November 2013

Professor demands ‘rape culture’ investigation over satirical article touting vagina-shaped building. She probably couldn’t pay someone to rape her.

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Common Core says teach Gettysburg Address without mentioning Civil War. Because it would be unfair to assume students know what the Civil War is, thereby giving those students who do know about the Civil War an advantage. Horrors! Imagine that: students with knowledge having an advantage in school.

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Yellen’s classmate ‘shocked’ at her spectacular rise, “I didn’t think she had a passion for economics.”: She obviously doesn’t have a passion for history. Otherwise she’d know very well how this irrational, inflationary bubble ends.

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Taking Notes: How Black Friday Marketing Techniques Can Sell Obama(don’t)care! Our advice? Get a rag, some pledge and keep polishing that turd till it shines!

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Texas welfare recipient says “Working is stupid.” “She says taxpayers are the fools…she gets to lay up all day and smoke weed while you go to work.” Well, Obama’s doin’ his part to rid the country of those foolish taxpayers….

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Venezuela’s Maduro accuses 99 percent of businesses of “price gouging,” vows to punish more “capitalist parasites.” Whenever socialism fails (as it inevitably does), it’s always someone else’s fault.

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Camden NJ gets rid of unionized police… crime rate plunges.

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Do you feel like Thanksgiving week was a bit chilly this year? Past seven days: 205 record snowfalls and 1,172 record lows versus only 78 record highs. Apparently, Al Gore’s vegetarian diet is having a miraculous effect on Global Warming.

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TOP SCIENTIST: HUMANS EMERGED AFTER CHIMPANZEE HAD SEX WITH PIG. If true, all Muslims are part pork so we guess they’ll start offing each other any day now.

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The Twelve Days of ObamaCare. Obama’s giving us the bird, but it ain’t a Partridge in a pear tree.

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CNN Target Audience Shrinks By 62 Percent. Looks like the Communist News Network is in a race to the bottom with MSLSD. Perhaps they should hire Alec Baldwin for the win.

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Iran announces development of ballistic missile technology. “Perhaps, [Secretary of State] John Kerry believes that Iran only wants ballistic missiles for peaceful purposes.” Well, it’s not like Iran is some guy from fly-over country buying an AR-15, is it?

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“Non-partisan” group was paid $1 million to produce positive Obamacare stories. Geez, that works out to about $500k per story, we reckon.

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Hitler has Obamacare and man is he PO’ed. If you like your doctor, you’re so screwed.

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Obama gives a command, MSNBC genuflects and obeys. Dear Leader said he wanted people selling Obamacare at the Thanksgiving table and, like good little minions, MSNBC spent Wednesday evening telling people exactly how to do that.

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Sharia police in Nigeria destroy 240,000 bottles of beer. Okay, now those crazy Muslims have gone too far!

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Cancer victim who complained about Obamacare on Fox News now being audited by IRS. The IRS is auditing him all the way back to 2003, so at least the guy won’t be needing a proctologist.

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Alec Baldwin, fired by MSNBC, asks why not Martin Bashir? “Martin Bashir’s on the air, and he made his comment on the air!” Comrade Baldwin adds thoughtcrime to his hatecrime charges.

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“I am not a turkey! Sure, okay, I lied about what Obamacare would do to you, and I have royally messed up the Middle East, and I’ve frittered away trillions of dollars of your money on what, in hindsight, seems to be crap and nonsense while the economy just gets worse (and yes, I admit I lied about unemployment, too), and as long as I’m confessing you’re totally correct that I’ve been using various agencies of the federal government to discombobulate and marginalize my political opponents, and okay, sure, I have a deep distaste for Israel, Christianity, and America, in that order, but Happy Thanksgiving anyway everybody! You elected me, you giant dummies, and I have three years left!

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Happy Thanksgiving! And remember, turkeys can’t fly (except maybe in a very high wind.)

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New Obamacare setback: HHS delays online enrollment for small businesses. “Republicans immediately seized on the latest setback as another indication that Obamacare is full of bureaucratic glitches and doomed to fail.” Aw, they said that about the California bullet train, too… and look where that is now.

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Record number of French corporate bankruptcies; Socialist theory vs. practice; What went wrong? Oh, the usual… Socialism works, but they just picked the wrong guy to implement it again.

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Nokia Tweets Merry Christmas to its customer base. But something goes awry during the translation from Finnish to English.

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Speechifying about immigration, President Obama lets his inner racist out. It’s like getting a peek at the demon inside Linda Blair:

“You know, as I was getting a tour of DreamWorks, I didn’t ask, but just looking at faces I could tell there were some folks who are here not because they were born here…”

WTF? He can identify immigrants by looking at their faces? He should teach that trick to the TSA.

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NSA spied on Internet porn habits to acquire info for discrediting people. And here we thought the frequent mention of IHTM staff members in NSA data files was due to our conservative political views.

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