May 2014

Man-woman Laverne Cox on the cover of this week’s Time. Why is he-she on the cover? Did he-she do something newsworthy? No, this is about proselytizing the leftwing agenda, not reporting the news.

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Obama says Climate Change growing threat to health. He’s right – we’re already sick of hearing about this crap. And just ignore the billionaire climate-change “activist” Steyer’s hand up Obama’s butt when he talks about this.

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Jay Carney resigns. He says it was because of strain on his family life but more likely he was forced to resign by an ancient mathematical principle: as the number of lies increases, the likelihood that two of them will contradict each other increases exponentially.

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Baltimore suspends municipal bike share program after 40 disappear in one day. Gee, who saw that coming?

“For that which is common to the greatest number has the least care bestowed on it.” – Aristotle

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The MSNBC apology tape:

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Donald Sterling ruled mentally unfit, can’t prevent Clippers sale: When fascism prevails you can be sure that it will have been preceded by a “good cause”. A cause like assuming the authority necessary to punish a racist a-hole for the crime of having non appropriate feelings and equally non appropriate thoughts. By the way, if you didn’t catch it, we clearly stated that Donald Sterling is a racist a-hole. So please don’t report us to the authorities. We would sure hate for them to confuse our love of life, liberty and property for a mental illness and then remove any of those things from us.

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Minnesota ‘unsession’ purges more than 1,000 obsolete laws. “Legislators launched an initiative that got rid of more than 30 advisory boards, councils and task forces that had outlived their usefulness.” DC needs an “unsession” almost as much as it needs an un-Obama. Almost.

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Phony scandal? Courts open window on the IRS’s political litmus tests. “If an IRS agent can reject or stall a pro-Israel group’s application … then no group, no matter what its political orientation or cause is safe from being subjected to a political litmus test designed by any administration of either political party.” The point is well taken but, given the preponderance of Kleptocrats in the federal bureaucracy, few left-wing groups were likely to be affected.

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Obama suddenly remembers playing football and getting concussions. We finally have an explanation for the Obama presidency: brain damage.

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State Dept: You know, President Obama just doesn’t give himself enough credit on foreign policy. Can’t decide which is funnier: the concept of Obama “not giving himself enough credit” for anything or the idea that there’s something he deserves credit for on foreign policy. Even NBC News, which has spent most of its time in Obama’s pants pocket the past 5 years, couldn’t swallow the latter.

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With Senate at stake, two Ex-GOP senators endorse Democrats. The one-party state is here.

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While TV networks talk about melting Antarctic ice causing sea levels to rise… the IPCC’s official report says the Antarctic will continue to add ice and thereby contribute to a lowering of sea level.

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Valerie Plame defends White House over exposing CIA station chief. She wrote a book accusing the Bush White House of treason for exposing her, even though she was not a covert agent so there was nothing to expose… and the White House didn’t expose her. Now, when the Obama White House exposes the CIA station chief in war-torn dangerous Afghanistan, she says, “Colossally stupid, but I think it was inadvertent.” A tour de force of hypocrisy and dishonesty.

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Q1 GDP revised DOWNWARD to -1%. Unexpectedly, of course. The media cheerleaders were out in force: CNN: no big deal. Reuters: it was due to that coooold weather. Lucky Democrat Obama is president or old people, cats, dogs and children would be starving to death in the street right now.

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Sexist, privileged, white-male’s and the movies they make are responsible for the Elliot Rodger massacre! Unable to blame the Second Amendment the crypto fascists predictably set their sights on blaming the First.

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Donald Trump offered Obama $50 million for his birth certificate, passport and college records. Right before the 2012 election, he offered the president $5 million, then raised the offer to $50 million – payable to whatever Chicago charity Obama preferred. Not only did Obama ignore The Donald’s offer, so did the media.

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Study finds Affordable Care Act will not reduce number of uninsured. So we screwed up the greatest healthcare system in the world, spent billions of dollars on websites that don’t work, ruined millions of health insurance polices for hardworking Americans – killing a few people in the process, by the way – and legislated the largest single tax increase in world history… for what?

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Melissa Harris-Perry equates NBA with slavery. Sure, every day the NBA comes up to some poor fellow and says “sink baskets for millions of dollars a year plus millions more in endorsements or else!” Those poor souls would much rather be talking to themselves in front of MSNBC’s cameras next to MH-P, right?

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CNN Anchor: Michelle Obama Signed a Bill Into Law. Yes and we wonder if you believe that 1 + 1 = Potato?

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First lady: Rolling back school lunch standards ‘unacceptable: We don’t know where Michelle Obama developed this strange passion for starving kids but it is certainly better than her strange passion for aborting them.

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Prince Charles: A “fundamental transformation of global capitalism” is needed in order to tackle climate change. Say, how about starting by ditching something that’s totally useless, contributes nothing to society, costs a lot and worsens our carbon footprint… such as royal families.

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Politico: HRC’s new book has sold one million copies! She sold out of books almost as fast as she sold out her countrymen in Benghazi.

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Has Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million gift to Newark public schools gone down the drain? “… four years later, Zuckerberg’s money has run out, having been spent mostly on labor contracts and consulting fees with no noticeable improvement in student performance…” Kinda like dumping $100 million worth of chum into the shark tank. Thanks for the donation, sucker.

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White House blew the cover of the top CIA agent in Afghanistan. “…the person’s name was included on a list given to reporters during a visit to the country by President Barack Obama. … The agent in question, listed as chief of station, would be a top manager of CIA activity in Afghanistan.” #LikeABumblingOx

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An IHTM Salute to Our Veterans. We at IHTM thank you. Because of you we have the freedom to write here.

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