Rand Paul is not a perfect neighbor, says community developer In case the logic of the MSM is confusing to you, please use this helpful primer.

If there is no issue to be politicized, don’t blame the victim.

If the victim is a Republican, blame the victim.

If the victim is a Republican and has been victimized by a Democrat, blame the victim and designate that vctim as a hate group. Publish their home address, college transcripts and private emails.

If the victim has been victimized by a member of the protected class, blame the NRA and demand the suspension of due process for the not protected classes.

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Not so silent

Now the feds are looking at charging the neighbor and looking at serious felony charges…The neighbor is a demotard wack a doodle and needs to spend some time in an orange jumpsuit eating off a tray with a bunch of tattooed guys..


There is no such thing as a “perfect neighbor” period!


Not a perfect neighbor because he believes in property rights?

Jim Stewart

Lastly, if the story doesn’t fit any of those previous narratives, ignore it.


This story just gets weirder and weirder. Something isn’t tracking about this deal. Displaced broken ribs is a little more than a minor injury and you would think the cops would be extra cautious and not downplay the attack since a U.S. senator is involved. And I would assume the Capitol Police are investigating and want the guy locked up until they know he’s not a danger. WTF is going on? Why are all the LEOs downplaying this?

Joe Redfield

So, anything less than perfection in neighborliness deserves a beating? Or maybe any excuse will do to justify attacks on non-Progressive politicians?