At Billboard Music Awards, Kanye West is booed during his introduction. And yet, somehow, the ensuing performance is worse than anybody expected.

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Obama says chlorine gas used by Syria is not a chemical weapon. [2:25 mark] Never mind that it kills people, makes them puke and suffocate, and even survivors suffer from bronchitis and pneumonia for weeks. Never mind all that. The smartest president ever wants you to know that he took away Syria’s chemical weapons so those chlorine gas attacks you’re hearing about ain’t about nothin’.

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Egypt’s Former Muslim Brotherhood President Gets Death Sentence… Obama Responds With THIS. With Obama, if the current government of Egypt kills it’s very bad, if the Muslim Brotherhood kills it’s all good. At least he didn’t call for Twitter and Facebook attacks.

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Lindsey Graham Wants To Kill Americans Without Inconvenience of Trial. And it’s big bad Lindsey Brown, baddest man in the whole damn town….. If he really wants to torture them to death he should make them listen to his stupid ideas.

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Gun Control Success: 30 Shot In Chicago Since Friday…Update: Reportedly Now Up To 42…Update: Ambulance Shot At…Update: Final Total? At Least 49. Perhaps Mayor Rahmbo needs to have some target shooting clinics for the gangs so they at least hit who they’re shooting at like the bikers.

89 Year Old Great-Grandma Shot Chicago

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Unions Pour Millions into Clinton Foundation. If she’s elected Hillary’s going to be putting out like a hooker.

“U.S. Department of Labor’s union financial disclosure reports reveal that Big Labor gave at least $2,034,500 in union general treasury funds to Clinton Foundations. Union treasuries are funded mostly by compulsory union dues or fees collected from workers who would be fired for refusing to pay,” the NILRR report says. “As Mrs. Clinton became closer to her current run for president, donations amounts appear to have increased.”

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one; Hillary took money from more companies seeking influence. Money-money-money-money – - – - – mon–ey.

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Climate Alarmist John Kerry Invests Massively In Fossil Fuel Stock. More hypocrisy from Kerry.

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Sunday Biker Gang Shooting Leaves Nine Dead, Several Injured. Looks to us like they should change the name of the town to Wacko.

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Kerry: Iran Deal Could Be Positive for North Korea, Too. Hi, I’m John Kerry and I’m a total complete moron. I actually think I can reason with a country run by people who shoot people with anti-aircraft guns for falling asleep during meetings with fearless leader Kim il Dung.

John Kerry Facepalm

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They’re at it again. Not having success with gun control, the Democrats are now trying to ban the purchase of ammunition online. No doubt this will have the exact opposite effect and cause online ammunition sales to skyrocket. H/T poppajoe49

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CONTRARY TO OBAMA: ISIS Leader Says, “Islam Is The Religion Of War.” ISIS keeps threatening Obama. Frankly we don’t think they want to do anything to him as he gives them too many laughs.

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John Kerry Tells Everybody What He Has in Common with Abe Lincoln & Winston Churchill. The real answer? Absoeffinglutely nothing.

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“Bee-pocalypse” is just like Global Warming: i.e., a complete fabrication by leftwing environmental whackos.

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BUSTED: Al Sharpton’s Daughter Sues NYC For $5M After Spraining Ankle, Later Post Pic Of Her Hike Up Mountain. She no doubt hopped all the way to the top on one foot.

Sharpton's daughter sprained ankle climbs mountain nyc lawsuit $5 million

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In Chicago, As Concealed Carry Goes Up, Crime Is Plummeting. Liberals will no doubt want to change this as it’s cruel to muggers if they have to wonder if some old grandma will blow them away hen they try to steal her pruse.

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Democrat talking about “Indian Americans” uses disparaging war whoop. Dumbass Loretta Sanchez is running for dumbass Barbara Boxer’s U.S. Senate seat. She’s running against an Indian American… the kind from India. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

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Son receives deceased dad’s squad car. Today’s feelgood story. Nice to see people like this are still around. H/T poppajoe49.

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U.S Special Forces Raid Syria, Kill ISIS Commander. Great job guys! Meanwhile, we’re waiting for Brian Williams to claim he was there.

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DEMOCRAT ALAN GRAYSON GOES BALLISTIC WHEN ASKED ABOUT OFFSHORE CASH-STASH. To paraphrase Shakespeare - The moron doth protest too much.

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BREAKING: #Ferguson Protest Leaders Paid $5,000 a Month to Disrupt & Instigate Violence. Guess which Beelzebub billionaire is funding this?

emporer soros

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Students in Virginia Will be Taught that “There’s No Such Thing as Boys or Girls.” Someone should check and see if Fairfax County Public Schools is run by hermaphrodites.

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Pope Calls Palestinian President an “Angel of Peace. Ah yes. We suppose the Pope thinks Hilter, Stalin, Arafat, Che Guevara and name your favorite despot were all angels of peace, too.

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Obama’s Terrorist Pal, Dictator Mohammed Morsi Sentenced to Death in Egypt. Die like an Egyptian…..

Morsi jail

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