August 2010


For god’s sake, man, Vladimir Putin wrestles bears and shoot whales and sweats testosterone. And at least George Bush rode dirt bikes. Then there’s Barack Obama. Can anyone see if there’s one of those little bells on his handlebars?

But in his defense, Barack Obama isn’t the first sissy Democrat and he won’t be the last. It must be in their DNA.

Here are the photos that cost Michael Dukakis and John Kerry the presidency. At least they had the common decency to have the photos taken before the election.

[Click to see the photos…]

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Greens. The wankers’ choice since 1972.

by editor on August 31, 2010

The Aussies have a way of cutting through the crap. Take this commercial, for example. The Aussie comedy troupe “The Chaser” demonstrates all the posturing, all he preening, all the B.S. reasons people claim they’re green.

In case you’re wondering what a wanker is, here’s the definition from “1. A person who masturbates. 2. A detestable person.”

In other words, “What a jerk-off.”

H/T: Andrew Bolt

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If it weren’t Bill Press, we would say this quote is so mind-numbingly stupid that it couldn’t possibly be accurate. Well, that and the fact that it’s been memorialized on video.

Yes, while discussing Glenn Beck’s Washington, DC rally, the former head of the California Democratic Party and current unsuccessful talk show host actually said that it’s inappropriate to talk about God in a sacred spot.

Somebody want to get Press a dictionary so he can look up the meaning of the word “sacred”?

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martin luther king

Which rally do you think Martin Luther King would have supported?

Here’s what Martin Luther King said on August 28, 1963:

“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

And here’s how the Associated Press reported Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally on August 28, 2010:

“Conservative commentator Glenn Beck and tea party champion Sarah Palin appealed Saturday to a vast, predominantly white crowd on the National Mall to help restore traditional American values and honor Martin Luther King’s message.”

A vast, predominantly white crowd? Any word on the content of their character?

Sources:, Associated Press

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shaun donovan

During recent congressional hearings, Housing & Urban Affairs Secretary Shaun Donovan answers the question, "How big are our chances of avoiding financial Armageddon?"

Hide the silver, bury your money in a tin can in the back yard, and start stocking up on nonperishable foods.

Housing & Urban Affairs Secretary Shaun Donovan revealed to CNN on Friday that the Obama administration plans in coming weeks to launch two initiatives to deal with the crumbling housing market, and he left the door open to also reviving the expired $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers that had been propping up the industry.

Propping up the industry? Are we talking about the same housing industry in which “existing home sales hit their lowest level in over a decade, declining by over 27 percent during the month?” That industry? The one where “…new home sales took a beating, falling to its lowest point since 1963”. Wow, that might need a whole lot of propping.

But don’t worry. The government is here to help. Donovan, while being interviewed for CNN’s “State of the Union” show, stated that “We’re going to be rolling out an FHA refinancing effort to help borrowers who are under water in their homes get above water. And second, we’re launching an emergency homeowners’ loan program for unemployed borrowers to be able to stay in their homes.”

Keep in mind that this is the same HUD Secretary who said in May that “that the housing market ‘has begun to turn the corner’ and then said earlier this month that the market is in “significantly better shape than anyone predicted” last year.”

Would someone please warn this guy that light at the end of the tunnel is a train.

Source: CNN

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Four observations about Ed Schultz’ speech at Al Sharpton’s anti-Beck rally on Saturday:

Sharpton only gave Schultz three minutes, which is all that’s left of his 15 minutes of fame after the liberals are done taxing it.

The media is estimating 2000-3000 attended Sharpton’s counter rally, but swear to god, doesn’t it sound more like 50-100?

The “Yes We Can” chant is beginning to sound a bit pathetic.

Schultz says he’s glad he made the decision as a young man to “get on the bus with the brothers.” Since he was a conservative Republican until the 1990s and didn’t officially become a Democrat until 2000, that would mean he was “on the bus with the brothers” when he was a conservative.

Sorry about the sideways video, but that’s the way it was shot with someone’s camera phone.

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eddie bernice johnson

Eddie Bernie Johnson, the latest victim of Nancy Pelosi's racist reign of terror

A couple weeks back members of the Congressional Black Caucus cried racism when two of its members – Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters – were charged with corruption. Well, longtime Texas Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson may be late to the party, but she has officially arrived.

The Dallas Morning News reports the latest case of blatant raaaacism:

Longtime Dallas congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson has awarded thousands of dollars in college scholarships to four relatives and a top aide’s two children since 2005, using foundation funds set aside for black lawmakers’ causes.

The recipients were ineligible under anti-nepotism rules of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, which provided the money. And all of the awards violated a foundation requirement that scholarship winners live or study in a caucus member’s district.

