September 2013

Who would walk away from the planet’s richest gold deposit? Answer: Anglo American is abandoning its $541 million investment in Alaska’s Pebble Mine project because they don’t think the environmental whackos in this country – specifically Gina McCarthy, Obama’s new EPA Administrator – will ever give anybody permission to dig all that gold, copper, molybdenum, and palladium out of the ground.

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Americans are more conservative than they have been in decades. “The latest update of Stimson’s policy mood series suggests that the American public in 2012 was more conservative than at any point since 1952.” From Twitter: “If Stimson’s correct, it suggests the public has dispensed with the notion that the GOP is conservative.” Yeah, pretty much. More here.

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It’s come to this – House members openly laughing at President Obama.

“They all tried to conceal their disappointment at not being able to see the clothes, and since nobody was willing to admit his own stupidity and incompetence, they all behaved as the two scoundrels had predicted.
A child, however, who had no important job and could only see things as his eyes showed them to him, went up to the carriage.
“The Emperor is naked,” he said.
“Fool!” his father reprimanded, running after him. “Don’t talk nonsense!” He grabbed his child and took him away. But the boy’s remark, which had been heard by the bystanders, was repeated over and over again until everyone cried:
“The boy is right! The Emperor is naked! It’s true!”

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Brown University nudity week starts today! There will be naked yoga classes (participants only, no auditing), naked open mic night (bring your own disinfectant for the mic), and, of course (this being a liberal arts college), a naked panel discussion about race and class (not that anyone participating in a naked panel is likely to have any class).

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Remy: Obamacare Video Contest Song: Did you know that the governmet had sponsored a “new, exicing, online-video contest” to promote The Deplorable Health Control Act?

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Nixon and Kissinger’s Forgotten Shame: News flash for the Op-ed at the NYT. Right now there is a man in the White House that is reading your emails. Listening to your phone calls. Using the IRS to silence political opposition. Taking trillions from the tax payer to give to his friends. All while fighting his ass off to defend legislation that essentially nationalizes our bodies. We’ve heard enough about Nixon to last fourteen-thousand lifetimes. Perhaps you could focus on the man that has done more harm in just over one term than Nixon could have done in those fourteen-thousand lifetimes.

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Congress members seen ‘drinking’ during late-night debate as the brakes are put on Obamacare leading government to brink of a shutdown. Well, this explains Obamacare. They must have all been tanked when they voted on it.

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Government Shutdown Hype. “…the suggestion that ‘the government could miss interest payments on Treasurys, triggering a first-ever default by the U.S. government’ is equally nonsensical. US treasuries would be the last thing that would go unpaid.” Ummm, lies, damn lies and journ0lism.

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Democrats against Obamacare.“This research echoes growing doubts about Obamacare among leading Democrats and the union bosses who love them.” OK, pop quiz: if a conservative (?) Democrat farts in a forest and Obama is busy putting, does it make a sound? Write your answer below – be sure to show your work.

Democrats on ObamaCare poll

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Saudi sheikh says women shouldn’t drive because it damages their ovaries and pelvis. “‘Physiological science and functional medicine studied this [and found] that it automatically affects ovaries and rolls up the pelvis,” said the sheikh. This is two years after Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council issued a “scientific” report which claimed that letting women drive would “provoke a surge in prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce.” Guess now we know why Saudi Arabia has never won a Nobel Prize… in any subject.

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Cuts to hours or jobs caused by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. As of September 25, the list includes 313 employers.

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Colombia leader rejects Jesse Jackson’s hostage mediation. Poor Jessie, third world countries don’t even want him anymore.

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Student suspended for keychain. “…a seventh-grade student in Coventry [RI] public schools has been suspended for three days after his friend took a two-inch keychain shaped as gun from his backpack.” He shoulda just told the teacher the keychain symbolizes his fight against global warming in doorlocks – anyone this dumb is sure to believe it.

gun keychain

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Detroit’s Pension Madness. Between 1985 and 2008, pension trustees handed out roughly $1 billion in annual holiday “bonuses” to workers, retirees and the City of Detroit. “Had they been invested, one estimate says those funds would be worth almost $2 billion today – or more than half the current shortfall…” Yeah, but Detroit broke because raaaaacism.

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Average measurements compared – US men a little chubby. Left to right you’re looking at average middle-aged men from the U.S., Japan, Netherlands, and France. Suggestion: to be more realistic, maybe a TV remote in the hand of the guy on the left and skid marks in the skivvies of the guy on the right?

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NSA Uses Facebook And GPS Data To Identify Suspects In Networks Of Americans. Looks like about all you can do privately these days is take a piss. We wouldn’t be surprised if those urinal cakes have microphones in them.

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CBS News buries its own poll about rising Tea Party popularity… while trumpeting misleading Gallup headline about declining Tea Party popularity. It’s almost like CBS News has an agenda.

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Second-in-command of the country’s nuclear arsenal is suspended as he is investigated for GAMBLING. Nice the government puts potential blackmail victims in charge of nuclear secrets. We have to wonder why the all seeing all knowing NSA didn’t know about this one.

Suspended: Vice Admiral Tim Giardina has been suspended amid a gambling inquiry. He is second in command of America's nuclear arsenal

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Berkeley prof admits Hockey Stick was BS but insists Global Warming is real. So the main piece of evidence from the 2001 IPCC Third Assessment Report was baloney, but the brand new 2014 IPCC Fifth Assessment Report is pure gospel, just trust him.

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Obamacare Provides $7,200 ‘Divorce Incentive,’ $11,000 for Older Couples. Neat trick. Use Obamacare to break down the traditional family. Alinsky would be so proud.

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NBC Announces Week of Programming to Help Obamacare Succeed. Ja mein Fuhrer! Ve vill help with ze Obamacare propaganda. Herr Goebbels vould be so proud!

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‘No children, happy to go extinct’, tweets weatherman after grim climate-change report made him cry (now he’s considering a vasectomy). The real reason this dumbass needs a vasectomy is so he doesn’t pollute the gene pool with stupidity.

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Cruz is the new McCarthy: And just like Joe McCarthy this guy has never put anyone in jail for making a Youtube video he didn’t like (yeah we’ve said it before, but it is worth repeating).

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Romney warns threat to shut down government not ‘effective’: It could hardly be less effective than this guy was.

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Valerie Plame pens a spy novel about (surprise!) a covert CIA agent: We can only hope that Patrick Fitzgerald ghosted this. A fabulist of that caliber should really be put to better use than prosecuting men for crimes they were known to be innocent of.

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