January 2012

Epic fail: chart of real disposable personal income under nine presidents when they ran for re-election. Obama is the only one under which it declined. Looks like it’s fallen about 2.5% under the A-Hole In One, next worst was Bush 41 with about a 3% gain. Change!


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State controller: California is running out of cash. “The controller recommends borrowing and delaying some payments in order to deal with the shortfall, which he projects will last seven weeks. Absent that kind of action, the state could face sending IOUs and delaying tax returns.” Seven weeks? What a genius. Don’t worry gang! It’s only $3.3 Billion Dollars! If only we had a picture of this genius. Oh wait…

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House GOP seeks to bar the use of welfare funds at strip clubs. “A bill that GOP leaders are bringing to the House floor Wednesday would require states to prevent welfare recipients from accessing or spending their benefits at strip clubs, casinos and liquor stores.” Well craps! How am I supposed to visit my baby momma and get that lap dance? And don’t those evil republicans realize it’s an election year? You can bet Barry is going to veto that bill! GO BARRY!

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So how’s Michelle Obama doing on that childhood obesity thing? She planted the White House garden and started addressing childhood obesity in February of 2009, then started the government-funded Let’s Move! campaign in February of 2010. Now two studies report the results: oops, the kids are just as fat.

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Green electricity finds few customers in… Massachusetts! The local utility offers “green” electricity but few customers have signed up – 0.76% to be precise. Whyzzat? Maybe ’cause it costs 15-30% more than not-green energy. But the enviro activists think it’s because the utility hasn’t spent enough money to publicize the program. It’s never that their ideas are lousy, it’s always the messaging.

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MF Global client money feared gone. MF Corzine’s fortune still doing fine. BTW, MF Corzine has raised $500K for MF Obama. More than makes up for the piddly 70 grand MF Corzine personally contributed which the MF president returned.

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Oakland couple murdered by adopted 15-yr old son. Co-workers said the murdered couple thought their son was spending too much time in the Tea Party movement. Actually, it was the Occupy Oakland encampment. Otherwise Obama, Krugman, Froma Halfwit and whoever’s still on MSNBC would’ve drowned in their orgasms of self-righteousness by now.

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Home prices drop, consumers turn gloomier. Under the genius-in-chief and his no-Keystone cops, the economy has made a complete turn-around: it’s headed back down again. The Obama Revolution is the one water makes when it circles the drain.

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Say, there Holder…
How do you want to use that supertanker full of whitewash?
Lib ploy #238: “Blame the victim”? That’s a good one. Not sure how Arizona feels about getting left holding the bag on Fast & Furious — but my guess is that this may come back to haunt your incompetent ass.

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If you have a heart this video will certainly tug at it. If you don’t . . . then please quietly return to your oval shaped office in The White House.

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CBO: Taxes Will ‘Shoot Up by More Than 30 Percent’ Over Next 2 Years. And that is just “taxes” in the classic sense. Let’s not forget about the proxy ones. Like skyrocketing energy costs. And the real earnings/savings killer . . . inflation.

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Obama gaffe: Refers to Georgia as ‘Russia’: Apparently the most smartest president ever confused it with one of the fifty-seven states. Not that one in Asia where they speak Austrian. That other one. The one that borders Illinois . . . you know Arkansas. Which is only a days ride from DC if you can book a trip on one of those high-speed intercontinental railroad trains. It is the state where they had that tornado that killed ten thousand people but later recovered and dug itself out of a hole because Obama created 22 million jobs for them. Yes that three letter word j-o-b-s! That is how FDR did it, by creating jobs. That and by always reacting with a cool head. Like during that 1929 stock market crash when he -as President- stood up out of his wheel chair, got onto the Twitter and let the people know that the Navy Corpse-men would be arriving shortly and would put things to right just like the founding fathers did when they set their notions to paper some 20 centuries ago. But that is what is great about this President. He has a long memory for things like that. No doubt owing to his grandmother who was born in 1922 and lived through both world wars! She even remembers the Mexicans that were here long before there was America and many of our ancestors were still living in caves in that far off country of Europe. She even remembers back when Barack Obama’s parents met each other some years after the birth of their only child. And that is only part of the reason why this man is so perfect for the job. He can also win wars in Labia. Talk to dead people at Memorial Day functions. Reassure us that the time has changed for come. Remember important multicultural holidays like Cinco de Quatro. Refrain from punishing his daughter with a baby. Bow to dictators and despots. Walk through windows. Have the White House lit on fire. Wear mom jeans. Lower his handicap. Raise ours. Keep Michelle Antoinette mildly amused with $250,000.00 dollar date nights. And after so many years of that other moron as President it is so awesome to have this genius in the position for eight to ten years!