…Scholarships have gone to two of the congresswoman’s grandsons, Kirk and David Johnson; to two of her great-nephews, Gregory and Preston Moore; and to [staff member Rod] Givens’ son and daughter. Givens did not respond to requests for comment, and none of the scholarship recipients could be reached.

We demand that these charges be withdrawn. We’re certain that little Kirk and David, little Gregory and Preston, and all the rest were simply the most deserving students Johnson could find.

Any other conclusion is raaaacism!

Source: Dallas Morning News

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Barack Obama isn’t the only one in the West Wing whose poll numbers are dropping. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ love affair with the press has come crashing down.

The Associated Press reports the sad details:

obama gibbs

Two very unpopular men compare notes

With a broad grin and aw-shucks approach, Bill Burton is a marked contrast with his boss, the always ready-for-battle White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.

While Gibbs comes off as combative and hot, Burton is low-key and self-deprecating. He always seems ready to smile.

Consider this an official sign that the honeymoon is over. Because that’s 180 degrees away from how the media described Robert Gibbs 19 months ago.

Here’s a report from

Robert Gibbs gets a lot of laughs in his briefings

The United States is facing its biggest financial crisis in ages. North Korea is blowing up nukes. Dick Cheney warns us of the “dangers that have not gone away.” And there are still wars raging in Afghanistan and Iraq.
But over in the White House press briefing room, it’s a veritable laugh riot.

Whenever there’s laughter in the James S. Brady Briefing Room — by either the briefer or the briefed — the official White House stenographer indicates as much by inserting “(Laughter.)” into the transcript.

And in Robert Gibbs’ first four months as President Barack Obama’s press secretary, there have been more than 600 instances of “(Laughter.)” during his regular press briefings — an average of more than 10 laughs per day.

It’s a gaudy statistic — and one that puts his predecessors to shame.

Got that? The seriously serious Dana Perino and Tony Snow were shamed by Robert Gibbs, the Funniest Damn Press Secretary in History. At least he was until Bill Burton came along. Now that guy, he’s funny.

Source: Associated Press,

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There should be a thought balloon over the President’s head that says, “WTF? If Michelle’s ass fit through the gate, why won’t this umbrella?”


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Ahhhh, the gentle voices of liberal tolerance and understanding as expressed at Saturday’s Glenn Beck rally in Washington, DC.

Consider this clip in two parts:

In the first part, black tea partiers educate a black Democrat who just couldn’t comprehend why other black people would support Beck and attend the rally.

In the second part we get a white guy who’s baffled by the concept of black and Christian being used as adjectives to describe the same person.

But he’s a liberal, so that’s not racism. It’s enlightenment.

H/T: Weasel Zippers

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While being worshipped interviewed by Brian Williams, The Greatest and Most Cerebral President Of All Time explained that he doesn’t pay attention to polls. Because “I can’t spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead.”

Say what, Mr. President?

Oh, but the President was just getting started. The MSNBC article also said:

Obama is clearly intent on casting himself as above the political fray, saying American politics is in its “silly season.” For example, he swears he didn’t watch any of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally on the National Mall yesterday and says he doesn’t find it surprising that “a Glenn Beck can stir up some of the people.”

“I’m making decisions that are not necessarily good for the nightly news and not good for the next election, but for the next generations,” he says.

Obama casting himself as above things? Why that’s not really news now, is it?

We are not quite sure what “a” Glenn Beck is, but somehow Barack Obama managed to make it sound like a bad thing.

Ignoring the voice of the American people and holding himself as somehow above the common, everyday dealings of the unwashed masses has become a hallmark of this administration, if not the guy in charge. Above the political fray, indeed.

Source: MSNBC

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We have a feeling that President Reagan’s reputation is about to experience a renaissance.

I Want Your Money is a new documentary that contrasts the words and actions of Presidents Reagan and Obama. Sure, it sounds like a yawner, but based on the trailer it actually looks like it might be a lot of fun.

Somehow we doubt that this one will gain the kind of nationwide distribution enjoyed by Michael Moore’s hatefests. You’ll probably have to seek it out, but it looks like it might be worth the effort.

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free internet coupon

It's free! Free! Free! Except for the overburdened American taxpayer.

If you liked the government’s “free Safelink cell phones for the poor scam,” you’re going to love the new “free high-speed internet access for the poor” program. Or as we like to call it, the precursor to free internet radio, free internet TV, and free internet movies for all.

Unfortunately, that free internet service isn’t coming from companies like or Google TiSP. It’s coming from the government. Which means you, the American taxpayer, will be paying for someone else’s free internet. tells the tale of our new free broadband Big Brother:

Former FCC Commissioner Deborah Tate is back with a vague plan to get Big Government away from “dictating what Americans ‘should’ get or what is ‘best for them'” when it comes to broadband. Forget setting mediocre targets, like the “4Mbps for all Americans by 2010” goal of the National Broadband Plan. Instead, just give people vouchers for really crappy broadband service and the problem will take care of itself.”

