Feds to Release Bundy Cattle Caught in Nevada Roundup; Protesters Blocking Interstate (UPDATE: Traffic Moving Again). Now we have to ask how many millions was spent on this stupid boondoggle? Is Dirty Harry going to pay the government back?

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Science communicator: “I’d like nothing better than if thousands of middle-class white people died in an extreme weather event.” “…Joe Q. Flyover doesn’t understand science. He wants evidence.” Apparently a satire but it sounds so much like something a Gore or Kerry would say, it reveals the depths that contemporary “climate science” has plumbed.

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Clumsily photoshopped picture for Jay Carney puff piece leaves disembodied floating finger. The erstwhile digit belongs to Jay’s son. Like father like son, apparently, because Carney has been giving America the finger for three years now.

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BREAKING NEWS: BLM ends roundup of Bundy cattle. Brokered? Seems more like it’s certainly funny how this all miraculously ended as soon as Dirty Harry Reid was exposed. Cockroaches do not like the light.

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Divorce Beltway Style. “The Democratic breakup that exposes Washington’s rotten core.” “Law making” today is about politicians throwing obstacles in everyone’s path and then charging money to navigate rent-seekers around them. When the Democrooks rail about “money in politics”, they’re railing about themselves. “The Podestas are the One Percent.”


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Incompetent to the end. Sebelius finds out halfway through her farewell speech that it’s missing a page:

“Their stories are so heartening, about finally feeling secure and knowing they can take care of themselves and their families… [long pause]… unfortunately, a page is missing.” [crowd laughs nervously]

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Individuals targeted as San Francisco tech money protests intensify. No Republicans in Frisco so the Lefties declare war on each other. Q: Why is constant use of class warfare rhetoric for political gain like pissing in the wind? A: Who cares, protestors are burning down my million-dollar condo! More here.


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NATO: Satellite photos show Russia mobilizing on Ukraine border. Is Putin showing more weakness or is he just trying to protect the Ukraine desert tortoises?

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Democrats watch more porn than Republicans. Probably because Republicans are too busy having real sex.

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DOZENS HIT BY LAYOFFS AT AL JAZEERA AMERICA. Here’s today’s feel good story. Hopefully Qatar will demand a refund or at least demand he move there so they get snow year round.

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One-Trick Pony. “All 134 times Harry Reid has mentioned the Koch Brothers on the Senate Floor.” Not a pony, just the rear half of one.

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BOMBSHELL: Is Sen. Harry Reid Behind the BLM Land Grab of the Bundy Ranch? This is why they call him Dirty Harry. You can smell the stench of corrupution all the way from Washington, DC. Too bad Nevadans don’t tar and feather him and run him out of the state on a rail.


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Shakedown: Treasury now seizing tax refunds from adult children to pay parents’ decades-old Social Security debts. It appears the mythical two line 1040 form that says: How much money did you make? Send it in! Is now becoming reality.

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Desperate to sell Volts, GM makes cheaper version with weaker batteries. Who was the marketing guru who decided 38 miles per charge was too far?

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Calif. high-speed rail board adopts new business plan. Forgive us while we pause for a good laugh.

Revenue is expected to be 5 percent lower than originally projected by 2025 and 10 percent lower by 2040, but the authority says it still will be able to operate without taxpayer subsidies.

Only in Fantasyland California could you get a prediction like this. Notice no mention of the fact it will end up costing way more than $68 billion, which is yet more fantasy. If you think I’m crazy look at the $5 billion cost overruns on the new SF-Oakland Bay Bridge span.

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It’s a ‘Mega-trap’! Obama-backed solar facility incinerates birds. Meanwhile, right down the road a piece from the Great Nevada Cow Standoff you can get government sponsored Falcon Fricassee and Condor Kabobs. We wonder of those falling birds might endanger the very endangered almost extinct millions of Desert Tortoises? Nah, that would only happen if this solar facility wasn’t owned by one of Obama’s buddies.


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Nevada Standoff: Government Lies… It’s Not About Turtles… It’s About Fracking. Regardless it appears as usual the government is fracking a lot of people. Bend over! Imagine if they sent all these BLM dudes to the southern border?

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Cowboys steal their cattle BACK in tense showdown over Nevada’s last rancher: Protesters break federal blockade as militias threaten to join fight and pregnant woman  claims she was assaulted by agents. It’s interesting that these so-called “endangered” tortoises seem to pop-up all over the place whenever the Feds want to lock up some land or prevent oil drilling. The little buggers appear to be in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The only thing that appears to be endangered is freedom.

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Rep. Frank Wolf to withhold funds from lawless Eric Holder. “When our FY 2015 bill is marked up this spring, I intend to withhold $1 million for every overdue report from the FY 2013 and FY 2014 bills.” Expect the Dept of “Justice” to hold an assault weapon fire sale (excuse our double entendre) in Mexico soon.

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UK Minister: Fight Climate Change by reducing “smelly emissions” from baked beans. Pardon us, old chap, but most of those “smelly emissions” emanate from politicians and other fools with a preponderance of feces in their crania.

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Hillary Clinton dodges shoe during Las Vegas speech. Well, she’s good at dodging questions about Benghazi, so dodging shoes should be easy.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks towards the audience, after someone threw an object onstage, during her speech to members of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries in Las Vegas, Nevada April 10, 2014. REUTERS-Las Vegas Sun-Steve Marcus

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HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigning. Remember, in the progressive-liberal world, failure is good! Watch and see if she turns up in another position of responsibility with a higher salary and in charge of something else to screw up. In the meantime we’ll be singing Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.

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The Red Line and the Rat Line. “Bombshells expose Obama’s fraud in Syria and Benghazi.” Why isn’t this a major story plastered over front pages and being read phonetically by TV talking heads all over the sh*t-stream media? Simple, a Republican isn’t president.

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Obama girl burns Obama T-shirt from 2008. She explains her metamorphosis from Obama lover to Obama hater:

“Mr. Obama, you are the biggest fraud that has ever been perpetrated on the American people.”

‘Nuf said.

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Julia Louis Dreyfus poses naked for the cover of Rolling Stone… with the U.S. Constitution tattooed on her back, replete with the signature of John Hancock. Trouble is, John Hancock didn’t sign the Constitution – he signed the Declaration of Independence.

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