Colorado liberals want restaurant chain to change name. Illegal Pete’s is feeling heat like the Washington Redskins. Liberals say the word “illegal” should be… er, illegal because it insults… um, well, it insults illegal aliens. Or something. They call it the “I-word.”

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Off-grid German village banks on wind, sun, pig manure. We assume no Muslims will be relocating here due to the use of pig manure?

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Obama Visits Maryland; Democrat Drops 9 Points? Dear President Obola, please visit all the Democrats and give them the same assistance.

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DNC Chair: Republicans Scarier Than Ebola And ISIS. Evidently she hasn’t looked in the mirror lately.

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These Connecticut Schools Are Replacing Halloween With a PC-Approved Event That Has Parents Reeling. We have other suggestions for PC names the liberals will like such as:

  • Candy Extortion Day.
  • Free Shit Day.
  • Robbery 101 Day
  • Candy Welfare Day
  • Other People’s Candy Day
  • Scare a Christian Day
  • Candy Jihad
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Green Berets reveal Afghan National Army soldiers’ incompetence. Iraq II. It won’t be long before ISIS or Al Qaeda comes along and all the Afghan troops surrender and they take over all the arms President Obola left.

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How Barack Obama and Jerry Brown Killed Two California Police Officers. Like they give a shit?

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Hey EPA: “The California Model” Doesn’t Work, and We’ll Need More Electricity. Let’s follow California right off the cliff.

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NEW YORK TIMES: ‘DEMOCRATS SHOW OBAMA THEIR TAIL LIGHTS.’ It appears President Obola is giving them change they can believe in. The problem is that they’re going to be the change.

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Ebola Nurse Quarantined in New Jersey Intends to File Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit, Her Attorney Says. We’ll consider it karma if she comes down with Ebola in the near future.

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Houston mayor says daughter was denied driver’s test because she has two moms. A couple of weeks after getting caught going full Nazi on political dissent Houston Mayor Annise Parker claims her daughter was the victim of the systemic homophobia inherent in DMV paperwork. If this were anymore predictable it would be a Nicholas Sparks novel. If it were any more pathetic it would be a movie based on the same.

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White House Presses States to Reverse Mandatory Ebola Quarantine Orders. Reverse Smart Medicine! Eleventy!

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Armored vehicle helps collect civil judgment in small town.

When officials in the tiny Town of Stettin in Marathon County went to collect a civil judgment from 75-year-old Roger Hoeppner this month, they sent 24 armed officers.

And an armored military vehicle.

Marathon County sent this armored vehicle along with two dozen officers to collect a civil judgment from Roger Hoeppner and possibly remove wooden pallets and other items from his home outside Wausau.

Evidently these old folks are a force to be reckoned with, making the Terminator look like a girly-man.

If you like your Police State you can keep your Police State.

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As U.S. speeds up visas from Ebola countries… the State Department increases by 80% the rejection rate for Israeli visa requests.

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About that black vote, Democrats… y’all better not rely on that strategy too much.

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SNL Roasts Obama’s Ebola Response. Can You Watch the Whole Thing Without Cracking Up? Sadly this is more true than comedy.

H/T StrinaM

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UTA grad isolated at New Jersey hospital as part of Ebola quarantine. She complains about being quarantined? We guess she thinks it’s her God-given right to run about possibly infecting people. Must be a liberal.

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Obama’s post-election plans for a secret radical agenda. Why can’t the Republicans be sneaky asses like this? H/T StrinaM

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Does Michelle Obama want Sen. Dianne Feinstein’​s seatJust what the country needs.

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Officer shoots, critically injures man who attacked him with box-cutter: police. Another terrorist attack?

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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Refuses SIX TIMES To Say If Obama’s Policies Are On The Ballot [VIDEO]. So basically the answer is yes as she couldn’t  say no and back it up.

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Jeb Bush Will ‘More Than Likely’ Run in 2016, Says His Son. Way to go GOP! Let’s lose the 2014 election before it even starts! We can hear the sound of people who were going to vote for Republican Senators and Representatives changing their vote to Democrat as we type! Can’t these idiots keep their mouths shut until after the election? Learn from sneaky President Obola and the Democrats who will wait until after the election to further screw up the country so they don’t lose any votes.

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‘Don’t eat infected feces on the subway’: News anchor attracts ridicule for his personal hygiene tips for New Yorkers on how to avoid Ebola. So we assume non-infected feces are OK? Feces, it’s what’s for dinner.

Keep it clean: Errol Louis reminded New Yorkers to avoid eating feces during the Ebola scare

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Man Accused Of Killing Two California Deputies Friday Was Deported Twice, Gave False Name. Sounds like one of President Obola’s Dream Act candidates.

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Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required. Hi, we’re from the IRS and we’re here to screw you.

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