Biden 2012: Romney Wants to Go to War with Syria. So look who’s dropping bombs now.

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Twitter users noticed something peculiar about Sunday’s climate marchers. They were all white. Whatever that says about the cognitive abilities of the Caucasian race, it can’t be positive.

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Wait a minute… the uninsured rate is HIGHER? Hmm, that’s puzzling. Well, with climate science lower temperatures and more ice signify Global Warming so, in a similar vein, the higher uninsured rate probably means Obamacare is working.

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AL GORE LEAVES PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH IN CHEVY SUBURBAN SUV. And we’ll bet he’ll fly home on a private jet, too. Hypocrite.

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Obama Admin. to Crack Down on American Companies Moving Overseas. We are seriously beginning to wonder what Congress does and why we need them.

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Al Gore tries to quote Jesus. In an eerie coincidence, Gore was working his way toward a dramatic crescendo at Luke 12:56, getting louder and louder, and just as he tried to bellow “Ye hypocrite!” his microphone went out. Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

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Rockefeller heirs divesting themselves of all fossil fuel investments. That thunkety-thunk sound you hear is John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil, spinning in his grave.

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TV reporter quits on-air with line Johnny Paycheck would love. We hope the entire team at MSNBC is inspired to follow suit.

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More Than 200,000 GM Cars Have Been Recalled for a Brake Defect. We would like to offer GM the suggestion that they just automatically recall everything about every 6 months.

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Watch: Wendy Davis Doesn’t Know How Debates Work. Evidently Abortion Barbie doesn’t know when to keep her lips together either.

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PJTV: RFK Jr. Loses It at Climate Rally When Michelle Fields Pushes Him to Lead By Example and Give Up His Cell Phone (Video). She should have asked him about mansions and private jets while she was at it, probably would have had him foaming at the mouth.

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Far Left Climate Activists Leave Mounds of Trash For Cities to Deal With. These are the same a-holes who complain about plastic bags.

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Alaska Physician Shuts Down Practice, Citing Obamacare. Your Obamacare non-success story of the day.

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Student Forced to Remove American Flag as it “Could Offend Foreign People.” Excuse us? If you come to OUR country and are offended by OUR flag then you should leave immediately and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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After Cops Post Video of Brutal Beating in Attempt to ID Suspects, YouTube Reportedly Takes Action You Might Find Hard to Swallow. It must be so nice to live in the politically correct fantasy world of YouTube. We hope the person(s) who took this down enjoy the same treatment some day.

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Democrat candidate for governor of Kansas explains strip club incident. In 1998, when police conducted a drug raid on a club named Secrets, they found Paul Davis “in a somewhat compromising position… in a back room of the club.” But he can explain:

“I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Another No Shit Sherlock moment brought to you by IHTM.

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Redskin ambush on The Daily Show. Four Redskin fans were invited on the show to defend their team’s name, unaware that Jon Stewart, channeling his inner Jerry Springer, invited a large war party of Native Americans to confront them.

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Maxine Waters Tells Islamic Society That Sharia Law is Compatible with U.S. Constitution (Video). Evidently Maxine has never read the Constitution or about Sharia Law. She is however, an expert at sucking off the government tit and looking like a moron.

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ISIS Calls For ‘Lone Wolf’ Supporters To Attack U.S. Soldiers. We bet they’re especially referring to the ones they Feds have been letting back into our country after getting their ISIS training.

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Michelle Obama: Americans ‘Take for Granted’ How Much Barack Has Improved US. Now that we’re done laughing. Improved must be the new code word for FUBAR.

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Here Are the 46 Senators Who Voted to Turn Your Gun Rights Over to the UN. Now NOVEMBER it will be OUR Turn to VOTE! Vote the bastards out!

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The Show Won’t Go On. Taxpayer-funded global warming musical closes early. $697,177 of your tax dollars out the window. So why?

The story revolved around a man named Karl, who quits his job on Shark Week because the show did not emphasize climate change enough. He then disappears with a 15-year-old “Earth Ambassador” for the UN, Julie, who convinces Karl to stage a kidnapping of young children during a global climate summit, on the eminently rational assumption that such an event would make the world act on global warming.

Sounds more like a story about mass pedophilia to us. More proof “you can’t fix stupid.”

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Ambushed in an Iraqi house, Navy SEAL was shot 27 times and hit with grenade shrapnel. Then he went to work. After killing the four al Qaeda terrorists who ambushed him, he cleared the rest of the house and walked back to the helicopter under his own power. Mission complete.

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Eric Holder trying to run out the clock on Fast and Furious. Refusing yet again to turn over documents to the House Oversight Committee as ordered by a federal judge, the DOJ filed a motion asking the judge to delay the transfer of documents while they appeal. This could push the process past Obama’s time in office.

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