April 2010

We can tell you with complete confidence that President Obama delivered the same harsh message to pals George Soros, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and the rest of his Democrat contributors.

Just kidding.

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Why, yes, Meredith. That video game is indeed very realistic.

This is, of course, the same Meredith Vieira who got all hot and bothered about a good-looking Navy pilot on her syndicated “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” program.

Fun gal, that Meredith.

H/T: Breitbart.tv

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Call this one dumb and dumber. Or maybe weird and weirder.

Fox 5 anchorwoman Rosanna Scotto and the rest of the Good Day New York morning crew were discussing the National Milk Producers Federation’s position a product should only be called “milk” when it comes from an animal, but not when it’s made from vegetable products like soy or rice.

Well, the question was asked, if you can’t call soy milk “milk,” what should you call it?

“Soy jism!” Scotto announced.

The live banter continued, but the look on the face of co-anchor Greg Kelly is priceless.

Source: New York Post

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Carl Levin’s “Really Shitty” Remix

by editor on April 30, 2010

Look for this one to top all the dance charts.

Michigan Senator Carl Levin tried to turn Goldman Sachs’ “colorful” emails against them and ended up looking like a buffoon.

LANGUAGE ALERT: Carl Levin says the word “shit” in this clip. A lot.

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Capital Hill Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi didn't look this good way back when she was young enough to look this good

Not to be outdone by Michelle Obama’s heavily PhotoShopped cover of Good Housekeeping, 69-year old Nancy Pelosi (or a reasonable facsimile of the Speaker) graces the cover of this month’s Capitol File magazine.

The Washington Examiner tells the tale of PhotoShop and other…uhhhh…enhancements:

If you haven’t managed to score a copy of the May/June 2010 edition of Capitol File magazine (typically flanked on every table or bathroom at any D.C. social function) you’ll notice the cover girl Nancy Pelosi looking particularly young.

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Ayman Hakki of Luxxery Medical Boutique in Waldorf, Md., said although he believes Pelosi has had work done (specifically Botox of the frown lines, fat injections, a mini face-lift), the image is not the product of additional plastic surgery.

Nancy Pelosi

The unenhanced Nancy Pelosi: When PhotoShop is outlawed, only outlaws will have PhotoShop

“There is airbrushing around her eyes, her upper lid has been airbrushed to make it look like there is less fat on the inside,” Hakki told Yeas & Nays. “And there is airbrushing on the line of her jaw.”He also noted her neck has been blended, and the lines on her face are very subtle.

Pelosi did not give the mag an exclusive photo op. The photos were purchased from Vintage Books and Anchor Books of Random House. Pelosi’s camp said the picture has not been airbrushed, and Capitol File did not respond for comment.

This is kind of like the ObamaCare bill, Nancy. We’ll just have to see the original photo to know what’s in the original photo.

Source: Washington Examiner

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Oetzi the Ice man

Oetzi, the Alpine Ice Man, says, "Al Gore is a liar."

When LiveScience.com asks the fascinating question, “Who Froze the Tools?” they were not referring to Al Gore and Michael Mann. Tools though they may be, the ones LiveScience was referring to were Neolithic hunting tools left behind by man in places man was never supposed to have existed.

“Warming temperatures are melting patches of ice that have been in place for thousands of years in the mountains of the Canadian High Arctic and in turn revealing a treasure trove of ancient hunting tools.”

LiveScience.com provides the specifics:

In 1997, sheep hunters discovered a 4,300-year-old dart shaft in caribou dung that had become exposed as the ice receded. . . . [Archaeologist Tom] Andrews and his team (including members of the indigenous Shutaot’ine or Mountain Dene) have found 2,400-year-old spear throwing tools, a 1000-year-old ground squirrel snare, and bows and arrows dating back 850 years.

This is similar to the Neolithic silver mine – complete with tools – that was found not long ago in the Alps as the ice retreated. And what about the infamous Ice Man who was discovered in 1991 after being frozen for thousands of years.

Whether it’s Canada Arctic or the Alps or anywhere else in the world, the fraud of global warming is exposed every time the retreating ice exposes more of these artifacts. For if global warming is, indeed, unprecedented, how could these artifacts possibly be found in areas that have supposedly always been covered with ice?

The only logical answer is that the world was once (and, undoubtedly, more than once) far warmer than it is today. Far from being a first, the ice has now merely retreated back to where it once was thousands of years ago.

And the only thing unprecedented about global warming is the claim that it’s unprecedented.

Source: LiveScience.com

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It doesn’t take a genius to look at the polls and figure out that Harry Reid will soon be the former senator from the great state of Nevada.

That’s why opportunists like Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin are already angling for Reid’s job as Senate Majority Leader.

