August 2009

Sam Bates farms a plot of land just outside Lubbock, Texas. He’s come up with an unique way to protest ObamaCare, but you can only see it if you fly over his spread.

Sam plowed his protest into a field of weeds. The former art teacher trimmed some weeds like a giant conservative crop circle, leaving a message that shouts, “Say no to Obama!” to anyone flying overhead.

“This is a sign of frustration,” Bates said. “You know, it’s not so much Obama, but just some of the things he’s done recently with the health bill he’s trying to pass through, and it’s just as much Republican and Democrats’ fault in the House and the Senate that won’t stand up to some of the things. That’s basically what’s frustrated me.”

“I thought, maybe some pilots flying from here to Dallas would get a good chuckle,” Bates noted dryly.

Anyone know if airsickness is covered by ObamaCare?

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We each mourn in our own way. And in the case of Rose Kennedy Schlossberg, Caroline Kennedy’s daughter, mourning becomes an act of hostility.

This video, shot by a Boston Fox 25 news crew, shows Teddy’s great niece Rose Schlossberg flipping off other mourners gathered along the sidewalk.

Ahhh, those Kennedy genes run deep in Rose and instead of being embarrassed by her inappropriate action, she merely smirks and claps hands with glee.

Uncle Teddy would be proud.

Barkeep, let’s have another of round of Chivas and sodas.


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Howard Dean is going to watch this video and ask himself, “What was I thinking?”

For that matter, the rest of the Democrat party is also going to wonder why Den thought it was a good idea to come clean about the iron grip trail lawyers have on the Democrat party’s testicles.

“This is the answer from a doctor and a politician. Here’s why tort reform is not in the bill. When you go to pass a really enormous bill like that, the more stuff you put in it, the more enemies you make, right? And the reason that tort reform is not in the bill is because the people who wrote it did not want to take on the trial lawyers in addition to everyone else they were taking on. And that is the plain and simple truth.”

Can’t wait for Howard’s next speech. Maybe he’ll admit Obama’s a socialist.

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Hotshot conservative Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann held a town hall meeting in her home district in Minnesota the other day.

She was discussing the lousy care mothers-to-be receive under Great Britain’s socialized healthcare program when a pro-ObamaCare heckler started screaming at her. Bachman shut him up with one scathing retort:

“I’ve given birth here probably more times than you, sir.”

The crowd went crazy.

The unfortunate protester picked the wrong congresswoman to heckle about the subject of motherhood. In addition to giving birth to five of her own kids, Bachman’s also given a home to 23 foster kids.

The libs may hate her, but we love her.

Source: Michelle Malkin

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Charlie Rangel, widely recognized as the lowest of all the lowlifes in Washington, DC

Charlie Rangel, widely recognized as the lowest of all the lowlifes in Washington, DC

Charlie Rangel may be a Congressman from New York, but he’s also the King of Chutzpah.

The Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee is being investigated for a wide range of ethical lapses (“lapses” is probably an inappropriate word because it implies that this latest incident is a temporary break in otherwise ethical behavior, but there is no evidence that Rangel has ever been ethical).

The New York Post reports the sordid details:

Rep. Charles Rangel failed to report as much as $1.3 million in outside income — including up to $1 million for a Harlem building sale — on financial-disclosure forms he filed between 2002 and 2006, according to newly amended records.

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Someone alert the folks at the Guinness Book of World Records, because it looks like Diane Watson (D-Havana) may have set a world record for cramming the most stupid comments into one 2:45 sound bite.

Within that remarkably brief period of time she manages to attack Rush Limbaugh, insult the wealthy, praise Che Gueverra and Fidel Castro, laud the Cuban healthcare system and to cap off her tour de force, she announces that opponents of ObamaCare are trying to destroy the first President who looks like her.

Problem is, we’re not sure which President she’s referring to.

Is she saying we’re anti-black because she looks like Barack Obama or that we’re anti-Whig because she bears a remarkable resemblance to Millard Fillmore?

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The torch has been passed. Teddy may be dead, but shameless socialist hucksterism is still alive and well in the Kennedy family. They actually sent Teddy’s young grandsons out to push for ObamaCare at grandpa’s funeral.

