August 2011

Kansas State Green-Friendly Mascot Revealed, Mocked. They’re going greentard in Kansas. We’re all in trouble now.

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DOJ Advises Gibson Guitar to Export Labor to Madagascar. This must be part of Obama’s new jobs program. Ship them all offshore!

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Panel of scholars reviews facts, says Jefferson did NOT father Sally Hemings’ children. But bureaucrats at Monticello insist that a “consensus” of historians feels otherwise. There’s that word again. “Consensus” is starting to be a synonym for “stupid.”

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Obama Accepts Request to Reschedule Jobs Speech Amid Conflict With GOP Debate. Obama childishly tries to horn in on the Republican debate and then gets spanked like a child by Speaker Boehner. Personally we’ll be watching the first NFL game Thursday night. We’ve had enough blathering.

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El Nino incites wars and the Post Office controls temperature. A satirical post that “proves scientifically” we can eliminate global warming by reducing US first class postage rates. Correlation does not prove causation unless we’re talking about something for which left wing politicians want to make a pseudo-scientific case, then correlation magically becomes sufficient. And according to a leading scientist, failure to agree is raaaaacism.

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Obama’s Speech Won’t Change His Polls. To use Obabbler’s favorite analogy, the engine is revving at full speed but the car is plodding along at 3 mph due to the ten ton dumpster filled with crap named “Obamacare” it’s dragging behind it. Instead of cutting the tow rope, Obama proposes to spend a trillion dollars on a “fuel booster” brewed by a magic unicorn in order to add more pep. With Obama driving, this heap will be lucky to make it to the nearest ditch.

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Bullying Law Puts New Jersey Schools on Spot The law, known as the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights, lets kids report lunch-line bullies to the police via the Crimestoppers hotline. I think it’s time to start bullying these idiotic public officials right out of office.

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REJECTED: Boehner Says No To Wednesday Jobs Speech. Looks like the Speaker of the House isn’t having any of Obama, who conveniently tried to time his speech to a joint session of Congress to be held at the same time as the Republican Presidential debate. Sounds like another downgrade in progress.

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Angelou says MLK Memorial change makes him look like an ‘arrogant twit.’ Evidently Maya doesn’t like the Chinese version of Martin Luther King. We do think this would be the perfect guy to do a statue of Obama. He could get the same result without modifying anything.

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HIV/AIDS group charged with diverting tax dollars to strip club The $330,000 federal tax dollars were intended to be used to renovate a jobs training center… no need to worry, the exotic dancers have started doing table dances for food stamps.

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USA Today has released a list of the top ten cars that car thieves hate the most. The “smart car” did not make the list. Not to worry though, everybody’s favorite street legal death trap hasn’t been entirely snubbed. It is still the number one preferred vehicle of circus clowns looking for a quick business related tax write off.

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Gallup polling last week showed that only 41 percent of women now say they approve of the way Obama is handling his job as president. That is an all-time low–down from the previous low of 43 percent, which is what Obama’s approval had been among women in each of the previous three weeks. Well, they don’t like what he’s done as president but how do they feel about the way he’s handled the role of being the nation’s first metrosexual demi-god amateur golfer? These days, thanks to a celebrity-addled culture and a totally worthless journalistic establishment, it’s easy to confuse the two.

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Panel: Supercommittee should look at wartime contract waste, fraud. No word yet on if a super-duper-committee will be needed to look at the waste and fraud of super-committees.

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Obama’s jobs “plan”: another speech. If an Obama speech falls flat on its face on prime time TV and nobody’s watching, is his suit still empty? No change and you can believe it.

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It turns out that President Obama much-exalted “green” jobs initiative is having a hard time getting off the ground in large part due to the federal government’s own extensive regime of regulatory red tape. Obama hoisted with his own petard. What’s a petard? Maybe a Harvard Law degree, Marxist economics book or something he left on the golf course. Whatever it is, if it’s Obama’s it sure as hell ain’t a job.

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President Obama to visit Bay Area next month. I wonder if he will visit Solyndra again to tell us about how wonderful those non-existent green jobs are? Or, perhaps he can tell us where the $535 million went?

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Illinois Has Lost More Jobs Than Any Other State. Illinois raised their taxes. They lost 7,200 jobs in June, and an additional 24,900 non-farm jobs in July. See how well those Keynesian economics work?

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Freddie Corleone redux: Obama sends Biden to Vegas. Just as Michael Corleone sent his dumb, weak, ineffective brother out to Vegas to do some “important” work for the family, President Obama sent Joe Biden to Glitter Gulch to speak to a clean energy summit. Joe said America can’t lead the world in the 21st century with its current energy policy. No word on whether he was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time like Freddie.


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Pot meet kettle: New York Time says, “MSNBC is less a news provider than a carousel of liberal opinion.” We could believe it if you told us the following quote comes from the New York Post. But, no, it comes from the pages of the esteemed New York Times: “More important, in a cable universe in which former Gov. Eliot Spitzer of New York can get his own cable show on CNN (however briefly) some two years after having to leave office because he hired prostitutes, it’s hard to quibble over Mr. Sharpton’s reputation 20 years ago. And in the evening at least, MSNBC is less a news provider than a carousel of liberal opinion; potential conflicts of interest are swept aside in the swirl of excitable guests.” We suspect that the Times doesn’t have a clue that its opinion of MSNBC could just as easily be a description of itself.

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Solar company hyped by Obama goes belly up. Solyndra, the San Francisco Bay Area solar company that picked up a cool $535 million low cost loan from from the Federal government has closed its doors and locked out its employees. Next step, liquidation. Alternate headline: Green workers get pink slips.


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The Justice Department just confirmed that it has “filed a civil antitrust lawsuit to block AT&T Inc.’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA Inc.” The usual reasons were trotted out. Lack of choice. Higher prices. Poorer quality of service. You know, all the stuff that is normally caused by Obamanomics.

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Well Dressed Burglar Steals Pennies From Family Dollar. In other news well dressed burglar steals from families and then goes on vacation in Maratha’s Vineyard!

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Obama calls for extension of gas tax. The President argues that the measure will even protect one million jobs. Which is likely a good thing, a great many of us are going to need second jobs in able to afford the ever increasing costs of Obama era gas.

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The mayor of a Wisconsin town said on Tuesday a local labor council would have to reimburse the city up to $2,000 for a Labor Day parade if organizers exclude Republican lawmakers from attending. Mayor Tipple stated, “This is not a political rally, it’s a parade, for God’s sake.” A man who takes his duties seriously and applies the law in a fair, even-handed manner…. we wish this fellow was running the DOJ.

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Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) claims “some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me … hanging on a tree.” Of course, no evidence of this proposition was provided aside from the generic complaint that the Tea Party is obstructing President Obama’s wish to flush more money down the gubbermint commode. Forget white sheets and axe handles, thrift, living within your means and aversion to borrowing are the prima facie evidence of a RAAAAACIST now.

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