Will Pentagon’s secret space plane ever return to Earth? It’s been up there in orbit for 483 days now, doing only God knows what. Hopefully it’s not setting up Skynet.

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Wonder why the Benghazi investigation is taking so long? Look at the pictures. On the left is Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee which is charged with investigating the adequacy of security at the Benghazi compound prior to the attack. On the right is Kristi Rogers, CEO of the company contracted by the State Dept. to provide that security… and also Mike’s wife. Anymore questions?

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Americans Spend More on Taxes Than Food, Clothing, Housing — Combined: Some Americans do while others are collecting more than we get to spend on food, clothing and housing.

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The spread of “debate is over” syndrome. “On climate and other issues, many in academia, media, government insist their viewpoint is unassailable and won’t tolerate dissent.” Nobody expects the American inquisition… our chief weapons are “SHUT UP”, “YOU’RE FIRED” and “RAAAAAACISM”…

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Time: Hank Aaron would’ve faced more racism today because Twitter. “Aaron got off easy four decades ago, long before social media dominated every facet of our lives.” Time makes one long for the insightfulness and intellectual integrity of Newsweek. Er, make that Mad Magazine.

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Rev. Al Sharpton’s Past ‘Secret Life’ Revealed: Report. Downside? None. Either the Mob will get him, or he’ll go into the witness protection program. Either way we won’t have to hear his BS anymore.

Al+Sharpton+2012+BET+Awards+Debra+Lee+Pre+u7SKFCitaBCl1 Al Sharpton Educates Pope Francis on Race, Sissies and Prison Showers

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UConn basketball star: Hard to see jersey getting sold while I struggle to eat. Perhaps it is time to do away with athletic scholarships altogether. Sure watching kids play games is fun and all but is it really worth the ever lessening value of an undergraduate degree brought about by the issuing of so many illegitimate college diplomas?

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IRS agents’ testimony: NO progressive groups were targeted by IRS. Yes folks. Not even a “smidgen of corruption” at the IRS.

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Charlie Rangel not paying rent on his NYC office – blames Republicans. “As everyone knows,” explained the deadbeat congressman, whose rent for 2013 remains unpaid, “the GOP sequester not only constrained our nation’s economy, but also strained the budget of congressional offices.”

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Nancy Pelosi suggests Robert Gibbs is being paid to criticize Obamacare. Nancy Pelosi, poster-girl for National Psychological Projection month decade.

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Here comes another one. The clan with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of lowlifes is running another family member for political office. Stock up on booze and warn all the broads, Ted Kennedy, Jr., is running for office.

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60 Minutes editor dubs sound of gasoline engine over footage of Tesla. Do you ever wonder if the backroom editing personnel of the major news networks are comprised of nothing but marijuana-smoking high school dropouts?

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Vandals target Smart cars in San Francisco. This is the 21st century version of cow tipping.

SF Smart car vandalism

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All-time stock market high rattles investors: Investors should be rattled. There is a bubble. And at some point it has to burst.

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The spoiled brats are back! Just like locusts the Fleabaggers are set to descend again. And just like locusts they are interested only in consuming all they did not create leaving waste lands of want and need for a middle class expected to pay for their demands. Demands that include the accumulation of boutique computers, boutique video cameras, boutique cell phones and, sweatshop made name brand protest clothing and coffee so expensive/tasteless that you are most certainly paying for the cup and not what is in it.

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The market for common sense. “…two years before his death, Hugo Chavez tried to repeal the law of supply and demand … Chavez despised the law because he believed it robbed the poor and unjustly profited producers.” The fact that nitwits like Chavez and Obama can be elected and re-elected is proof the market for common sense has nearly vanished.

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72 big screen TVs go missing after Democratic National Convention. “During a convention it’s not unusual to lose an item or two,” said a representative of LG Electronics, which loaned the Democrats hundreds of televisions for the convention, “but this was a lot.” Rule to live by, LG: lending TVs to Democrats is like lending chickens to a fox.

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Bananageddon. A fungus threatens the world’s banana crops, upon which 410 million people rely for a third of their daily calories. That’s the part we find amazing: not that a fungus threatens bananas, but that 410 million people are dependent on those nasty mushy things.

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“FaithVoters4Hillary” verified Twitter Account has thousands of fake followers. Maybe she’s running for mayor of Potemkin village.

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Yellow Sac spider 2 – Mazda 0. The spider that “just likes the smell of gasoline” keeps ruining Mazda gas tanks, causing a second recall in three years. Hey Mazda, they’re spiders: they must be eating something – obviously you have bugs in your fuel system.

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Eich: if you were waiting for the moment when the Cold Civil War actually begins, this might be it. “…any instrument of social coercion big enough to give you everything you want is an instrument big enough to take away everything that you have.” Including your life. Progressivism’s endgame has arrived.

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Impending formation of a leftwing media conglomerate. When the Obama supporters at Comcast (largest cable company in the U.S. and owners of the NBC/MSNBC propaganda network) merge with the Obama supporters at Time Warner Cable (second largest cable company in the U.S.), one hardcore liberal corporation will control the communications of more than a third of the American populace. (And the other two thirds isn’t much better.)

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Venezuela AG formally charges opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. Looks like the communists in Venezuela need another public image whitewash. Quick, somebody light the Bat Crazy Signal over Gotham City to alert Jimmy Carter.

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40% of Minnesota likely voters think Al Franken deserves reelection. Well, they’ll just have to recount these numbers a few hundred more times until they get the correct answer.

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This Is Reportedly CBS’ Top Choice to Replace David Letterman. Looks to us like CBS must want to lose a lot of market share.

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