Dalai Lama self-identifies as a Marxist. Next up the Pope. **Warning! Link goes to Salon and may cause head-spinning, whiplash and vomiting.

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Teacher guilty of four felonies for showing violent movie with ‘full frontal nudity’ to students. Double standard? We think had Planned Parenthood shown this movie the school board would have given them kudos.

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John Kerry Should’ve Taken Barry McGuire to France Instead of James Taylor.  Things really haven’t changed much since the 1960′s have they?

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Jerusalem consulate replacing U.S. Marines and Israeli guards with armed Palestinians. John Kerry’s two-digit IQ strikes again. Never mind that this violates a 2011 agreement with Israel, who could possibly think that arming and training a bunch of Palestinians and then stationing them in the middle of Jerusalem was a good idea?

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No more soda on Wendy’s kids menu—but it still has Frosties. No more us eating at Wendy’s. We suggest they change their name to Nannies (unless Bloomberg already has that trademarked).

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Another Idiot Educating Your Kids: Alabama Middle School Principal Plans to Arm Students Against Shooters — With Sliced Beetroot and Creamed Corn. Personally we prefer baked beans when we need self-defense because they have a higher muzzle energy.

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Women’s college cancels Vagina Monologues because it’s not feminist enough. Mount Holyoke College cancelled the play because it doesn’t include women who don’t have vaginas. So it’s not “inclusive.”

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Here we go: Feds move to ban all fried foods at day care centers. Like public schools, soon the garbage cans at day care centers will be overflowing.

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Obama says he can take control of internet without Congress. Will the gutless wonders in Congress impeach already?

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Gun Company Calls For Industry Boycott of Neeson After Star’s Anti-Gun Comments. We’re way ahead of you and we’re already boycotting. We haven’t been to a movie theater in over a decade and we won’t be watching this dickhead’s movies on TV anymore.

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Smart Diplomacy: John Kerry Brings James Taylor to Paris to Sing Songs or Something. Instead of saying we surrender this is like saying we’re beyond effing stupid.

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Ex-Guantanamo Inmate Running ISIS Recruiting Camp In Afghanistan.  The Obama administration must call this Smart Probation.

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Which polling company do you trust? British-based Reuters says Obama’s approval rating has plummeted to 37% while the U.S.-based Obama-ass-kissing fellas at Gallup say his approval rating is at 46%. Somebody must have their finger on the scale.

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BREAKING NEWS: Anti-terror raid in Belgian town centre ‘leaves three dead after 10-minute gun battle.’ Another one bites the dust.

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Justin Bieber accidentally joins meeting of gay Republicans. The funny part is, the gay Republicans mistook him for Miley Cyrus.

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“Will we see chopsticks?” That was the very first question from a gathering of roughly 200 journalists assembled to meet the cast of a new Asian-American TV series. (And you thought the journalists who covered Washington, D.C., were dumbasses…)

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George Soros Spent $33 Million On Inciting The Ferguson Madness.  The dark side’s at it again.

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Climate Change Alarmists Bully Media to Call Skeptics ‘Deniers,’ WaPo Agrees. Call us what you like. It doesn’t change the reality that global warming is the world’s largest con – ever. Amazing these people even think any deniers give a f**k.

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Ohio man accused of plotting to attack U.S. Capitol. There must be something in the water in Ohio.

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50 die under secret 999 policy. Evidently you don’t fear the reaper anymore, you fear the NHS.

H/T PsychoDad

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Oxford University Press bans use of pig, sausage or pork-related words to avoid offending MuslimsIt looks like Oxford is run by swine who like to censor.

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Caesars Largest Unit to File Own Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Et tu Obama?

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CA Residents Angry With DMV Clogged By Illegal Aliens: They Are Rewarding Lawbreakers. Evidently the morons who vote Democrat in California like being taxed to death and now inconvenienced, too.

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CORRECTION: YAHOO NEWS LEFT OUT CRUCIAL DETAIL IN AIRASIA ‘ALLAHU AKBAR’ STORY. The story is already being altered by the MSM. By tomorrow they’ll have the pilot yelling Geronimo.

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