As if anticipating the inevitable, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell confessed, “There’s been no funeral yet. The body is still warm. But they do want to each jockey for position.”

These two make Reid seem warm and likeable. Not an easy task to accomplish.

H/T: Bluegrass Pundit

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We’re paraphrasing his comments, but can any other conclusion possibly be drawn from his Peter Orszag’s comments?

In this video clip, Orszag discusses the immense powers (including the power to determine levels of care and reimbursement) granted to the unelected Independent Payment Advisory board under ObamaCare.

Orszag also reveals that the word “advisory” is a farce, because the panel can do pretty much anything it wants unless it is specifically voted down by congress and signed by the President.

Please note the one word Orszag doesn’t mention: Doctors.

Source: Breitbart.com

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The ultra-intelligent John Kerry said what?

by editor on April 29, 2010

John Kerry “I am working this 24-7, and these past 72 hours I can tell you it quite literally feels 24-7.”
– John Kerry discussing Cap-and-Trade in an email to supporters

There’s a reason this guy didn’t want to reveal his college transcripts.

Source: Democratic Underground

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Last week President Obama gave a speech to NASA employees. Except that no NASA employees were actually admitted to the speech. Instead, the hall was packed with carefully selected Obama supporters.

As if to prove that wasn’t just a fluke, Obama traveled to Ottumwa, Iowa Monday to brag about his outstanding economic record.

This town hall was also stacked with Obama supporters, including the guy just over Obama’s right shoulder who’s wearing a T-shirt that says “Community organizer” and an expression that says, “I love you, Barry.”

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Arizona illegal immigration

In the words of Neil Diamond, "They're coming to America."

A letter to the editor of Arizona Republic pretty much sums up the whole Arizona illegal alien controversy:

Having traveled into Mexico last year to various cities on the Baja Peninsula, a distance of more than 1,000 miles round-trip, we were stopped more than 20 times at various checkpoints.

At most of those stops, we were told to exit the vehicle and we were subjected to rigorous inspections.

Where does Mexican President Felipe Calderón get off with his hypocritical outrage at our Senate Bill 1070?”

– Mike Sweeney, Tempe

Apagar el infierno arriba, El Presidente Calderón.

Or as we say on this side of the border, “Shut the hell up, President Calderón.”


H/T: Michelle Malkin

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Announcing “Everybody Draw Al Gore Day”

by editor on April 29, 2010

[Click to read the text from the image…]

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Down in Alabamy, there’s a Republican named Tim James running for governor. He’s not happy with the fact that the state does business in twelve different languages. Not happy at all.

You’re going to love this commercial as much as liberals hate it when James looks into the camera and says, “This is Alabama. We speak English. If you want to live here, learn it.”

The South shall rise again. And so shall James’ poll numbers.

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Navy F18

The same people who pay $67.50 for biofuel say they can cut medical costs.

The Navy just conducted a test that proved two seemingly contradictory concepts. First, it proved that an F-18 can fly using biofuel. And second, it proved that biofuel is an idea that’ll never get off the ground.

National Review’s Planet Gore makes sense of it all:

I was there when the Green Hornet flew today, and the 50-50 biofuel mix burned superbly. Thanks to the excellent work of our fuel-certification engineers, there was no doubt that it would. They checked it thoroughly for spec and pronounced it functionally equivalent to JP-5. But even though SECNAV maintains that the Navy “will continue to be an early adopter of alternative energy sources,” he might take a closer look at the price tag. 

The press release says that the Defense Energy Support Center, which buys fuel for the military, paid $2.7 million for 40,000 gallons of the biofuel. That works out to $67.50 a gallon, although the official Navy fact sheet says the cost was only $33 a gallon. Still, next to the $1.40 a gallon cost of petroleum-derived JP-5, it’s not exactly a bargain — worse even than buying gas in Europe. 

Maybe we can cut back on body armor to pay for it . . .

$67.50 per gallon? Fill ‘er up, dude. Sounds like cap-and-trade has already been implemented in the military.

Source: PlanetGore

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Tucker Carlson interviewed Ivanka Trump while guest hosting O’Reilly’s show on Fox News. Trump shouldn’t expect to be invited to the White House anytime soon.

Carlson: How do you think this president is doing?

Trump: I’m fearful for my children and their children and just the massive amounts of debt that’s piling up and that somebody will have to reconcile. So, I am very frightened by that. I think that there are some things that were done well but I was not a fan of how the health care reform process was handled and I hope that is not an example of how reform is going to be handled going forward. I’m not overly supportive.

Wouldn’t you love to hear Ivanka’s father say, “Barack, you’re fired!”

If Fox News were smart, they’d hire him as an election analyst on November 6, 2012.

