New emergency alert system will give Obama the power to flip a switch and address the entire nation at once. This must be George Orwell week or something. First the pig convention in Chicago and now this.

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Bowe Bergdahl in line for tax-free $350,000 lump sum. Unless the Army decides he was a deserter. Trouble is, either Bergdahl is declared a hero or Obama looks like an idiot so guess which way the Army investigation will go.

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Congress Rebukes SEC Investigation into Insider Trading: Apparently people in Congress, and those working for people in Congress, are up to the old trick of making money off of stock market fluctuations brought about by legislative intervention. Now there are two ways to deal with this problem. The first is to regulate the system and hope there is a full two week period in which no bypass to the regulation is formulated. The second is to cure the disease of business in politics by curing the even greater disease of politics in business. Fortunately there is no additional legislation needed for that cure. The founders provided it for us in Section Eight of Article One and all that is now required of us is to observe it. (H/T PoppaJoe49, thanks!)

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Thomaston Man Arrested After Stabbing Watermelon: Cops. Look! Watermelons are people, too!

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A WINDOW OPENS ONTO THE LEFT-WING CONSPIRACY. Watch George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” come to life. Where some pigs progressives are more equal than other people. H/T to DefHarryMelon.

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7 Hezbollah members killed in battle with Islamists on Lebanon border. This is what is referred to as a win-win situation.

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Clashes in Paris as thousands march against Israel offensive

The crowd, very young, shouted slogans such as: “We Are All Palestinians!” and “Only One Solution, End the Occupation!”.

Madmen in Paris calling for a final solution. Now why does that sound familiar?

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Archie to be shot dead while saving gay best friend who called for gun control. If Riverdale wasn’t run by liberals Archie could have had a concealed carry permit and blew the shooter away. Besides, who reads Archie anymore? Like 10 people?

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What the Mayor of the Host City for the Next Republican National Convention Wants to Do With Guns. If the RINOs Republicans want any chance of winning the next election they should cancel Cleveland over this and make a production out of spending their money in friendly territory.

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Russian beachgoers scamper for cover during hail storm. So now that pesky Global Warming is freezing raindrops in the middle of the summer.

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SEIU membership in Michigan drops 80% after home care givers allowed a choice. Proving once again: if given an informed choice, nobody in their right mind would join a union.

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NBC News being paid by Bill Gates for favorable Common Core coverage. We would be shocked if we didn’t already learn during the Trayvon Martin affair that NBC News was willing to sell its soul. The only surprise here is that NBC is advertising this pact with the devil on

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Bowe Bergdahl returning to active duty this week. What an amazingly fast brainwashing recovery! Those CIA Army brainwashers doctors are sure something!

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Taliban fighters offer advice to ISIS: “Avoid extremism,” say the Islamic thugs who turned Afghanistan into Muslim-extremist hell.

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Hamas rocket takes out line that carries electricity into Gaza. Netanyahu tells electric company, “Don’t bother fixing it.”

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Dead body on stretcher flies out of coroner’ van and into traffic. Nothing to see here. Just a Democrat voter on his way back from indoctrination.

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Candidate scraps shotgun-blast ad against Congress. According to liberal thinking this man should immediately have his firearms confiscated, be arrested for making terrorist threats and sent to a psychiatric ward on a 72 hour hold for observation. But being a Democrat he gets a pass.

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Holder Expresses Concern About Terrorist Bomb Makers. Oh look! Someone finally figured out American veterans aren’t the real problem here.

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Play it again, Vlad! Putin delights Argentinian President with his accordion skills on visit to South American nation on eve of World Cup final. Perhaps Putin and Kerry should form a duet. Maybe they can get Jimmy Carter to play the banjo and make it a trio.

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34 killed in militants’ raid on alleged brothel in Baghdad. The message they left? “This is the fate of any prostitution.” Congress better be happy these guys aren’t in Washington, DC.

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Bob Beckel Fox News: ‘Chinamen’ are ‘single biggest threat to national security.’ You can bet if Bob was on MSNBC or CNN not a word would have been uttered about this. Democratic state Sen. Ted Lieu wants him to resign. Evidently this bonehead is more concerned about Beckel using the term “Chinamen” than he is about everything in the country getting hacked.

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Chicago Slams Obama: ‘Worst President Ever Elected.’ In cemeteries all over Cook County, dead voters are feeling troubled that they voted for Obama.

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Hamas finally hits something with its rockets. Other Palestinians.

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FOLLOW THE MONEY: Microsoft’s Plan To Cash In On Common Core. It appears to us that perhaps Billy doesn’t think having only $76 billion is enough.

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Teachers unions turn on Obama. Uh oh! It looks like the teachers are pulling their heads out of their asses.

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