Susan Rice dumps on Trump: ‘Bluster is for bullies’ Bluster is for bullies and amateurs. Real professionals, like Susan Rice, speak softly and carry a big surveillance state.

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Bullies like Dice also blame their mistakes on YouTube videos

Not so silent

“Susan Rice takes a dump”…better headline


Why is Rice not speaking through the glass or on a monitored phone?

The whole quagmire administration was nothing but buffoons and clowns. You have the North Koreans launch ballistic missiles. You have the Iranians working over time to get a nuclear weapon. All courtesy of the quagmire administration.

I for one want an bully in the WH. Someone who will, when the time comes kick the s&*t out of the enemies of this country. The fake news cant help but have premature ejaculation over the fact that Trump discussed intel with the Russians about dealing with the animals from the “religion of peace”.