December 2013

Liberals are born stupid – Q.E.D.

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Obama’s pollster has a New Year’s wish. He wishes the media would ignore polling data for 2014 – just not report it. His wish might, possibly, maybe – far-fetched as it may sound – have something to do with the president’s plummeting job approval numbers.

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Bloomberg left office at 4:45 PM. New Yorkers should celebrate the tyrant’s departure by hoisting an extra large soda in his name.

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Volgograd blasts: Putin vows to ‘annihilate terrorists.’ Looks like Putin is about to channel his inner Vlad the Impaler. We guess he doesn’t need President Mom Jeans assistance for those “mischief makers.”

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Krugman: Somehow, UPS-Fedex Christmas Snafus Make Seem Not So Bad: Excepting, of course, when UPS, Fedex fails us we can punish them by ending our voluntary relationship with them and not paying them for any service they do not provide. As opposed to Obamacare , where the SNAFU actually is situation normal and the entire system fails once it loses the power to compel us to pay for a service we cannot expect to receive.

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Charles Krauthammer proposes two-tiered minimum wage that would pay more to “breadwinners” of the family: Of course, that is just what is needed. A system that rewards not how well a person works, but rather how poorly their birth control does.

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After Attacks, Administration Offers to Help Russia Counter ‘Folks Who Want to Cause Mischief.’ So based upon this, it appears the Obama administration thinks that the Boston Bombers were only making mischief and should be released? (Note: Article dated today).

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Ever wonder what those serial ADA plaintiffs are like? Meet Jon Carpenter, convicted sexual abuser of 8-year-old girls in Utah, now a resident of California. He’s filed more than 1,000 lawsuits under the Americans With Disabilities Act in L.A. County alone, each of them, under California law, generating a minimum of $4,000 in damages for him plus whatever the lawyers get. Now you know.

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Missouri Bar Responds To Cease And Desist From Starbucks With Epic Letter And $6 Check. For our money they should rename their beer the F Word.

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Pravda Calls Obama a Communist, Blames his Reelection on ‘Illiterate Americans.’ Looks like the low-information voters are finally getting credit where credit is due.

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Remember that idiotic quote that when Barky got into office, that that was the moment the oceans would slow their rising, and the earth was supposed to start healing or some such BS? E. J. Dionne topped it. with this line: “[O]n a longer view, 2013 could be remembered as the year when the far right began to weaken, the forces of obstruction began to recede and the country began moving toward at least the possibility of constructive government.”

Memo to ol’ E. J.: — when they refer to Liberalism as a race to the bottom, you aren’t really supposed to try to win it.

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MSNBC: HARRIS-PERRY AND PANEL RIDICULE MITT ROMNEY’S BLACK GRANDSON. You can bet if Chelsea Clinton adopted a black child these same racist idiots would be fawning over Bill and Hillary’s cute grandchild.

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Case study: Auto dealership workers cope with ObamaCare sticker shock after company plan is canceled. Instead of paying cash for clunkers they’re paying cash for a clunker.

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GRANDPA PUSHING WIFE IN WHEELCHAIR HAS RUN-IN WITH TWO OF THE ‘SCUMMIEST THINGS’ HE’S EVER SEEN AFTER TRYING TO PROTECT THE NEIGHBOR KIDS. We suspicion if they’re ever caught they’ll claim the guy was in camouflage and they thought he was that Duck Dynasty dude Phil. Paging Eric Holder and the DOJ. Where are you?

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The happiest people are conservative women. Because they tend to be with conservative men? That’s our guess.

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A greentext adventure for the lovers of firearms, poetic justice, and schadenfreude amongst us. Probably didn’t happen, but I’m still laughing…

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Third icebreaker abandons rescue of climate scientists boat in Antarctica, media fog, obscure, avoid news. That damn warm-cooling is at it again.

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US deal will trade off ‘Jewish’ Israel for 1967 lines — report. Ambassador Ketchup will be doing the usual Democrat thing of giving away other people’s stuff. The exact same as using other people’s money in our book. We hope the Israelis tell him to go do something to himself.

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Justice Sotomayor to drop ball, not gavel, on 2014 Times Square countdown. How to cheapen and commercialize the Supreme Court in 10 seconds flat.

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With Phil Robertson re-instated at A&E… MSNBC has responded by getting even more hysterical. Now they’re calling the Robertson family white supremacists. Because when all else fails, the liberal playbook says, “Yell ‘Racist!'”

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Dumbest Quote of the Year winner: New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, for suggesting the solution for Muslim terrorist bombings like the Boston Marathon incident is a carbon tax.

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U.S. Marines WEAKEN fitness requirement for women, won’t make them do three pull-ups. We guess Obama’s new plan is to beat Al Qaeda with a pillow fight.

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Obamacare Showdown: Missouri Bill to gut Obamacare, ban penalties, ban healthcare exchange. “This could get interesting if even three states nullify Obamacare, and allegedly 10 states are considering such action.” Die monster, die!

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A&E Reverses Course, Will Resume Duck Dynasty With Phil Robertson. Evidently A& E finally discovered that their main audience isn’t comprised of gay males. Can we get a big “No shit Sherlock!”


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