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Robert Byrd, who entered the Senate during the Lincoln administration, celebrates his big win

Democrat Senators Tom Harkin and Robert Byrd probably consider this the pinnacle of their long, distinguished careers. Or maybe not.

CNSnews.com reports on the Democrats’ egregious egos:

Harkin and Byrd jointly won the “Narcissist Award” for 2010 – a little-coveted award given to those members of Congress who request taxpayer money to fund projects named after themselves.

Harkin asked for $7,287,000 to continue what he calls the “Harkin Grant” program for renovating Iowa public schools.

Byrd similarly asked that $7 million in taxpayer funds be directed to the Robert C. Byrd Institute of Advanced Flexible Manufacturing Systems, which provides workforce training in technical manufacturing skills.

We have a suggestion for Citizens Against Government Waste. If anyone wins the award two years in a row, it should be renamed in their honor.

Or dishonor, as the case may be.

Source: CNSnews.com

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The image above is completely unretouched and completely unbelievable.

During a discussion of Arizona’s controversial new law, a screen crawl on CNN actually said, “Arizona law makes it illegal to be an illegal alien.”


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Malcolm X Barack Obama Washington Post

We don’t think Barack Obama looks much like Malcolm X, so let’s give the Washington Post the benefit out the doubt here. Maybe it’s the similarity of their philosophies that confused the paper’s photo editor.

H/T: Gawker.com

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The folks at the Huffington Post have taken too many pitches to the head

In the near future sportscasters may run down a players stats like this:

“Ed Shlumpy at bat. He’s hitting .311 this year, bats right, throws right and leans right with a pro-life advocacy rating of 93.0%”

It may sounds strange to you, but not to Huffington Post readers who are used to left wing nonsense like the article entitled “No one is Illegal: Boycott the Arizona Diamondbacks”

The article says, “This will be the last column I write about the Arizona Diamondbacks in the foreseeable future. For me, they do not exist. They will continue to not exist in my mind as long as the horribly named ‘Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act’ remains law in Arizona. This law has brought echoes of apartheid to the state.”

It goes on to state that “This is not merely because they happen to be the team from Arizona. The D-backs organization is a primary funder of the state Republican Party, which has been driving the measure through the legislature.”

The article ends by saying “If the owners of the Diamondbacks want to underwrite an ugly edge of bigotry, we should raise our collective sporting fists against them. A boycott is also an expression of solidarity with Diamondback players such as Juan Guitterez, Gerardo Parra, and Rodrigo Lopez. They shouldn’t be put in a position where they’re cheered on the playing field and then asked for their papers when the uniform comes off.”

The same could supposedly be said of Phoenix police officers, 25% of whom are of Hispanic descent. Except that no one cheers them, on duty or off, especially when they – unlike the federal government – actually attempt to enforce the law.

To paraphrase Ernest Thayer, “Mighty Arianna has struck out.”

Source: Huffington Post

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“Oh, you mean that Blagojevich. Rod Blagojevich. Now I remember.” That’s how we recommend President Obama answer the judge’s questions about his conversations with embattled former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich should the proposed subpoenas of Obama & Friends actually be issued.

According to the NY Post, “Sections of court papers filed by scandal-scarred former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich that were mistakenly made public show a deeper involvement by President Obama in picking his Senate successor and call into question the president’s public statements on the case.

According to passages in the papers filed Thursday by Blagojevich’s lawyers – which were blacked out under a judge’s order but made visible by a computer glitch – Obama, then president-elect, spoke directly to the disgraced governor on Dec. 1, 2008.

But just one week later, on indictment day for Blagojevich, Obama told reporters, “I had no contact with the governor or his office, and so we were not, I was not aware of what was happening.”

Well, sure, Mr. President, you were probably confused what with just being elected and all. That’s probably why you forgot about talking to Blago, but what about the fact that “Also contained in the unredacted papers is a claim that, contrary to his denials, Obama did push longtime friend and adviser Valerie Jarrett for his old Senate seat using a union official as a go-between with Blagojevich.”

Face it, Mr. President, we all would like to forget about Valerie Jarrett.

The mainstream media is all over this story. Just kidding.

Most of the response from the media other than Fox News and NY Post conveniently have omitted any mention of any potential misdeeds by Team Obama and focus rather on the fact that Blagojevich’s attorney’s would dare subpoena the Most Honest President In History.

Media Matters, not to be confused with any legitimate media outlet, under a heading amusingly titled “Research”, has an article headlined “Fox Nation falsely claims ‘new dirt’ from Blagojevich trial ‘implicates Team Obama.’” The article says “Fox Nation used the baseless headline ‘Blago Moves to Subpoena resident: New Dirt Implicates Team Obama’” in linking to a Mediaite story about the trial of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-IL). However, as ABC’s Jake Tapper noted, Blagojevich “alleges no criminal wrongdoing by the president or his team” and is of “disputable credibility.”