“For what my grandpa called the cause of his life,” one grandson said, “as he said so often ‘In every part of this land that every American will have decent quality healthcare as a fundamental right and not a privilege,’ we pray to the Lord.”

“For my grandfather’s brave promise last summer that, ‘The work begins anew, the hope rises again, and the dream lives on,’ we pray to the Lord,” another grandson said.

And then, being good Kennedys, they downed a couple Chivas & sodas and peeked up their girl cousin’s dresses.


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Her parents should be arrested for child abuse

by editor on August 30, 2009

D Magazine named her one of Dallas’ Ten Most Beautiful Women, but even that’s not enough to overcome what her parents named her.


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Where will your baby be born under ObamaCare? (photo credit: u-turn77)

Where will your baby be born under ObamaCare? (photo credit: u-turn77)

The President and his minions would have you to believe that Britain’s National Health Service is the ideal toward which ObamaCare would take us.

According to the Daily Mail, one of Britain’s leading newspapers, the country’s expectant mothers beg to disagree:

Thousands of women are having to give birth outside maternity wards because of a lack of midwives and hospital beds.

The lives of mothers and babies are being put at risk as births in locations ranging from lifts to toilets – even a caravan – went up 15 per cent last year to almost 4,000.

Health chiefs admit a lack of maternity beds is partly to blame for the crisis, with hundreds of women in labour being turned away from hospitals because they are full.

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The folks at the White House must cringe every morning when they click on Rasmussen Reports’ daily presidential apprroval poll. Like today, for example:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows that 32% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-two percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove. That’s the highest level of Strong Disapproval yet recorded for this President and it gives Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -10.

The Presidential Approval Index is calculated by subtracting the number who Strongly Disapprove from the number who Strongly Approve. It is updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern (sign up for free daily e-mail update). Updates also available on Twitter and Facebook.
Overall, 47% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance. That matches the lowest total approval yet measured for Obama. Fifty-two percent (52%) now disapprove.

But Republicans shouldn’t sit back on their fat haunches and feel too smug about Obama’s poll numbers. Because Rasmussen also reports that “If Americans could vote to keep or replace the entire Congress, 57% would throw out all the legislators and start over again. Just 25% would vote to keep the Congress.”

All the heavy lifting so far has been accomplished by the tea baggers and the town hall protesters.

So this might be a good time for Republicans in government get their butts in gear instead of their mouths.


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Good news for Mary Jo Kopechne’s family. She would be happy to die a horrible death, gasping for air as her lungs filled with the cold, murky waters off Chappaquiddick Island.


Seriously. That’s what ex-lawyer, blogger and writer Melissa Lafsky says in the Huffington Post:

We don’t know how much Kennedy was affected by her death, or what she’d have thought about arguably being a catalyst for the most successful Senate career in history. What we don’t know, as always, could fill a Metrodome.

Still, ignorance doesn’t preclude a right to wonder. So it doesn’t automatically make someone (aka, me) a Limbaugh-loving, aerial-wolf-hunting NRA troll for asking what Mary Jo Kopechne would have had to say about Ted’s death, and what she’d have thought of the life and career that are being (rightfully) heralded.

Who knows — maybe she’d feel it was worth it.

Yeah, maybe. But as the old saying goes, Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

Source: Huffington Post

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obama-deficit The Obama administration announced last week that its ten-year deficit estimate – you know, the one for which it bears absolutely no responsibility – had increased from $7 trillion to $9 trillion in just five months.

They tried to bury the news by releasing in late on a Friday afternoon just as the Obama family was preparing for a week in Martha’s Vineyard. This may explain why the President announced that he didn’t want to talk business while he was on vacation.
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We apologize for scaring you with our previous article, This site closed for your protection. We even had a near-panic at the worldwide IHateTheMedia headquarters as staff not in the loop this Saturday called in checking on their jobs.

A new Senate bill is freaking out internet companies and civil liberties groups, because it would allow the president to seize control of privately-owned networks during any ill-defined “cybersecurity emergency.”

When you read details of the bill, you’ll understand why Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, spent months squirreled away behind closed doors drafting a new, revised, more authoritarian version of this chilling bill.

