The First 100 Days…of parties

by editor on March 17, 2009

obamas partyBehold, the evolution of community organizing.

The Washington Times reports that “the Obama administration invited top editors of three of Washington’s local luxury lifestyle magazines — Capitol File, DC magazine and Washington Life — to a meeting where they discussed, among other things, how President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama can embrace Washington’s glittery social scene.”

“A White House aide who spoke on the condition of anonymity,” the Times’ story continued, “dismissed the notion that a publicly populist Obama White House is privately courting socialites, contending that the meeting was held to explore how the Obamas can ‘engage in the community.’”

White House social secretary Desiree Rogers has said she intends to make the White House the “people’s” mansion. Obviously, she meant to say the “People magazine’s” mansion.

Robin Leach could not be reached for comment.

Source: Washington Times

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C. Clemans March 17, 2009 at 10:00 am

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Maybe Obama has stumbled on to the answer to all our problems. The answer is for all of em…Obama and Geitner, and all the senators and the congressmen and yes all the bureaucrats to party hardy and just stay drunk…AND NEVER DO ANYTHING. We’d be back to normal within 6 months.