September 2012

Univision Network Coverage of Fast and Furious Intensifies. Spanish news coverage outshines the pendejo ObamaMedia with some real reporting.

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Sea Ice Sets All Time Record High. The mainstream media’s response? Chirp chirp chirp chirp. The sound of crickets.

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Hugo Chavez says he’d vote for Obama. “The Venezuelan leader called Obama ‘a good guy’ and said if the U.S. president were a Venezuelan, ‘I think … he’d vote for Chavez.'” Another guy with a man-crush on Obama. Funny, he looks a little like George Costanza, too. Fidel’s gonna be soooo jealous. BTW, is this really news to any of you out there? Anyone? Bueller?

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Seinfeld star: I have a “man-crush” on Obama. We’d suggest using the decision-making method Alexander’s character, George Costanza, once espoused on the show: take whatever your first idea was and do exactly the opposite.

George Costanza

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We ARE the 91%: only 9% of Americans cooperate with pollsters. People don’t answer their phones, and if they do answer they often hang up and refuse to cooperate with pollsters, and many of the few that do cooperate lie to them. It comes down to only 9% of sampled households actually respond vs. 36% fifteen years ago. But yeah, these polls are guaranteed accurate. We’ll see. UPDATE: Link to article fixed. There is an article there worth reading, not just the image. My error.

downward slide in poll participation

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Calif Dairies Going Broke Due to Feed, Milk Prices. Those cows and their owners aren’t so happy these days.

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PIC: Gas Prices? Exxon Station Punks The Public On ObaMao’s Massive Gas Price Increase! ‘The Days of Wine and Cheap Gas.’

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Obama’s Fourth Recovery Summer Ends – with no recovery. Perhaps instead of “Forward” his campaign motto should be “Downward?”

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Hamas cracks down on saggy pants. Finally something we can agree upon with Hamas.

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How the ObamaMedia Faked Obama’s Growth in the Polls. Oversampling? These polls sound like global warming computer models. Garbage in and the result we desire out.

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Democrats really are ugly. A long time ago I wrote a column making the case that liberals are ugly. Now there’s a scientific study that provides proof. And yes, that’s an actual Democrat congresswoman, not a cartoon: Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn).

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Charismatic Henrique Capriles giving Hugo Chavez a run for his money. The elections are this coming Sunday and not only does Capriles look like a serious threat to beat Chavez, he promises to stop giving Venezuela’s oil to Cuba and stop the cozy relationship with Iran. The most worried man in Venezuela? Capriles’ life insurance agent.

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CA shuts down fifty-year-old burger joint for having counters “too tall.” Hey, California has fallen to 3rd worst state unemployment rate (after Nevada and Rhode Island) so they hafta fight like mad to regain the lead. We wonder if former Dallas Cowboys star Ed “Too Tall” Jones would be allowed to play in California…

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41 million Tea Party supporters set to vote. “The AP/GFK poll shows that 31% of likely voters consider themselves Tea Party supporters… That 31% of likely voters figure is greater than the 19% who described themselves as either strongly or somewhat liberal.” Vote like you mean it this year, it could be your last chance.

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The Anti-Blasphemy, Anti-First-Amendment President. “’The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.’ The words are President Obama’s, and he spoke them this week to the U.N. General Assembly. No Big Media outlet reported this stunning pronouncement.” This is a big deal. Just whose side is Barack Obama on, ours or the Islamic bloc? Whose side are the journ0lists on, for that matter? To ask the question is to answer it.

east vs. west

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Katie Couric voted Worst Reporter in History of Man. She barely edged out Dan Rather. Apparently the voters forgot about The Wall Within, which puts Rather in his own league.

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Real objective of the Benghazi attack may have been US intelligence operations in North Africa and the Middle East. The ambassador’s murder may have been collateral damage. Is the Benghazi operation is linked to some bigger strategic outcome which we can only guess at? Well, until they play their next card, it’s all his fault…


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Obama blocks Chinese purchase of US wind farms. What is up with this? Perhaps the Chinese didn’t donate enough to the Obama 2012 campaign?

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Faced with Information Age problems, Obama offers Industrial Age Solutions. Tech companies are working on self-driving cars while Obama pushes high-speed rail. He’s stuck in the 1930s – just leave him and his party there and let the rest of us go on without them.

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Storm clouds: The looming Obama recession. “…the deteriorating economic situation is the result of Obama’s policies… massive stimulus, auto bailouts, cash for clunkers, ObamaCare, Dodd Frank,.. If you were intentionally trying to trigger a recession, you’d be hard pressed to come up with more effective policies.” Yeah, but he’s so likeable, who cares if he’s driving us over a cliff?

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California to offer State-Managed pensions for the Private Sector. Businesses with 5 or more employees that don’t offer pensions or 401(k)s will be required to contribute 3 percent of a worker’s salary to a retirement account. Having the California kleptocrats “manage” your pension is like having Otis the Town Drunk manage your liquor cabinet. Luckily the Gold-digger State doesn’t need to worry about job creation or anything like that.

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Biden promotes free colonoscopies to seniors in Florida: In other words he’s telling them to bend over.

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FCC Chair Defends Regulations, Calls FCC a ‘Cop on the Beat’: And then there is this from our friends over at the FCCCP. Which begs the question. If their conclusion isn’t that unsanctioned expression is criminal why then would there be the need for a ‘cop on the beat’?

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Is the era of free checking accounts over?: Hear that sound? That is another exploding DNC landmine that is decimating the middle class.

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Obama eCard for Women: ‘Can I Borrow $18,000 to Help Pay for My Birth Control?’: Since we’ve no interest in running their lives it would be the merest of kindnesses for them to extend the same courtesy. Unfortunately this is not likely to happen. At least not so long as they maintain this notion that it is our responsibility to earn the money while it is their privilege to spend it.

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