Well, given their ironclad record of getting things right, it’s hard to argue with ABC News or Media Matters.

Just kidding again.

Source: New York Post, Media Matters

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It was just a few weeks ago that the President proudly announced that ObamaCare could cut medical premiums by a mathematically-impossible 3000%.

Well, mathematically-impossible or not, they’re going to give it a try by giving state regulators new, broader powers to reject premium increases they don’t like.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

When President Obama signed his health-care reform last month, he declared it will “lower costs for families and for businesses and for the federal government.”

So why, barely a month later, are Democrats scrambling to pass a new bill that would impose price controls on insurance?

In now-they-tell-us hearings on Tuesday, the Senate health committee debated a bill that would give states the power to reject premium increases that state regulators determine are “unreasonable.” The White House proposed this just before the final Obama-Care scramble, but it couldn’t be included because it violated the procedural rules that Democrats abused to pass the bill.

Looks like Nancy Pelosi was right – they had to pass the bill to find out what was in it.

And the more we find out, the less we like it.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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And as any of America's enemies can tell you, the naked Obama action figure is anatomically correct

Several months ago, we covered the vast array of Obama merchandise available on eBay. Well, all that crappola pales in comparison to the new naked Obama action figure.

Random-Good-Stuff.com breathlessly reveals the details:

“…this awesome Action figure of President Obama from Hot Toys (known for their Movie Masterpiece series)! At 1/6th the scale, the figure has over 38 points of articulation that allows you to pose Obama as you wish. Suitable for fabric costumes at the 1/6th scale and comes with 2 pairs of hands, 2 heads and fantastic details on his facial expression. Measures 30 cm (11.8 inches) in height.”

By “fantastic details on his facial expression”, we assume they’re saying it perfectly captures the egomaniacal upward tilt of the President’s chin and the condescending sneer he gives non-socialists.

And if you ask any of America’s enemies, they can confirm that the naked Obama action figure is anatomically-correct because it has no balls.

H/T: Randon Good Stuff.com

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Andrew Romanoff, a Colorado Democrat who’s waging a primary campaig against incumbent United States Senator Michael Bennet, has figured out a simple way to assure diversity at his rallies. It’s called PhotoShop.

Take one photo of Romanoff with a lily white crowd...

Romanoff’s crack tech team merged at least three photos – Romanoff amidst a group of people, a separate crowd shot and a separate photo of a black woman – to create a website banner worthy of the Rainbow Coalition.

The Denver Post has the story:

A photo montage on Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff’s website was manipulated to make it appear as though an African-American supporter was standing directly at his side in the shot.

...add an unrelated black woman and Voila! You have the website banner shown above

The woman, former Denver School Board candidate Andrea Mosby, was at his campaign kickoff at Washington Park last September. But she was not standing directly next to Romanoff when that particular picture was taken.

Mosby said Wednesday she has no problem with what happened, and Romanoff’s campaign said it did nothing wrong in putting together a series of photos that appear to be one.“We’re not putting in someone who wasn’t at the rally. We do nothing that suggests the rally is bigger than it was,” said campaign spokesman Roy Teicher.

“The practice of using Photoshop is absolutely accepted under these circumstances.”

Really? What if, oh, say, the organizers of a Tea Party had done something like this.

And if it is, in fact, absolutely acceptable, why has Romanoff now removed the PhotoShopped image from his website?

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Source: DenverPost.com

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My Dearest Jane:

We must end our relationship. For although my love for you is deep, I fear that our relationship can never truly flower because I love another. Yes, Jane dearest, my heart aches for you, but my leg tingles for Barack Obama. He is like no other man I’ve ever met and I cannot get him out of my mind.

Be free, Jane. My fondest wish is that you can find a love as true as the one I have found with Barry.

Love always,


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The answer can be found at the bottom of the list.


These are the recent nights on which CNN has finished 4th or worse in the cable news ratings. According to TVbyTheNumbers.com, the latest Nielsen TV Ratings are worse than ever for CNN.

Flying the American flag upside down is a distress signal. Does the same thing work for logos?

CNN has finished 4th or worse during 50 nights in weekday primetime among cable news networks in the advertiser target adults 25-54 demo. That’s 61% of the weekday nights so far (the ratings “year” began 12/28/09). On nine of the weekday nights, CNN finished fifth (behind Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC and Headline News).

Nielsen doesn’t like us posting long lists with their ratings, but I don’t see how they can quarrel with a long list of dates. These are the dates on which CNN has finished fourth or fifth in the weekday primetime A25-54 demo.

Damn list is almost as long as the list of Larry King’s wives.

Source: TVbyTheNumbers.com

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