Tate actually thinks it’s good sales technique to describe the program as food stamps for broadband or “broadband stamps.” Great.
[Not even half way done, keep on reading…]

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There are about 18,000 black farmers in the United States. Yet, when the Obama administration offered them what amounts to reparations, more than 92,000 black farmers signed up.

It all revolves around a class action lawsuit called Pigford v. Glickman and yet another out of control Democrat giveaway. It’s already cost the American taxpayers $1 billion and Democrats want to toss another $1.2 billion into the money pit.

FOX News Special Report had the deceptive details:

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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(begins at the 2:55 mark)
Uh-oh. He’s losing independents. He’s losing seniors. He’s losing Hispanics. And now, in the biggest sign of problems for the President, he’s losing angry, irascible sexual predators.

CBS New York reports:

At a time when painful unemployment numbers continue to bear down on the tattered economy, many are frustrated that the nation’s leader is enjoying another luxurious trip. On CBS’ “The Late Show” Tuesday night, David Letterman took a jab at the president, (Editor’s note: go to the 2:55 mark of the clip) saying: “He’ll have plenty of time for vacations after his one term is up.”

Two words: Bye-bye. Or is that one word?

Source: CBS New York

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President Obama’s embarrassing Freudian slip

by editor on August 30, 2010

Do you know the old joke about Freudian slips? It’s one of our favorites:

A guy is standing in line to buy a train ticket and he can’t take his eyes off the girl behind the counter, who has huge, perfect boobs.


Freud said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." But he'd never met Monica Lewinsky.

When he gets to the front of the line, he says, “Give me two pickets to Titsburgh…uhhh…I mean two tickets to Pittsburgh”.

He’s really embarrassed, but the next guy in line laughs and says, “Relax, buddy. We all make Freudian slips like that.”

“Freudian slip?” the first guys says. “What’s a Freudian slip?”

“That’s when you mean to say one thing, but say another,” the second guy says. “Like the other day at breakfast when I meant to say to my wife, ‘Please pass the sugar’, but I accidentally said, ‘You’ve ruined my life, you miserable bitch!'”

The Associated Press reports President Obama’s Freudian slip:

Flying thousands of miles to reap millions of dollars, President Barack Obama is dashing across the country to help his party retain power, essentially offering one familiar argument: Republicans don’t solve problems.

“Don’t give in to fear,” Obama said Monday in his latest ominous vision of a country led by the opposition party. “Let’s reach for hope.”

Obviously, he meant to say, “Let’s reach for your wallet.”

Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Source: Associated Press

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James David Manning, author of the Oblation Hour goes what’s commonly known as apeshit about Obama and how he may be pushing white folk a little too far.

“People are tired of the long-legged mac daddy lying to them every time he gets up … I’m tellin’ you white folk are ready to riot. And they shouuuuuld be.”

One word for Dr. Manning:


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If the suits at CNN ever sit down to figure out why no one watches their network anymore, they might want to review their coverage of Glenn Beck’s Saturday rally in Washington, DC.

1. If we’re not mistaken, that’s Glenn Beck, not Sarah Palin

2. Sarah Palin spells her name s-a-r-a-h

3. Sarah Palin was a candidate for Vice President, not President.

Other than that, the weekend crew at CNN did a fine job covering Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally. A damn fine job.

Source: Inside Cable News

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Barack Obama 6, George Bush 0

by editor on August 29, 2010

No matter how much someone may love Barack Obama, that love pales in comparison to the love he has for himself. He is, as he said, the one he has been waiting for.

Take this week’s radio message to the nation — the one in which he talked about the successful end of combat operations in Iraq.

Oddly enough, he didn’t mention the name George Bush. Not once. He did, on the other hand, say “I” six times in five minutes and twenty-six seconds. But none of them came in a sentence that said, “I was wrong about the surge.”

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And now let’s join the Democrats as they bid a fond farewell to majorities in the House and maybe the Senate.

Public Policy Polling has the news of the Democrats dwindling hopes in November:

In Florida Obama’s approval is 39% with 55% of voters disapproving of him. 88% of Republicans disapprove while just 73% of Democrats approve and independents go against him by a 52/36 margin. Only 78% of people who voted for him in 2008 like the job he’s doing while 93% who voted against him disapprove.

In Pennsylvania Obama’s approval is 40% with 55% of voters disapproving of him. 85% of Republicans disapprove while just 68% of Democrats approve and independents go against him by a 63/32 margin. Only 78% of people who voted for him in 2008 like the job he’s doing while 93% who voted against him disapprove, identical numbers to Florida on that count.

