May 2012

Mitt Romney visits Solyndra amid attack on Obama jobs record. ABC says “surprise” visit: “Two years ago President Obama was here to tout this building and this business as a symbol of the success of his stimulus,” said Romney, stepping off a bus and onto the public sidewalk in front of the Solyndra buildings just outside Silicon Valley. “Well you can see that it’s a symbol of something very different today.” People who live in glass white houses shouldn’t throw axelrods.

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Axelrod heckled during speech in… Boston. Axelrod intended to attack Romney’s record as guv there, ends up getting heckled by protesters yelling “Solyndra!” and “Where are the jobs?” Reportedly they also shouted “5 more months” although that’s not discernable on this clip. Axelrod then attempts to imitate Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men” and retorts, “You can’t handle the truth!” Smooth as a not-obvious-at-all comb-over.

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Engineering student, 21, ‘stabbed and dismembered his roommate with knife then ate his brain and heart.’ First a zombie in Floriduh, now one in Baltimore. Must be Bush’s fault.

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According to the CBO, Obama’s stimulus may have cost $4.1 million per job. Sure, that sounds expensive but hey, the good news is that all that stimulus money raised from the blood and sweat of hardworking Americans increased GDP by at least 0.1 percent, and lowered unemployment by at least 0.1 percent. Whoopee!

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Americans’ heads are getting bigger – in just 150 years, the volume of the average skull has grown by the size of a tennis ball. Finally! An explanation for all the fat heads in Washington, DC!

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Obama campaign to donors: Get off sidelines and send money now. “‘It’s go time. It’s time to step it up,’ added a top Democrat involved with one of the outside groups working to reelect the president, who said the rallying cry wasn’t a ‘sense of defeat or a sense of demoralization. It’s just the reality.'” Another reality is that Obama has been a miserable failure and that is trumping the other realities.

give me money or I'll vote for Obama again

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Mayor Bloomberg with Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs (NYTimes)

And they wonder why people keep moving out of New York. Mayor Michael “Nanny” Bloomberg has decided to ban large soft drinks in New York City. “What if I want to buy a large and share it with my wife?” you ask. Stop arguing. Nanny knows what’s best for you.

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Look before you leap. Statesmen and strategists used to conduct policy as if a chess game, trying to anticipate what the opponents would do before making a move. Recent events indicate today’s paradigm is more akin to videogames than to chess, counter-moves and possible blowback rarely seem to be considered. Anyone wanna play “predator drone”?

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MoveOn warns “We might have to pull the plug.” “MoveOn, a giant in the progressive political world and an early endorser of Barack Obama in 2008, warns that it might have to ‘pull the plug’ on key campaigns to help Obama and Senate Democrats if its 7 million members don’t pony up with at least $5.” Well, the problem is thanks to Obama and the Senate Democrats, most of its 7 million members don’t HAVE $5. Damned irony again.

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Controversial photo of two moms at Fairchild Air Force Base
Take this, Elizabeth Warren! Warren bragged about nursing during her bar exams, but how about these two soldiers nursing in uniform? And one of them has twins! The only question is, with all the strict rules about what you can and cannot do in a uniform of the United States military, how is that bureaucrats forgot to say, “You may not whip out a breast and feed an infant while sitting on a park bench wearing your uniform?”

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Panicky Ed Schultz predicts: If Romney wins, there’ll “never be a Democratic president again.” Icing on the cake.

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‘Machine gun nests and unprecedented security’ for secretive Bilderberg meeting of captains of industry and government leaders. All we can say is it could be awesome if OWS shows up to protest.

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‘Politiwoops’ Web site archives politicians’ deleted tweets. Foot-in-mouth disease has now progressed with the times to tweet-in-mouth disease. Politiwoops.

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Lost photos prove Greenland’s ice was melting FASTER 80 years ago than today. Tomorrow’s headline? James Hansen’s and Al Gore’s noses mysteriously grow a foot.

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Romney surrogate Sununu destroys Trump-obsessed Soledad O’Brien. Fighting fire with fire. Sniff, sniff… somethin’ burnin’ in here? Yup.

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Polygamist paedophile Warren Jeffs has a revelation in prison: Don’t abuse women . Sure, now that his bunghole is a few sizes larger and he knows how it feels to be on the receiving end, he has a revelation. Justice indeed!

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Minority voting rights under threat from ID laws, attorney general warns. So, is what he’s really saying in a nutshell is that the only way a lot of minorities can vote is if fraudulent practices are allowed?

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State Reports Show Speeding Not a Significant Cause of Accidents. Out of 2.7 million traffic accidents recorded in twenty-five states over the course of a year, only 1.6 percent were caused by drivers who exceeded the posted speed limit. So remember, speed kills….your bank account.

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Warren: “I was the first nursing mother to take a Bar exam” in NJ. Gosh, how the hell does she even know that – is it somebody’s job to keep track of such things? Did the proctor check her bra for crib notes and, finding a baby instead say “Hey, that’s the first time somebody smuggled one of those in here”? But yeah, wow, what a groundbreaker – Ameila Earhart ain’t got nothin’ on her.

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North Carolina orders blogger to stop giving dietary advice. According to the state, you can’t talk about diet unless you’re a licensed dietitian. Yes, it sounds tyrannical and yes, it sounds like a violation of free speech rights, but wait: turns out there’s a bright side! This means that Michelle Obama is a criminal and can be arrested at the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte in September.

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Cherokees demand truth from Elizabeth Warren. “It is ridiculous that wannabes, like Elizabeth Warren and Ward Churchill, in these powerful academic positions have to do something wrong in order for anyone to care that they are lying. Churchill made terrible statements about those who died in the 9/11 attack and plagiarized. Elizabeth Warren used her false claims to get ahead of other candidates using affirmative action she did not deserve. No one would care what Elizabeth Warren did if she wasn’t running for Congress, EXCEPT the Cherokees.” Put THAT in your stinkin’ cookbook.

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White House Insider: Obama In Serious Trouble – And That Makes Him Very Dangerous. “Because if Obama doesn’t get that second term…the plan is left unfinished and in danger of being undone. And they are gonna be pissed. And that scares the sh-t out of Barack Obama. He owes these people. He owes them for everything. Everything he’s got – they gave to him. Everything. The guy’s Manchurian to the shoes on his feet.”

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Racist Democrat leaving party to register as Republican. Artur Davis formerly of Alabama, now of Virginia blogs “If I were to run, it would be as a Republican.” “As I told a reporter last week, this is not Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party (and he knows that even if he can’t say it).” Update: Davis was one of President Obama’s earliest supporters and a former co-chairman for his presidential campaign.

Arthur Davis

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Revealed: $3M of California’s 9/11 license plate fund meant for victim’s families raided to pay the state’s deficits – and they STILL haven’t been repaid. Remember folks, don’t steal, the government hates competition.

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Obama’s teenage pot use get the Taiwanese treatment as company creates cartoon of President getting high. Don’t bogart that bong, my friend, pass it over to me.

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