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Congressional Budget Office reports another $1 trillion deficit. Obamanomics: A penny stole is a dollar earned.

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Bread and peace: how presidential elections really get decided. Douglas Hibbs’s ‘Bread and Peace index’ only looks at per capita real personal disposable income (RPDI) growth and military fatalities. It’s fairly accurate, as you can see below. Based on Barry’s record as of 3Q 2011, the index predicts NObama in 2013 (44.1% of the vote.)


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Kennedy family to transfer fabled home at heart of Hyannis Port compound to Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate Call us jaded but we’re pretty sure there is an angle in there somewhere that will result in the taxpayers shouldering even more of the Kennedy’s “fair share”.

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O’Malley proposes tying gas to sales tax, to alter traffic woes Yup this is the same ass-clown that is proposing taxes on Internet downloads with the destination of computers residing in “his” fair state. But here is a clue for this fool. Pay for the roads and bridges from the money that has already been usurped from the tax slaves of Maryland. It is high time that those paying everybody’s fair share got the minimum return on their compulsory investment.

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During his Google+ hangout, Obama tells a woman it’s “interesting” her unemployed husband can’t find a job. Obama says he’s getting “the word” that someone in her spouse’s field “should be able to find something right away.” Gotta be true, the magical job unicorn said so. Yeah, the economy’s growing at an eleventy-hunnert percent per annum rate thanks to Barry, what the hell’s wrong with you, lady?

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How to kill 11 million people. When politicians go wild. “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

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Consumer advocate Warren helped establish the bankruptcy strategy for insurance companies to avoid crushing lawsuits. In short, go bankrupt to avoid paying victims. Middle class warrior Warren was once a consultant for Travelers Insurance company. Dems like Warren have a love-hate relationship with the insurance industry – they love ’em, except when the cameras are on, then they hate ’em.

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Occupy DC protesters make ‘citizens’ arrest’ of Fox News van This attempt to arrest an inanimate object tempts us to suggest that the Flea Baggers -and their stupidity- are the gift that keeps on giving. However that assertion would be fundamentally incorrect. The Whiney-Whine Percent doesn’t give anything . . . other than demands to be taken care of.

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Muslim-led Interfaith meeting – Gone Wild! Kind of reminds us of the old Rodney Dangerfield joke about going to a fight and having an interfaith outreach meeting break out.

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NYC paying disgraced teacher $100K per year for doing nothing. Removed from teaching duties in 2001 for lewd behavior, the city can’t fire him (not enough evidence), they don’t want him teaching and he won’t retire, so he does nothing and gets paid for it, while adding to his pension windfall to boot. Spends his “work” time managing his $10 million real estate portfolio. It’s for the children!

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College presidents alarmed over Obama’s cost-control plan. “Obama’s new plan to force colleges and universities to contain tuition or face losing federal dollars is raising alarm among education leaders who worry about the threat of government overreach.” They only worry about “overreach” when it’s their pockets the hand is reaching into. Remind us to cry later. Much later.

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Obama campaign rolls out “square mobile fundraising platform.” Just Politico’s Orwellian way of saying every campaign worker is going to have a credit card reader. They’ll be ready whenever the spirit moves someone to join the borg. Or in case a bunch of credit cards fall off of one of Warren Buffett’s trucks or something.

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Debt ceiling skyrockets, Obama no longer calls Bush ‘unpatriotic’ for increases. $10.6 trillion with Bush bad, $16.4 trillion under Obama good. Go figure.

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