From toilet to tap: Getting a taste for drinking recycled waste water. If it’s yellow, pretend it’s lemonade.

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DEVELOPING: Trey Gowdy Finally Found What He Needed on Hillary’s Email Server. It’s Bad For Her. [VIDEO]. Looks like some Benghazi emails are popping out of the woodwork where they didn’t exist according to Hillary.

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Marco Rubio Aligns With Hillary Clinton On Family Leave Act Rubio likes entitlements, he likes amnesty. Perhaps he should run as Hillary’s VP.

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John Boehner’s resignation spells trouble for Jeb Bush. Yup, when the Boehner resigns the Bush has a problem.

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Source close to Trump: Fox News hosts are asking him to end his boycott so that their ratings don’t suffer. Whether you like Trump or not this is funny.

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Democrat congressman steals Pope’s water glass. Then he took the glass with the Pope’s backwash to his office and pretended it was miracle water from Lourdes, drinking some, sharing some, and saving the rest to sprinkle on his grandchildren.

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Shortage of British sperm. Straight-laced Brits are so squeamish about masturbation there are only nine registered sperm donors in the whole UK. So they import most of what they need from the U.S. and Denmark… with proud Danish donors calling it a “Viking invasion.”

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Video of VW’s new president, who was the president of Porsche has surfaced.

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RUMORS ON CAPITOL HILL: BOEHNER CUT DEAL WITH PELOSI TO AVOID GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN. Did Boehner commit one last gigantic traitorous act? NO legislation should be passed until this clown is gone.

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Seattle area school district bans Tag. To “ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students.”

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$15M withheld from Bay Bridge contractor for faulty anchor rods. Notice no Caltrans or MTC workers, who were supposed to be supervising this gigantic cost overrun travesty, were fired or even demoted. Caltrans, inventors of the truck that sleeps three. We can’t wait to see how many billions of cost overruns Jerry Browns High Speed rail has, or to watch it be a gigantic fail. (Providing we live long enough).

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Top scientist cites “global warming scam” in resignation letter.

“It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist… I want no part of it, so please accept my resignation.”

New hero in the battle for freedom from tyranny: Dr. Hal M. Lewis, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara. Kudos, sir.

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Boehner to resign at end of October, sources say. About time! Now let’s get rid of Obama’s bitch Mitch.

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Jerry Brown test prototype high speed rail train. 

Eugene Bostick builds locomotive train for his rescued stray dogs

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Update: Scientist leading effort to prosecute climate skeptics under RICO ‘paid himself & his wife $1.5 million from govt climate grants for part-time work.’ No wonder they want to keep the Global Warming fraud going. Charles Ponzi would be jealous.

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OBAMA TO ROLLING STONE: CLIMATE CHANGE IS SO TERRIBLE I DARE NOT TELL YOU THE FULL TRUTH. The accurate part? “I dare not tell you the full truth.” As always.

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13-year-old conservative YouTube sensation blocked by Obama. Then the White House called him a liar, claiming he was never blocked, but he had a screen shot for evidence! So not only is our president hyper-sensitive enough to block people on Twitter, he’s getting schooled by a kid.

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Crybaby Boehner strikes again. Someone please give this guy a testosterone shot!

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LIKE OBAMACARE? GET READY FOR ISISCARE. We think this is a terrific idea. Unsanitary conditions and quacks will probably kill more ISIS members than Obama’s bombing.

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Controversial South Park episode shows Donald Trump being raped and murdered: Show attacks tycoon’s run for President, his immigration policies and then kills him off in shocking final scene. Well, at least they didn’t cut his balls off. We wonder what Trump’s reaction to this will be?

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Obama Administration Sets Food Waste Reduction Goal. We suggest they start by removing Michelle Obama’s school lunch program. Food so crappy much of it gets thrown out.

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Donald Trump: ‘I have very thick skin.’ Think Trump’s whining is presidential or not? Think he has thick skin? Or is his skin about the same thickness as Obama’s?

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Mecca mob tramples and kills hundreds. Axiom: anytime you bring three million ignorant Muslims together in one place, bad shit is liable to happen.

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Prisoner Who Was Likely Bin Laden’s Bodyguard is Released from Gitmo. Amazing what goes on while everyone’s focused upon the Pope’s visit.

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Syracuse students decide kiss cams are sexual assault. So is that a photograph of President Obama raping his wife or vice versa?

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