Here’s how reports the story:

The new version would allow the president to “declare a cybersecurity emergency” relating to “non-governmental” computer networks and do what’s necessary to respond to the threat. Other sections of the proposal include a federal certification program for “cybersecurity professionals,” and a requirement that certain computer systems and networks in the private sector be managed by people who have been awarded that license.

“I think the redraft, while improved, remains troubling due to its vagueness,” said Larry Clinton, president of the Internet Security Alliance, which counts representatives of Verizon, Verisign, Nortel, and Carnegie Mellon University on its board. “It is unclear what authority Sen. Rockefeller thinks is necessary over the private sector. Unless this is clarified, we cannot properly analyze, let alone support the bill.”

C’mon, relax. ObamaNet will only occur during emergencies. Like when the President wants to hold another prime time press conference. Or when decides to name himself Emperor For Life. Or other stuff.


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Think it can’t happen? Read our next article.

H/T: DaybyDayCartoon

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Former New York Times reporter reinvents himself, instead of reinventing the facts.

Former New York Times reporter reinvents himself, instead of reinventing the facts.

“It’s not a lie if you believe it.”

That was George Costanza’s advice to Jerry Seinfeld who was trying to beat a lie detector.

Jayson Blair, former New York Times reporter, is now integrating that sage bit of wisdom into his new career as a Life Coach. He’s a life coach if he thinks he is.

However, Blair is uniquely suited to be a life coach because he’s led so many of them. For instance, he was a college student who “schmoozed” his way into a reporting job. And, he was also a victim of racial discrimination even though there’s evidence he had his job because of diversity hiring practices.

Besides being two people at once, he’s capable of being two places at once. As a reporter, he could cover a story even though he was hundreds of miles away drinking.

The article indicates that Blair will help with career counseling. Maybe he could offer some tips in creative resume writing?

Washington Post

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reuters-german-giraffe-penis Reuters, the international news service, is having a little trouble explaining this error. Check out the story:

German Lego giraffe penis reportedly stolen

Visitors to a tourist attraction in Berlin have been making off with an unusual memento — the 30 cm long penis of a Lego giraffe.

The Lego phallus belongs to a six metre tall model that has stood outside the entrance to the Legoland Discovery Centre on Potsdamer Platz since 2007.

“It’s a popular souvenir,” a spokeswoman for the centre said on Tuesday. “It’s been stolen four times now …”

The penis is made out of 15,000 Lego bricks. It takes model workers about one week to restore the long-necked animal’s manhood at a cost of 3,000 euros ($4,300), the spokeswoman said.

The center is now erecting a metal construction to protect the giraffe’s genetalia.

Just one problem – people have been stealing the giraffe’s tail, not its penis. It didn’t even have a penis. So Reuters had to issue a correction that switched the word “tail” for “penis.”

A special congratulations goes out to Reuters’ reporter Caroline Copley and editor Tim Pearce. If you ever get tired of those jobs at Reuters, we can surely find you something here at

One other thing: nice use of the word “erecting” in the original story’s final sentence.


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Pre-Ramadan training camp now underway for Malaysia's all-star caners.

Pre-Ramadan training camp now underway for Malaysia's all-star caners.

The country that alerted us to the spread of H1N1 by homosexuals is now putting the whip down–or the cane down–on beer drinking women.

Malaysia recently sentenced a woman to caning for drinking a cold, frosty one. But, since Islam is the religion of peace, the Sharia courts granted a Ramadan reprieve.

Thankfully, for the millions of caning fans out there, the thrashing will happen after the Islamic holiday. Ramadan is a month-long period of fasting. The Islamic judges may be worried that the caners might be a little weak from the lack of food to deliver a good whuppin’ witha rattan rod.

Amnesty International condemns caning, unless it’s being performed on former Bush administration officials.

Source: New York Times

Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn share a moment (and probably some Quaaludes) on Oscar night.

Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn share a moment (and probably some Quaaludes) on Oscar night.

In another who-gives-a-crap moment, Sean Penn and wife, Robin, are calling it quits for at least the third time.

