April 2014

DEMOCRAT Illinois governor up for re-election facing criminal probe. Must be something in the water there… something like untraceable cash in paper bags.

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LA Times: The Arctic to become ice-free by the year 2000. Yes, and Al Gore can still fit in the jeans he had in high school.

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Incredible Images of Train Derailment in Lynchburg, Virginia. Yes greentaards. Rail is SO much safer than those nasty old pipelines. Just ask Warren Buffet, he’ll tell ya.

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Supreme Court Victory Gives EPA More Ammo In War On Coal. All comrades should be liking glorious power outages soon comink to neighborhoods. Soon we will be lookink like glorious People’s Republic of North Korea at night. Glorius population reduction will be comink from people freezink to death in winter and dyink of heat stroke in summer. Any leftovers will be goink to our glorius FEMA camps to be reeducated by hard labor until they are dead.

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Are pilotless drone command & control systems the “treasure” in the strange disappearance of MH370? According to this report, the systems were hijacked by the Taliban and sold to the Chinese. But on its way to China via Malaysian Airlines, the cargo was recovered by American and Israeli commandos who hijacked the plane it was on… MH370. Interesting.

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3D printer builds 10 small houses a day for $5,000 each. Yeah, it doesn’t look like much, but neither did the first automobiles.

3D printed house

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EPA delayed Climate Change regulation until after Midterms. “…allowing vulnerable Senate Democrats to avoid a vote on the measure six weeks before voters go to the polls.” As Ketchup face says, Climate Change is the most critical issue there is – next to saving the political asses of Democrat senate hacks.

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Subway removes ham and bacon from nearly 200 stores and offers halal meat only after ‘strong demand’ from Muslims. We have a feeling Subway is going to get a backlash from non-Muslims. Even though this appears to be UK only, we’re only eating at Togo’s from now on. Subway can suck it. Bacon sandwich here we come!

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Florida Democrats vote for Islāmī qānūn. Otherwise known as sharia. It was a straight party line vote. Fortunately for Floridians, Republicans outnumber Democrats in the state senate.

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White House: Hey, those explosive Benghazi emails weren’t even about Benghazi! “Karl asks Carney why the specific Ben Rhodes email was not released to Congress, why it took a court case to pry it out of administration’s hands. Carney’s answer: ‘This document was not about Benghazi.'” Sure, it was about Ben Gazi. Or maybe it was about Ben, Gazi. Would you believe Bengal Tigers?

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Alan Grayson’s 24-year marriage dissolving amid accusations of bigamy. According to Alan, Lolita was already married to someone else when she married him in 1990 and started having their five children. Now that she’s filed for divorce, he wants an annulment.

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Obama’s Transportation Secretary defends Muslim airline’s ban on Israeli Jews. Headline says it all. As for the picture, we don’t know why they look like they’re about to kiss. Maybe they’re good friends.

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Another day, another racist rant by a Democrat. This time it’s comely Marie Strumolo Burke, Democrat councilwoman in Belleville, New Jersey, who says she’s worried that… well, we can’t repeat what she’s worried about. You’ll have to click on the link.

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US astronauts should use trampolines to get into space, Russian official says. We expect President Obama to order NASA to immediately start the development of Space Trampolines any minute now.

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Sources: Sebelius Now Refusing To Testify Before Senate Panel. She should just quote Hillary Clinton and add a little extra, like: “What difference at this point does it make? You’re all screwed with Obamacare.”

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China to overtake U.S. as world’s largest economy this year. Yet another win for the Obama administration! In 2 more years the U.S. economy should be completely wrecked!

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Average U.S. household spends more on federal regulations than for health care, food or transportation. “Crews estimates the annual cost of compliance with the record number of new federal rules and regulations issued under President Obama at $1.863 trillion.” Bending the cost curve hyperbolic.

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Biden: Where I come from ‘if a man raised his hand to a woman you had the job to kick the living cr*p out of him.’ We bet Joltin Joe will send him a nasty Tweet and then tell him if he crosses that line again he’ll put a nasty post on his Facebook page about his mother.

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Latino assemblyman: Asians not “people of color.” “So much for the Rainbow Coalition…” Well, we’re all part of the Rainbow Coalition until it comes time to divvy up the profits.

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Newly-released WH email shows Rice talking points on Benghazi politically motivated. “If this isn’t a smoking gun on Benghazi, at least on the controversy over the talking points that blamed a YouTube video rather than the terrorists who plotted and then conducted the attack, then it’s not clear what would qualify.” With today’s sh*t-stream media, nothing would qualify. More here.

Benghazi email

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Clippers owner Donald Sterling banned for life from NBA, fined $2.5 million by NBA. No amount of polish is going to get the tarnish off of this Sterling turd.


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Keystone Protester: We’re Willing to Die to Stop this Pipeline. This is the way the MSM thinks. Liberals=passionate, Republicans=terrorist.

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Illinois Dem Charged with Possession of Child Porn. Another day another liberal. Chicago ain’t our kind of town, that’s for sure.

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Oregon raises white flag over its health exchange. “The Cover Oregon board decided on Friday to ditch its troubled website and join up with the federal Healthcare.gov exchange instead.” Cover Oregon will now be itself covered in dirt, as in “buried”. Dare we say it… it’s shovel-ready.

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Polar bears threatened by excessive ice. Remember, the polar bear was listed as “threatened” in 2008 by the dumbass Fish and Wildlife Service, specifically because they were worried about a lack of ice at some vague point in the future. Now, six years later, a polar bear researcher is saying there’s too much ice.

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