Hilarious Time Magazine headline says, “Why Obama loves Reagan. And what he’s learned from him”

by editor on January 31, 2011

We’ve come up with a funny headline or two in our time, but our best efforts pale in comparison to the one on this week’s Time magazine. “Why Obama Loves Reagan. And what he’s learned from him” may be the funniest ten words ever written in the English language. (And let’s not even get into Time’s use of the heart symbol in a sad, dated attempt to be relevant nor the strange PhotoShopping that makes Reagan’s left arm appear to be about four feet long.)

time-obama-reaganYes, America, according to yuckmeisters over at Time magazine Ronald Reagan is Obama’s role model.

Time says, “Obama and Reagan share a number of gifts….” But, quite honestly, we’re at a bit of a loss as to what those gifts may be other than sharing a common DNA pattern.

According to Time, “Obama was clearly impressed by the way Reagan had transformed Americans’ attitude about government.” Hint, President Obama: He didn’t do it by spending trillions of dollars nor by taking over private industry nor by coddling government employee unions.

We also can’t recall Ronald Reagan hanging out with terrorists, nor appointing communists, socialists, and Marxists to government positions. And perhaps our memories are failing, but we can’t recall him appeasing our enemies and appalling our friends.

Where Ronaldus Magnus boldly stated, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” Barack Obama would have bowed to the Russian leader and borrowed money from China to provide him with additional bricks at no cost.

Nevertheless, Time just can’t get over the similarities between the two men, even quoting Douglas Brinkley as saying, “Obama is approaching the job in a Regananesque fashion.”

And then Time said, “We just flew into town. And, boy, are our arms tired. Thank you. Thank you very much. We’ll be here all week.”

Stop it, Time. You’re killin’ us. We can’t catch our breath. Our stomachs hurt from laughing.

Source: Time

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bduares July 20, 2011 at 6:06 pm

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“We also can’t recall Ronald Reagan hanging out with terrorists”

Iran/Contra doesn’t count I suppose, nor freeing up tons of confiscated terrorist nation gold and trading hundreds of missiles and missile parts to Iran in exchange for 6 Iranian held hostages.

IN Reagan’s own words, I guess you “can’t recall” his sending US military and CIA operatives to train Honduran death squads, like the infamous Battalion 3-16

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