February 2012

Energy Secretary Chu: we aren’t working on lowering gas prices. Chu sympathizes with you bitter clingers who have to drive to work and stuff, but he’s focused on “weaning” you off of oil in the long term. How’s that going? “Chu specifically cited a reported breakthrough announced Monday by Envia Systems, which received funding from DOE’s ARPA-E, that could help slash the price of electric vehicle batteries.” Feel better now?

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Unemployment SOLVED! Gubbermint creates jobs! Sure, maybe the gubbermint can give people “jobs” watching MSNBC and reporting back on what was said. That’s much better than having them on unemployment.

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Daniel T. Frawley, a former business partner of Antoin “Tony” Rezko, claims he gave Rezko $400,000 that Rezko gave to then U.S. Senator Barack Obama. Well, as long as it wasn’t the Koch Brothers donating to some raaaaacist politician…

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Trump: OPEC Leaders Are “Laughing at Us”. Obama fiddles while the oil market burns (the price of a barrel is on fire) and the Saudis giggle. We gotta admit, there is a lot for them to laugh about, not just the price of oil. And it’s not just OPEC that’s laughing.

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Stephen Hawking went to a sex club. Mark Twain once stated that to be a success it is important to “make your vocation your vacation”. It would seem that Stephen Hawking, a man largely famous for his work with black holes, has found a way to do just that.

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Markets Start to Anticipate Obama Victory in November. The reasoning? “…stock prices are rising on growing expectations he will be re-elected this November.”. Right . . . because stocks -just like the price of everything else- don’t rise by default whenever the worth of the dollars they are valued in drops like Paris Hilton in the VIP room. By that estimation skyrocketing grocery costs and $6.00 a gallon gas are just two more items predicting a 57 state victory this November with “like five more years” of hopey changey.

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Olympia Snowe to retire. Good riddance to a bad RINO.

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Asteroid Threat in 2040? Scientists Watch 2011 AG5. Sounds more like some scientists have figured out the global warming funding is going to disappear real soon and now have developed a new reason to get billions in scam grant money. When you hear Al Gore and the UN talking about it you’ll know it’s the next $cam.

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Sen Inhofe (R-OK): Cap and trade is “dead, gone, forever.” Inhofe says that climate change skeptics have won the debate over global warming on Capitol Hill, and that the whole AGW theory is a con game orchestrated by the United Nations. We’re glad the senator thinks “crap and charade” is dead but let’s keep driving stakes thru it’s heart just to make sure.

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Report: Government wasting ‘tens of billions’ of dollars annually on duplication, overlap. As long as we’re talking about wasting money like $750k for a GITMO soccer field, how about $50k to encourage people to eat potato chips? Something we’re certain isn’t on Mrs. Obama’s list of foods to eat.

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Guantanamo detainees get new $750G soccer field. Perhaps this should be re-titled ‘Obama’s Nose Gets Browner’ or, ‘Obama Goes for the Muslim Vote’ or, ‘Obama – He CAIR’s.

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Obama: When I leave White House, I will buy a Volt. Hope it’s a 2013 model. The Barack Obama special edition, green with a red interior. We’d suggest this announcement will make the car catch fire but we understand it already does.

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LightSquared CEO resigns amid revelations of company’s coziness to Obama White House. Seems the now ex-CEO wanted to meet with WH officials and happened to mention that he would attend an Obama fundraiser on or about the same day he wanted the meeting. Not to mention a $30,400 contribution to the DNC. But this is the most transparent administration ever. They said so.

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Louis Farrakhan warns of racial hatred that could lead to attempts to kill President Obama. Oh, and while he was on the subject of irrational hatreds, he had a few words to say about “the influence of Jews in politics and media.” Remember when the Left made movies about someone offing President Bush? That had nothing to do with hatred, it was just good clean entertainment.

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Institute of Justice: Obamacare’s individual mandate violates a cardinal rule of contract law—to be enforceable, all agreements must be voluntary. Simply put, if someone forces you to sign a contract, that constitutes duress which negates the contract according to centuries-old legal standards. With Obamacare, government will be the one forcing you to sign a contract under threat of fines and potentially, a jail sentence. No problem, Obama will just have to enact a law requiring everybody to buy insurance voluntarily.

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Home prices fell in December for a fourth straight month in most major U.S. cities, as modest sales gains in the depressed housing market have yet to lift prices. Yes, that’s the AP doing it’s journ0listic objective best to spin this story positively. “Sales gains” don’t do crap to “lift prices” until there are more buyers than sellers, but it took them until the last paragraph to notice the piece of lead holding down their baloon: foreclosures.

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Obama campaign tries intimidation to boost fundraising. Obama campaign email: “I’m not writing to ask you for money again. I’m actually writing to ask your opinion about why you haven’t given, and what you think would inspire you or other Obama supporters like you to decide to take the leap and donate.” Well, if Obama would decide to take a leap, we’d certainly consider donating.

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Cardinal George of Chicago warns Catholic Church will shut down its hospitals, clinics, and charities before submitting to HHS mandate. Well, BO likely sees that as a feature, not a bug; saves him the trouble of taking them over by force.

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Three-quarters of likely voters believe the nation’s top earners should pay lower, not higher, tax rates, according to a new poll for The Hill. Likely voters said the appropriate rate was 30% (the current top rate is 35%) and only 4% thought Obama’s preferred rate of 40% was the correct one. Gosh, it kinda makes one think all the recent Democrat-media gum-flapping about the rich not paying their “fair share” was just manipulative political bull feces, don’t it?

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Ireland to erect monument to mass murderer Che. That ought to do wonders for the pigeon breeding industry.

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Doctors call for HPV shots for boys. Given that the government doesn’t seem to believe that choice extends beyond nine months and a woman’s womb how long to you think it will be before this sort of thing is mandated? For the good of the children of course.

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Michelle Lets Governors Gorge on 2,000 Calorie Dinner. As always with the Imelda Marxist . . . “Sacrifice for thee, not for me!”

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Is IRS Targeting Obama’s Enemies? If you can’t beat them sick the IRS on them.

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Shepard Fairey, the fellow who came up with those HOPE and CHANGE posters, lied in court about using an Associated Press photograph. The AP claimed Fairey used one of its photographs in creating the posters. Mr. Fairey sued, claiming he had used a different photograph, but later admitted that he had been mistaken and had tried to conceal his mistake by altering evidence. Nothing about these clowns is what it seems, not even their stinking posters.

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Can’t we all just get along?? “A Pakistan man pulls on a rope around the neck of a demonstrator wearing a mask of US President Barack Obama during an anti-US protest in Karachi on February 26, 2012.” Obama: “Where’s that damn drone that targets racist, anti-American terrorists?” Hillary: “We redeployed that over Ohio, remember?”

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