Big Cuts At CNN: Christiane Amanpour’s Entire Staff, LA Bureau’s Entertainment Division Axed. Even the useful idiots are getting wise to the propaganda. Want to save CNN? Try getting real reporters instead of Obama suck-asses and people might watch again.

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City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons. Next week it’s burning at the stake.

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Ebola could hit 10,000 cases per week in Africa; U.S. steps up response. So there’s going to be a whole lot of dead people in Africa because there is no way anyone is going to take care of 10,000 Ebola cases a week. If President Obola and Wonder Boy at the CDC don’t quit screwing around we could have a major problem. Meanwhile, still no ban on flights and passengers on other flights from the infected areas and still open borders in the US., while studying obese lesbians is more important than developing an Ebola vaccine. Crack addicts could run the country and the CDC better.

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WHITE HOUSE: DECISION TO DELAY OBAMACARE ENROLLMENT UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION WAS NOT POLITICAL. Meet the new crap-weasel, same as the old crap-weasel. In other news battleships can now fly and every Muslim on the planet just converted to Christianity. Uh huh.

If bullshit was money I’d be a billionaire!

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Global warming: plants may absorb more carbon dioxide than previously thought. But! But! The science is settled! Sputter! Sputter!

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Is Ebola the same virus as the Black Death? You won’t hear this from that numbskull running the CDC, but evidence supports the conclusion that the 14th century plague called the Black Death was caused by a “viral hemorrhagic fever pandemic similar to Ebola.” By the time it was done, the Black Death killed a third of the population of Eurasia.

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OPEC Split as Oil Prices Fall Sharply. Oil prices have been artificially inflated by the OPEC pirates for decades. Sorry but we don’t feel sorry for you and hope the prices go down more.

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Ebola nurse’s boyfriend admitted to Texas Presbyterian for monitoring. He works at Alcon, a medical company specializing in eye care products. They ship eye drops all over the U.S. Lovely.

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Turkey, Georgia, and other countries calling Obama a liar. Turkey says no, they are not allowing U.S. aircraft to fly against ISIS from Turkish air bases; and Georgia says no, they have not agreed to host an anti-ISIS training base. Meanwhile, the White House claims a bunch of nations offered to send troops but reporters can’t verify a single one.

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Alexa officially joins the dark side of the Force. The supposedly objective provider of website traffic analytics announced a new method of calculating rankings and suddenly conservative website rankings are plummeting while liberal pro-government websites are skyrocketing. Even MSNBC’s Alexa rank is rising… which tells you all you need to know.

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Letterman’s Joke the Most Accurate Name for Obama’s ISIS Strategy Yet.

“Every military operation has to have a name so people can get behind it. And they now have a name for the war against ISIS: “Operation Hillary’s Problem.’”

And that’s a whole nother problem.

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Vegetables: Are they the new bacon? José Andrés and other chefs think so. We’re going to laugh when this guy finds out his only customer is FLOTUS.

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Free fall: Big labor bailing on Dems. It appears President Obola is in the final stages of pissing everyone on the planet off.

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MSNBC Eyes Canceling Ronan Farrow Show Amidst Schedule Shakeup. One TV viewer in the US is going to be really disappointed.

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USDA EMPLOYEE CAUGHT PICKING UP DRUG LOADS ON THE JOB, FEDS SAY. We’re waiting for someone from the USDA to say this was part of Operation Fast and Snortius.

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Belgium’s 20-stone minister for public health is accused of being too big to be ‘credible’ – but hits back saying ‘it’s what’s inside that counts.’ So what’s inside? We’d guess about: 20 Belgian waffles, 10 triple bacon-cheeseburgers, 1 gallon of french fries, 10 gallons of double chocolate ice cream with 30 cans of whipped cream, 1 BBQ’ed hog, 3 entire prime ribs and 10 banana cream pies. We also wonder if when she’s flies it’s on a C5 Galaxy?

Defiant: The politician has shrugged off the criticism, pointing to her experience as both a GP and a minister in the nation's previous government

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Kim Jong-un Seen for First Time in 40 Days, North Korea Says. If he sees his shadow do we get 6 more weeks of nuclear winter?

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Soros to Host Fundraiser for ‘Independent’ Kansas Senate Candidate. Since he’s obviously a Soros puppet he should run under the name Howdy Doody.

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Giant Squid Attacks Greenpeace Submarine. Isn’t this cannabalism?

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Romney Tells Hilarious Obama Joke. Actually it’s no joke, it’s the truth.

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After Horrendous Wheelchair Attack Ad, Wendy Davis Uses Disabled People as Props. Just when you think Abortion Barbie can’t possibly get any lower…

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MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid Blames ‘Red State’ Texas For The Spread Of Ebola. Gotta love the braintrust at MSLSD. No wonder their ratings suck.

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NBC crew violates their voluntary quarantine. So the state of New Jersey has placed them in a mandatory quarantine. Question: who was naïve enough to trust a bunch of journalists – especially NBC journalists – in the first place?

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