August 2013

China: Wife ‘Boils Husband In Pressure Cooker.’ Someone needs to outlaw these assault pressure cookers immediately! Where’s Dianne Feinstein when you need her?

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27 ways to celebrate National Bacon Day, aka the best day ever. All we can say is: Oink!

A very large bacon sandwich - beautifulnocturne via Tumblr

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80-year-old weightlifter banned for doping. Why does our government care if an 80-year-old is using steroids? A guy that old who’s lifting weights competitively might better be emulated than condemned.

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Obama seeks military action in Syria. This should be titled Obama kicks can to Congress. After shooting his mouth off and failing to get any kind of consensus other than from his lackeys, this appears the only route he has to blame someone else.

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Senate candidate Cory Booker and his imaginary friend T-Bone. This guy will fit right in when he gets to Washington, D.C. He can introduce his imaginary friend to Elizabeth Warren’s imaginary Indian family, listen to Richard Blumenthal’s imaginary Vietnam stories, appreciate Barack Obama’s imaginary birth certificate, and laugh at Joe Biden’s imaginary brain.

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Todd’s American Dispatch: Feds forced churches to get baptism permits. Meanwhile Muslims evidently do not need permits to wash their feet in the same rivers.

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U.S.: ‘High confidence’ that Syria chemical attack killed 1,429. “High confidence” probably means they’re effing clueless but Obama needs an excuse to help his Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood buddies.

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White House Considers Awarding Obamacare Subsidies, Intended For The Uninsured, To Labor Unions. So much for all you poor hippies that voted for Obama because you actually were dumb enough to think you’d be getting free Obamacare.

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Two Decades Of Unprecedented Global Warming Has Left Arctic Ice Almost The Same As It Was 20 Years Ago. Looks like the new Arctic shipping route may have a problem.

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250,000 alpacas have frozen to death in Peru this year. Mildest summer in a century here in the U.S., fierce winter in Peru – this doggone Global Warming problem gets more devious and frightening all the time.

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Clinton: Continuing Racism Means Harder to Vote than Buy Assault Weapon: Clinton is an assault weapon. Just ask Jaunita Broaddrick. And as for his never ending straw cry of racism . . . would somebody please hand us a Bayer before this racist (as confirmed by the Obama 2008 campaign) blows up another aspirin factory.

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Plunge: MSNBC Ratings in Free Fall. Evidently more people are watching Bonanza re-runs than MSLSD.

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Police say wanted man shot self in the crotch. Speaking of gun control. This is just nuts!

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America’s only black senator, a Republican, not invited to MLK event. Evidently a sitting Republican black US Senator isn’t black enough for the Democrats. We wonder what MLK would say about the exclusion?

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Matthews On Republicans: “They Never Say Their Problem With Obama Is That He Is Black.” Yes, that was their problem with our first black president, Bill Clinton, too!

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ACCUSED TEEN MURDERER CLAIMS THEY WERE BUYING CRACK FROM 88-YEAR-OLD WWII VET DELBERT BELTON. Sounds like the post-racial version of the dog ate my homework.

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Man on moped leads police on hour-long chase. The fearless moped rider “led them on a terrifying pursuit with speeds reaching up to 25 mph.” Living the dream, visions of Easy Rider in his head.

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“If the president bombs without congressional approval, I will move to impeach.” Guess which U.S. senator said that. Don’t look until you guess, and prepare to be surprised.

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U.S. government funding $313 million in mortgages… for Palestinians on West Bank.

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Mildest summer in a century. In 1934 we had nearly 14,000 100-degree readings in the U.S. This year we’ve had fewer than 2,000. We can’t wait to see how James Hansen and Michael Mann blame this on Global Warming.

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Obama shed a tear watching ‘The Butler’: Wonder what Obama was shedding, and with whom, when he was supposed to be watching that consulate in Benghazi?

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Obama on Obamacare: “We were just talking with some folks earlier about the fact that, for a lot of people, it will be cheaper than your cell phone bill,” Somehow that isn’t much comfort to those of us that will be expected to make up the difference.

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Jesse Jackson: ‘Tea Party Is Resurrection of the Confederacy’: So says a man that has spent a lifetime demanding that some people receive preferential treatment based on the color of their skin.

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MSNBC host hangs up on conservative to avoid answering question. Karen Finney, host of the weekend show Disrupt, was desperate to hide the extent of her own ignorance. Hugh Hewitt was asking her if Alger Hiss was a communist. (He was. Secret archives released after the fall of the Soviet Union settled the matter, proving once and for all that Joe McCarthy was right.) She refused to answer and was probably thinking to herself, “Alger who?”

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