If Sean was a conservative, like Sarah Palin, the malicious rumors would be swirling. So, what the hell? Please feel free to read between the following lines.

Penn’s breakup to a good-looking female comes hot on the high heels after his portrayal of America’s first openly gay elected official and big Jim Jones supporter, Harvey Milk. Prior to the breakup, Penn made some pretty strong statements about gay marriage and called his fellow actors “commie, homo-loving, sons of guns” when he won an Oscar as Best Actor In A Homophobic Country for his role in Milk. (Penn later apologized for mentioning “guns” in his acceptance speech.)

Penn, who was once married to bi-sexual singer (tri-sexual if you count the dog from her Sex book) Madonna, recently backed out of a movie about three inseparable men.
Adding to the Tinseltown tongue wagging, paparazzi have said they recently saw Penn out on the arm of a pretty brunette. (Is Brad Pitt a brunette?)

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.



Remember the good old days when we had a manly President who relaxed by clearing brush and chopping logs at the Western White House? Reinvigorated, Ronald Reagan then winged his way back to Washington to beat up on Democrats for fun.

The Obama family admires Old Faithful on August 15, 2009

The Obama family admires Old Faithful on August 15, 2009

Well, strolling on the beach, window shopping, reappointing Federal Reserve chairmen and not visiting dying senators is even more exhausting than chopping logs and clearing brush.

White House Spokesman Bill Burton explained to the media that President Obama now needs “a break from his vacation”.

So as soon as his sojourn at Marxist Vineyard is over, he’ll rest up at Camp David for a few days before finally heading back to Washington, DC.

It appears that the President wants to stay away as long as possible.

The Obamas admires the Grand Canyon on August 16, 2009

The Obamas admires the Grand Canyon on August 16, 2009

His current vacation was preceded by family trips to Yellowstone and Grand Canyon National Parks. And that was preceded by another trip to Camp David that ended on July 20. And, of course, even when he’s in Washington, he gets still manages get away from the house to play 18 holes of golf every week.

We should have anticipated this. You could see it coming a mile away.

You wouldn’t be in a hurry to go home, either, if your mother-in-law lived with you. Or is this simply a case of what psychologists call projection?

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Budweiser may be the king of beers, but Chivas Regal is apparently the drink of princes.

Budweiser may be the king of beers, but Chivas Regal is apparently the drink of princes.

What better way to end the week and honor the memory of the Lion of the Senate than to partake of his favorite drink.

Teddy reportedly called Chivas Regal “that life-sustaining liquid” and his favorite drink was Chivas & Soda.

So please join us and do as we’re going to do. Take off work a little early, head for your favorite watering hole, and order yourself a big fistful of Chivas & Soda. Repeat as necessary. Follow that by making a waitress sandwich with one of your closest friends and the nearest cocktail waitresss. Then sit back and watch the sun set.

Ahhhh, life is good when you’re a Kennedy. And death ain’t so bad, either, as long as it hasn’t been forced upon you by ObamaCare.

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Associate Professor Charles Davis will rue the day he screwed with

Associate Professor Charles Davis will rue the day he screwed with

We’re embarrassed to admit that has been ripped off by Charles Davis, an Associate Professor at the Missouri School of Journalism. We’d feel a lot better about it if we’d been ripped off by a full professor, but alas, that was not meant to be. We were ripped off by a mere Associate Professor.

Davis thinks newspapers should create a “hate” beat.

Of course, the “hate” he’s referring to is that displayed by you angry Nazis who oppose ObamaCare:

The shrill incivility framing what passes for discourse on health care reform seems to have long ago crossed over into territory unrecognized by most rational citizens of the republic.

In the age of instant cable punditry, e-mail Astroturf campaigns left and right and made-to-order outrage, it’s easy to sigh, close the old browser and get back to the business of preseason football, but scratch a bit harder at the random news offered as so many one-off stories about unhinged denizens from the “town hall” meetings (has ever an honored democratic practice been so tarnished?), and a clear trend emerges.

Hate, shuffled off stage in the post-racial haze of the election of the nation’s first black president, is back with a vengeance. Hate, if it ever truly threatened to leave the political stage, is most definitely back, larger and nastier than ever.

