are.

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President Obama Already Has An Ebola Czar. Where Is She? Probably cuffed, gagged and stuffed in a closet in the White House basement.

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‘Unemployed’ Man in Dem Attack Ad is Actually Employed. How do you know when a Democrat isn’t lying? He’s dead.

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Michelle Obama viral turnip video: Will it sell healthy food? Perhaps she mistook that turnip for her husband?

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Mom: Ice Bucket Challenge turned into sick joke against son with autism. On any blood pressure meds? Take before reading.

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AUTHORITIES ON EXPOSED HEALTHCARE WORKERS: ‘WE HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THEY LIVE.’ It’s nice to know that competent persons from President Obola on down are handling this situation. Remember, a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Ebola.

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Tom Frieden: Charter planes don’t work like commercial planes! Well if the whole CDC thing doesn’t pan out for Dr. Fever maybe Ebola Barry could get him a job as head of the FAA.

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Second Dallas Ebola Patient Flew the Night Before Testing Positive. Meaning she was probably contagious. We can’t wait for another press conference from President Obola telling us that Ebola is good for us because it allows us to go on a permanent dirt vacation or something like that.

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ABC/WaPo poll: For the first time in 30 years, majority views Democrats unfavorably. Gee, we just can’t imagine why?

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Dallas nurses allege ‘no protocol, no system’ in treatment of Ebola patient. Must be about time for the crap-weasel at the CDC to rear his ugly head and tell us it’s all OK they have it under control something something something.

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Another one. A second Texas Presbyterian healthcare worker is infected with the Ebola virus. It might be time to consider impeachment of the president and criminal prosecution of Thomas Frieden.

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New York Times Bombshell: Chemical Weapons Were Found in Iraq — But the Public Never Knew Until Now. There goes one of the biggest liberal talking points down the tubes.

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Water temperature of the Great Lakes is over 6 degrees colder than normal – threatening an even EARLIER and icy winter for Michigan. With all those global warming forecasts you’d expect the lake to be boiling by now. Frozen fish anyone?

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Today’s Love Letter from the Loony Left. It appears someone was let out of his straight-jacket and given some computer time before a Thorazine refill for the evening. Here’s the nice email letter we just got. Enjoy! Evidently Franz can’t figure out how to post a comment.

Franz Kitzberger

9 minutes ago Details

Dear Media-Haters:

General query: Uhm … f*ck you?

Comment: Your reactionary and extreme right-wing website is sadly laughable, in and of itself. “The Black Death” (a.k.a. Ebola) is carried by little pieces of rat*fuck like you and your delusional “fans”. Keep this sh*t up and I’ll have the DOJ designate you as a hate-group and prosecute you as such. Cease & Desist. And by-the-by, almost all of your ten “quotes” of Che Guevara that “the left doesn’t want you to see” have been misattributed to him, are out-of-context, or are suspect in other ways.

Here’s a tip and an actual quotation from Che that will make you cry before you laugh, *ssclowns and w*ankers: “Let me say, at the risk of seeming ridiculous, that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.” The “left” will bury you in due time. A slight problem: You haters seem to have all the guns. Another great quote, this one from Bruce Cockburn: “If I had a rocket-launcher …

f*ck tea,

Franz K.

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