[Watch] Massive DHS Failure – DC Nuclear Reactor, Softest Terror Target Known to Man. They must be too busy looking for crazed Tea Party members.

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13-year-old piano prodigy labeled a truant by D.C. school system. Avery Gagliano is a straight-A student but she misses a lot of classes while performing at international competitions and concerts. Education bureaucrats don’t like that – it gives them less time to brainwash her with the proper value system.

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Government Putting on Vegetable Puppet Shows For Preschoolers. This is what happens when vegetables run the government.

Reggie Veggie©, Judy Fruity©

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Malaysia Flight 17 likely downed by ‘high-energy objects’ outside plane, report says. No shit Sherlock.

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Todd: Hillary Wouldn’t Be Frontrunner ‘If She Were Running to Be the Second Woman President.’ We suspicion she is running to be the second woman president.

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The Latest Kansas Senate Poll Should Worry Republicans. Rove’s head should start spinning any minute now. If his RINO loses we can’t wait to see him whine on Fox News.

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FACT-CHECKER: OBAMA LIED TO CHUCK TODD. Even the COA websites are getting tired of the lies. (COA = Cover Obama’s Ass).

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Socialism accomplishes the impossible. Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves on Earth, is importing oil.

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Stephen Hawking worried about yet another doomsday scenario. First he warned that aliens might destroy us, then it was artificial intelligence that would get us, and now he says the God particle discovered at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (which he was certain didn’t exist) could create a “bubble of the true vacuum expanding at the speed of light” which destroys the whole universe. So get out there and live every day like it’s your last, IHTM readers, because you won’t even see the killer bubble coming.

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Report: Schumer readies inversion bill. Nothing like an illegal retroactive law that goes back 20 years.

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Feinstein Predicts ISIS Attack on U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. Uh oh. Someone must have made another video they’re going to put up on YouTube.

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Obama Blames ‘Children’ For Hostility To His Amnesty Plans. It’s always anybody’s fault but Obama’s. Next week he’ll blame penguins for something.

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GLOBAL WARMING JUMPS THE SHARK: THE WEEK IN CLIMATE STUPID. Next week, due to global warming, little boys pee pees will fall off  and dogs will grow three tails.

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Guy who was elected purely on optics… says he’s no good at optics, and that’s why golfing right after his James Foley statement looked so bad.

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Jack the Ripper identified. Finally, 126 years later, using DNA analysis, the Brits know who did it: a mad Polish-born immigrant hairdresser named Aaron Kosminski who was addicted to masturbation, who was always the main suspect of the police, and who, shortly after the murders, was committed to an insane asylum for the rest of his life. No doubt books will shortly be written about him but let IHTM go on the record here and now: he looks like a liberal.

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Journalist Barbara Walters Observes that Joan Rivers Was ‘No Great Beauty.’ That’s the Joke. Pot, meet kettle.

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Biden spins disappointing jobs report as ‘reminder of how far we’ve come.’ We’re not sure  if Joe’s describing how far we’ve come or something else.

Vice President Joe Biden gestures as he speaks at the National Urban League Conference at the Duke Energy Center, Thursday, July 24, 2014, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo/The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cara Owsley)  MANDATORY CREDIT;  NO SALES


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Former USC professor of “gender and sexuality studies” pleads guilty to sex with little boys. Don’t worry, California parents, this eminent LGBT advocate was lecturing your children about alternative lifestyles. And you were paying for it. Bon appétit, suckers.

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Narcissist-in-chief raises his hand during group photo again. This time at the NATO Summit in Wales. Whoever that poor sap is behind him, face covered by Obama’s hand, let’s hope his country doesn’t have nuclear missiles.

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President Barack Obama punts on immigration until after election. Proof that Obama and the Democrats think the voters are too stupid to figure out this ploy. Based upon what we see, they’re probably right.

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Heroic great-grandfather fought gang of armed yobs… and won. And the moral of this story is don’t mess with great-grandpa, he’ll kick your ass.

yobs attack grandad, yobs attack grandfather, heroes grandfather, hero grandfather, burglars attack grandfather, great-grandfather attacked by yobs, great-grandfather fights off yobs,

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EPA Looking To Regulate CO2 Emissions From Airlines. There’s an easy solution for this airplane pollution problem. Just get Obama and Kerry to quit flying all over the damn place every day and it’s problem solved.

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HILLARY: ‘CLIMATE CHANGE IS MOST URGENT, CONSEQUENTIAL CHALLENGE WE FACE. Well look at that. It’s Hillary Obama-Kerry-Clinton ignoring ISIS, Ukraine, unemployment, Putin, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, the sucking economy, Obamacare, the IRS and a whole host of other problems much more important than non-existent global warming. Oh well, what difference does it make anyway?

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Detroit firefighters rely on pop cans for alerts. This is what happens when you have liberal Democrats running cities based upon Common Core mathebonics.

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Group Caught On Camera Attacking Missouri Couple (Video). No doubt just a group of African-American college students who recently joined a fraternity and are going through a hazing ritual. We bet they’re all straight A students, too.

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