December 2014

Top dumb videos of 2014. Brought to you by The Huffington Post… because, as we all know, HuffPo is really good at keeping abreast of the dumb stuff.

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Lena Dunham’s Republican rapist not Republican (and probably not a rapist). Turns out her original book proposal told the same rape story with Philip Samuel Ungar, liberal son of an NPR All Things Considered host, as the rapist. (In Mr. Ungar’s defense, there’s no real world evidence that he ever wanted to see her naked, either.)

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BREAKING: White House Literally Threatens to Shut Down Department of Homeland Security. If the GOP has any balls they’ll call his bluff. Hahahahaha! Fat chance of the GOP having any balls.

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Ten Reasons To Say “NO!” To A Jeb Bush Presidency. Only 10?

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MSNBC CLOSES 2014 IN LAST PLACE, HEMORRHAGING VIEWERS. Even the libtards can’t deal with MSNBS.

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Global sea ice breaks record high for day. This is how ice ages sneak up on you. First the sea ice slowly covers more of the ocean, then the temperatures start sinking because the ice reflects the sun, then the glaciers start creeping down from the mountain tops… before you know it you’re wearing four pairs of long underwear, eating whale blubber, and there’s a wooly mammoth chasing your Toyota Prius down the street.

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Bill de Blasio’s Meeting With NYPD Leadership Yields ‘No Resolve’. This is no surprise. Perhaps the police should start backing Republicans. Having city hall support is more imporant than making another 50 cents an  hour, especially if you’re dead and can’t spend it.

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So, turns out maybe Steve Scalise didn’t speak at a white supremacist event after all. So, do we have a story here or not?

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Rabidly Anti-Gun Chicago Mayor Puts Up Signs in Front of House Warning of Armed Guards. Hypocrite we much!

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Pathetic: De Blasio Pushing NY Democrats To Publicly Bash The NYPD For Humiliating Him… NYC voters evidently wanted a big crybaby douchebag for mayor.

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BREAKING: Report of SHOTS FIRED at Police in Ferguson. Here we go.

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Animal rights activists free hippo from circus, hippo gets hit by car, hippo dies. It’s easy to feel bad for the hippo but at least he was free for a couple minutes. How would you like to be the car owner trying to explain this to your insurance company?

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BOEHNER DEFENDS SCALISE AS MORE TIES TO FORMER KKK GRAND WIZARD EMERGE. Is Boner committing political suicide by backing this guy? Based upon this article it appears Scalise knew exactly who he was dealing with. While we’re at it, why is Al Sharpton at the White House all the time? That is as bad as what Scalise did if  not worse.

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Arrests plummet 66% with NYPD in virtual work stoppage. Who can blame them?Evidently no one has their back, so why bother?

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Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama top Gallup list of most admired people. We have to  ask. Did they only call people at Planned Parenthood and NAACP offices?

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Obama pulls the rug out from under NJ doctors’ Medicaid reimbursement rates. Reducing Doctor’s already low pay rates by approximately 50% certainly  isn’t a great way to get healthcare for the poor if it drives many of them to quit taking Medicaid patients. Eleventy!

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Black Man Shoots Into Durham Police Officer’s Apartment, Second Unprovoked Attack Against Cops In 3 Days Did someone declare open season on cops?

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Obama announces end of “our combat mission in Afghanistan.” Although 9,800 troops will remain in the country “to conduct counterterrorism operations.” Say what? Apparently the president has re-defined the word “combat”—maybe he sent a memo to Webster’s.

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White House: Michelle O’s ‘turnip dance’ one of her top 2014 moments. We wonder if she’ll get an Oscar for Best Short Film of Two Turnips Dancing?

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Obama Adviser Jonathan Gruber In 2009: Obamacare Will NOT Be Affordable. Lying bastard.

“The real substance of cost control is all about a single thing: telling patients they can’t have something they want. It’s about telling patients, ‘That surgery doesn’t do any good, so if you want it you have to pay the full cost.’”

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Bill de Blasio’s Pick for NYPD Oversight Board Linked to Group in Cop-Killer Video. The fox is i the henhouse.

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ALERT: Here’s the List of Companies Who Fund Al Sharpton’s Race War [PHOTO]. Blackmail? Oh wait that’s racist. How about ‘contributions?’

Al Sharpton

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Pravda Proud – Local CBS Station In Los Angeles Reports on Kwanzaa Parade That Never HappenedTalk about Faux News.

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REPORT: JIM WEBB FAMILY MEMBERS EARNED $100,000 FROM PAC. So really, what’s worse? Being a dumbass and addressing a glorified KKK meeting or ripping off donors for a hundred grand? And let’s not even get into what the Clinton’s probably rip off from their charity.

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FBI briefed on alternate Sony hack theory. AKA probably a job by ex-employees who still had the key’s to the Sony kingdom. Frankly, we think that if the North Koreans had done this that they’d have gleefully taken credit.

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