October 2011

Congressional calls for Holder’s resignation more than double to 17. Well, his fingerprints do seem to be all over Fast and Furious, not to mention other things.


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Flashback: December 2010. Filmmaker Michael Moore is getting a jump on his New Year’s resolution by checking himself into a luxury weight-loss camp in Florida. Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami charges $4,500-a-week. Based on this photo from Occupy Oakland, Michael should demand his money back. Mrs Editor insists that this is actually a photo of Obama’s campaign bus, not Michael Moore.


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A REAL comeback kid: “With flair and hard work, Cain turned around Pillsbury’s struggling Philadelphia Burger King region and revived a near-dead Godfather’s Pizza.” Great, there’s one more moribund enterprise we need him to turn around – the United States. Herman Cain is the man the media imagines Barack Obama to be.

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She’s baaaack…. The very angry first lady Michelle Obama. “She’s traveled to some of the world’s most plush resorts, taking 42 days off in the past year – that’d be eight weeks of vacay time if she held down a normal job. Now, she is ready to spew her bilious disgust with America on the campaign trail.” What’s bigger, one of Godzilla’s pimples or the chip on Moochelle Antoinette’s shoulder? The woman goes to Halloween parties dressed as herself.

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The 99%: a list of groups, organizations, individuals and entities that have expressed their support for, sponsorship of, or sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Where Barack Obama, Ayatollah Khamenei (Supreme Leader of Iran), Louis Farrakhan, David Duke, Hugo Chavez and Nancy Pelosi (among others) all come together. Yup, a real “grass roots people’s movement” always has lots of manipulative scumbag politicians supporting it.

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“The View” is attempting to host a daytime Republican candidate debate. “The View” seems to be a favorite show in medical waiting rooms – we think the intent is to make the patients feel even sicker. Now this den of leftist harridans wants to “host” a Republican debate, or as Mary Howitt once put it, “‘Will you walk into my parlour?’ said the Spider to the Flies…”

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Halloween at the White House: Little Carl and Cindy drop by the White House and learn a valuable lesson about the horrors of wealth redistribution.

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Spartanburg SC Sheriff Chuck Wright: “Our form of justice is not making it. Carry a concealed weapon. That’ll fix it.” The sheriff was a tad ticked off because some loser attacked a woman in a local park last weekend and tried to rape her. Didn’t anybody tell this guy his job is monitoring citizens’ transfat consumption? Time for Occupy Spartanburg? Go ahead, make his day….

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Happy Halloween! The only thing more scary is seeing her as FLOTUS for another 4 years….


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U.S. Will Withhold Funds For U.N. Agency After Vote to Grant Membership to Palestinians. It’s high time someone in the U.S. Government grew a pair. Now if they’d only cease funding the UN entirely and kick them out of NYC for someplace they’d appreciate like North Korea or Tehran, we’d have something.

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MF Global Holdings Ltd, the futures broker run by former Goldman Sachs chief and NJ Gov. Jon Corzine, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Done in by Corzine’s big bets on euro-zone debt. FYI – Corzine is a chronic investment banker and card-carrying member of the 1%, just the sort of person Micheal Moore and OWS should be picketing. The fact that he’s an Obama-lovin’ Democrat shouldn’t matter to these principled types.

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The moment man is publicly beheaded in a Saudi Arabian car park for being a ‘sorcerer.’ The religion of peace strikes again. Sorcery? Meanwhile honor killings are just hunky dory. Those fun loving, peaceful Muslims! WARNING – VERY GRAPHIC – NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH OR KIDS.


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Protesters refuse to call police about sex assaults inside Occupy Wall St camp as snow makes life a misery. Things aren’t going good in the worker’s paradise. Too bad there isn’t a freak snowstorm on the west coast, too.

Not so fun: Three protesters have been taken to hospital with cold related ailments

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Once a pirate, always a pirate. From an early age President Barack Hussein Obama seems to have believed in stealing treasure from those who earned it. Arrrrrgggghhhh.


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Bust: Another Obama-backed green business goes bankrupt. Pray that Obama doesn’t pick anymore winners. Michelle’s probably hoping he doesn’t go to Las Vegas.

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Two women accused Herman Cain of inappropriate behavior. Allegations of this nature are always a serious affair. Unless, of course, they involve a Democrat. In which event there always seems to be very little MSM interest in complaints “of sexually suggestive behavior”. Even if that sexually suggestive behavior escalates into rape. If the media were interested in doing their job as journalists at least one of them would be focusing on the story of Jaunita Broaddrick right now. But they’ve no interest in doing their job as journalists. Not when their jobs as Obama propagandists are already full time affairs.

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Schieffer blasts Cain for encouraging smoking in web ad: Perhaps old Bobby should apologize to America for blowing smoke up our ass.

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The WaPo’s Bob Woodward says “The White House has a secret plan to win the election, and it’s complex and it’s secret…” Yep, Obama says he has a secret plan to win the election but we’ll have to vote for him to find out what it is. And why does this toxic, preening, empty suit still want the job he obviously sucks at? MATTHEWS: But this week’s big question: what is President Obama’s biggest goal on the world stage? WOODWARD: Win the election. We’d tell you more, but we have to go watch the dog chase his tail now.

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Pat Buchanan: Occupy Wall Street will turn violent with colder weather. We don’t know if cold weather will be the catalyst but it does seem that the Whiney-Whine percent carries great potential to be violent. They are, after all, a group that wants to take property that doesn’t belong from them from people unwilling to give up what they’ve earned. Goals like that require violence to be achieved.

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Elizabeth Warren to Western Massachusetts: “You know you’re not as landlocked as some parts of the state.” Shortly after making this statement Warren finalized paperwork for a purchase of some delightful ocean front property in Arizona.

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Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann appeared on ABC’s This Week today, and Christiane Amanpour put Bachmann on the defensive when she asked the candidate if her non-interventionist Libya position would mean she would have been okay with “hundreds of thousands” of dead civilians in the streets of Libya and Moammar Gadhafi still in power. Does this mean we can start calling Amanpour a chicken-hawk, war-monger and a neocon?

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Snowstorm, Cold Makes Life In Zuccotti Park Difficult For OWS Protesters. In other news the Flea Baggers demands being met would make life difficult for productive members of the country. Especially the ones that make up the middle class.

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Shootings and crime in NYC are going wild, mostly due to Mayor Nanny Bloomberg’s coddling of OWS. So what does nanny do? Push for gun control in Virginia! Bloomberg is a genius and everything he does is correct, so if bad sh*t is happening, it must be someone else’s fault (who does that remind you of?) As one Virginian put it, “He’s an arrogant bastard who shouldn t be meddling.” Well said.

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Hamdi Nur, of Rochester, is appalled that any Muslim woman would be forced to take off her headbag (hijab). “It’s a command of god that goes with you wherever you are, whether your in jail or not, so whether in jail or out it doesn’t matter because it is a command from god,” said Nur. Maybe allah should have commanded her to stop raising money for terrorism and stay out of prison…

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No wonder she’s strong! Father-of-two makes bodybuilding comeback… as a transgender woman. “This is me. I race cars and I love football. I may be a third hybrid.” Actual mileage may vary.

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