As a near-absolutist First Amendment advocate, my prescription for hate speech is always more speech: Give the bigot a microphone as big as the hatred, I say, and watch as the marketplace of ideas works its magic.

Perhaps that’s why I worry, as I watch an emboldened mob grow more irresponsible with each passing day, that the mainstream media fails to give hate the coverage it deserves today.

My proposition is simple: Major news organizations need to cover hate the way they once did — as a standalone beat.

We hate that idea. We hate Associate Professor Davis. We hate the fact that he’s tenured. We hate his tie. We hate his pants. We hate his university. We hate its football team. We hate its cheerleaders. We hate its fraternities. We hate its lousy weather.

Back off, Associate Professor Davis. Hate is our turf.

Source: Columbia Tribune via Reason

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When light bulbs are outlawed, only outlaws will have light bulbs.

When light bulbs are outlawed, only outlaws will have light bulbs.

The global warming fanatics have won another round in the European Union. Consider this frightening story from the Telegraph UK:

From September 1, it will be illegal to import conventional pearl or frosted bulbs of any shape or wattage. Traditional incandescent bulbs of 100 watts will also be banned under European law aimed at reducing energy bills and carbon dioxide emissions.

They will be replaced by energy saving lights, which usually use flourescent tubes, but it is thought some consumers will still prefer their ‘traditional’ bulbs, particularly for reading lamps.

There is evidence of people hoarding the old fashioned bulbs around Europe and enforcement agencies are ready to crack down on unscrupulous businessmen who continue to import the “illegal bulbs” from factories in China.

The story gets worse. Much worse. Great Britain will actually send out “trading standard officers” to make sure businesses aren’t selling any of the old-fashioned light bulbs people actually want. The public will also be encouraged to report anyone who has the temerity to sell illegal bulbs. Individuals who import the bulbs are subject to a £5,000 fine. And big companies can get nailed for even more.

This scares the hell out of Nigel Farrage, the leader of UKIP.

“Under this Government we begin to resemble East Germany in the 1980s where we snoop and report on local businesses,” he said. “No doubt the next move will be to snoop on your parents if they continue to use old fashioned light bulbs.”

We can foresee a future where small groups of people gather in dark living rooms around Great Britain and someone will say, “Let’s light one up.” But they’ll just be talking about illegal incandescent bulbs.

Source: Telegraph UK via The Big Feed

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You're setting a kid off on the wrong path in life when you name him Maurice Schwenkler

You're setting a kid off on the wrong path in life when you name him Maurice Schwenkler

Transgender eco-anarchist Maurice Schwenkler (aka Ariel Attack) vandalized Democrat headquarters in Denver the other night.

Transgender. Eco. Anarchist. Seriously.

There’s no real story here. We just wanted to see that remarkable combination of words in print.

We’re tempted to say, “Only in America,” but it would be more accurate to say, “Only in the Democrat party.”

And with that, my friends (with apologies to John McCain), we present the Steve Miller Band singing about Maurice.

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74-year old Marietta Savage of Colton, California credits ObamaCare for her youth and vitality

74-year old Marietta Savage of Colton, California credits ObamaCare for her youth and vitality

The One has only been in office for seven months and American life expectancy is already up 1.4 years.

“The 2007 increase in life expectancy, up from 77.7 in 2006, represents a continuation of a trend,” the Centers for Disease Control  announced. “Over a decade, life expectancy has increased 1.4 years from 76.5 years in 1997 to 77.9 in 2007.”

You may scoff and say those results occurred before Obama took office. But we say, nay, doubter.

The One is now The One-Point-Four.

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Mark Lloyd, the FCC’s new Chief Diversity Officer (whatever the hell that is) is one of Barack Obama’s more frightening revolutionary pals.

In this clip, Glenn Beck exposes what he is, what he does, what he wants.

Here one quote from Lloyd:

“It should be clear by now that my focus here is not freedom of speech or the press. This freedom is all too often an exaggeration. At the very least, blind references to freedom of speech or the press serve as a distraction from the critical examination of other communications policies.”

Here’s another:

“What I do, to make is simple, I’m basically a community organizer inside the federal family.”

We thought we already had one of those.


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