In Ohio Obama’s approval is 42% with 54% of voters disapproving of him. 94% of Republicans disapprove while only 79% of Democrats approve and independents go against him by a 58/33 margin. Only 76% of people who voted for him in 2008 approve while 91% who voted against him disapprove.

Obviously it’s a long way from 2012 but these swing state numbers for Obama are pretty brutal and underscore why Democrats could lose a whole lot of House seats this year in those states.

In the words of Ella Fitzgerald, “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.”

Source: Public Policy Polling

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monica-crowley-mclaughlin The dullards who comprise the Democratic Party have finally caught on to the obvious – they’re about to face embarrassing losses come November.

“Blame Bush” isn’t working, so get ready for new spin. On Sunday’s McLaughlin Report, Eleanor Clift let the latest DNC talking point memo out of the bag.

For those who haven’t seen The McLaughlin Report, the usual format is as follows:


Eleanor's visible hatred for Crowley may not be totally issue-oriented. Monica looks like a typical conservative woman, while Clift, unfortunately, looks like a typical liberal woman

Host John McLaughlin poses a question. He then directs it to Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift for a response. Clift uses her allotted minute to state her opinion-as-fact then bloviates for an additional minute. McLaughlin calls on Monica Crowley of Fox News to offer her opinion. Approximately four words into her reply, Clift rudely interrupts, descending like a shrieking pterodactyl and attacking Crowley. The best moment of the show then ensues, when McLaughlin not-so-politely tells Clift to shut up and let someone else in.

This week, Clift said (at the 26:28 mark on the video clip), “Newly unleashed corporate money and money raised by outside groups founded by Karl Rove and others are going to give the Republicans a huge fundraising advantage going into the November elections.”

The Democrat’s latest ruse to deflect focus from their failed economic policy and the resulting November bloodbath is to blame the Supreme Court’s ruling on corporate funding.

As usual, the Democrats pin their hopes on their belief that America will be too stupid to see past their sham.

And also as usual, they’ll be exposed as faux-elitists, and we’ll use the elections to reject and eject those who are responsible for the current economic disaster – Obama and his progressive cohorts.

Clift’s employer, the liberal rag Newsweek, just sold for the princely sum of $1.00. If only they had dumped Eleanor before the sale they might have gotten $1.50.


– Written by Sonny Palermo

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We don’t mean to get ahead of ourselves here, but we’re willing to run the risk.

When the Democrats lose by historic margins in November, do you think we’ll be bombarded by broadcasts and articles saying, “Democrats must move to the right to survive” like we were told “Republicans must move to the left to survive” after the last election?

If not, what do you think the media’s message will be?

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auntie zeituni onyango

President Obama's beloved Auntie Zeituni. Or James Brown. We're not sure which.

It’s been a busy week here at and in all the excitement we may have missed the heartwarming scenes of President Obama greeting his closest living relative at his $50,000 a week beach house in Martha’s Vineyard.

What’s that? Auntie Zeituni hasn’t been invited to Martha’s Vineyard from her home in nearby Boston? The poor old lady must be horribly disappointed, because we hear she bought a new bikini and everything.

Doesn’t the President want his daughters to know their closest living relative? Doesn’t the President want America’s First Lady to spend some quality time with the Obama family’s First Lady? Doesn’t the President want to remind the American people that his favorite auntie is the face of illegal aliens in America?

Some family vacation this is.

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Why must late night comedians do the job that supposedly legitimate reporters won’t do? Jimmy Kimmel’s ace staff found an old video clip that answers the questions about Obama’s religious beliefs once and for all.


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pew religion poll

36% of Democrats believe they've communicated with the dead.

Pew took a look at Americans and their religious beliefs and found some strange little details. We’re mostly Christian, but it’s tinged with an odd mix up Eastern and New Age beliefs.

Roughly three-in-ten Americans (29%) say they have felt in touch with someone who has died. Nearly one-in-five say they have been in the presence of a ghost (18%), while 15% say they have consulted a fortuneteller or a psychic.

The proportion of Americans who say they have interacted with a ghost has doubled over the past 13 years (9% in 1996 compared with 18% today). The number saying they have felt in touch with someone who has died has also grown considerably, from 18% in 1996 to 29% today. There has been no change, however, over the past 20 years in the proportion of Americans who have consulted a fortuneteller or psychic, with a steady minority of roughly one-in-seven continuing to say they have done so.

When you look at those numbers by party affiliation, you see that a remarkable 36% of Democrats says they’ve communicated with the dead, while only 21% of Republicans say they have.

We say c’mon, Democrats, get serious. Contributing to the campaigns of Harry Reid and Blanche Lincoln may seem like communicating with the dead, but it really isn’t.

Source: Pew

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