April 2015

IRS May Be Trying to Stop Tax Exemption of Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS. Fine with us. Rove will only use this to get his RINO boy Jeb elected anyway.

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Muslim Pakistan includes ‘Beef Masala’ in relief supplies to Hindu Nepal… where they consider cows sacred.

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60 Thugs Run Amuck In Charleston – Rioting, Attacking, Shouting: “F**k The White People”… What a great idea morons. Scare the eff out of white people in South Carolina and cause a resurgence of the KKK.

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George Soros May Face a Monster Tax Bill. $6.7 billion. We wonder if Vegas is taking bets on whether he’ll ever pay this, which is something we seriously doubt with Obama in charge.

Soros - Dr. Evil

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Starbucks is Selling California Spring Water For $1.95 a Bottle Amid a Historic Drought. Another Starbucks #fail. You’d think the brain-trust at Starbucks would get their water from sources outside of California until this drought is over. We wonder of Jerry Brown is going to fine them $10,000 per day for wasting water?

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Bookstore in UN European Headquarters features anti-Semitic books. Since this is the building that houses the Muslim-dominated Human Rights Council, it’s no surprise that they have special displays for books targeting Jews and Israel.

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Lesbian math. Indoctrinate while they’re young, that’s the strategy.

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BOOM: Baltimore Race Rioters Are Going to FREAK When They Hear This Judge’s Ruling. What? $500,000 bail? What? Habeas corpus suspended? We hope they enjoy staying in jail instead of being let out to loot and pillage again.

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The truth about Freddie Gray’s ‘pre-existing injury from car accident.’ It appears per the Baltimore Sun that the truth is the settlement was for lead exposure and had nothing to do with a car wreck or back surgery. This isn’t the first time we’ve been burned at it won’t be the last.

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Prisoner in van said Freddie Gray was ‘trying to injure himself,’ document says. Yet another question about this whole ordeal that could change things.

Did he try to injure himself? Did he have spine surgery the week before as some claim?

Sooner or later the truth will come out, but it will be too late as you can’t undo all the carnage done in Baltimore.

BALTIMORE — A prisoner sharing a police transport van with Freddie Gray told investigators that he could hear Gray “banging against the walls” of the vehicle and believed that he “was intentionally trying to injure himself,” according to a police document obtained by The Washington Post.

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Bernie Sanders officially declaring for presidency tomorrow. With Bernie joining Hillary, the average age on Inauguration Day of the Democrat Party’s two declared presidential candidates is 72. Good thing the Republicans have a Walker in the race ’cause it looks like the Democrats are going to need one.

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CNN decides the root cause of Baltimore riots is… veterans. And they wonder why ratings keep sinking.

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Thousands of Lois Lerner’s Emails Recovered. David Copperfield must be the new inspector general.

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Apple Watch doesn’t work if you have tattoos. Hmm, this sounds like the sort of product failure that happens when a company’s CEO is more concerned with gay rights and windmills than the actual business of the company.

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Source: Baltimore mayor ordered police to stand down. We wonder where she got that idea from ? (Hint: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. 20500)

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Shady Clinton Foundation Failed to Disclose 1,100 Foreign Donations. Just a minor accounting mistake, nothing to see here.

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BREAKING: FREDDIE GRAY ALLEGEDLY HAD SPINE SURGERY JUST ONE WEEK BEFORE ARREST. If this is true it’s going to be a major game changer and it’s going to make a lot of morons look dumber than morons.

CONFIRMED: Court records show Freddie Gray was receiving a structured settlement from Allstate Insurance and attempted to convert it into one lump sum in early March.

H/T DRB and poppajoe49

NOTE: This story is evidently BS. Here’s the link to the story. No reflection on DRB or poppajoe49, they just reported the website to us and finding out later it’s BS happens to all of us. We prefer to own up to the truth vs. ignoringo or deleting the post  it as some websites do.

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‘Uncle Tom Ass Nigga F**K YOU!’ – Black Twitter Responds to Obama’s ‘Thug’ Speech on Baltimore. It appears the black community isn’t as enchanted with Presidet Obama as they used to be.

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Baltimore City Council President Apologizes to Rioters:

The president of the Baltimore City Council apologized for calling rioters “thugs” at a press conference Tuesday, calling those responsible for the violence “misdirected” youths.

No, he was right the first time.

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Obama Makes a Joke(out of something other than our country):

On Charles and David Koch, who are poised to raise up to a billion dollars for a GOP candidate, the president quipped: “I raised a lot of money too, but my middle name is Hussein. What’s their excuse?’’

Their excuse, Mr. President, is that mounting a campaign becomes an awful lot more expensive when you’re running not only against the other guy but his fellow travelers in the media, the school systems, the unions, the DOJ, the IRS, the FCCCP, the INS, various foreign governments, the office of Wisconsin Nazi John Chisholm, all the vote buying programs collectively known as welfare and the Obama polling stations where participation exceeds the qualifying population.

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EPIC VIDEO: Mother Beats Her Son When She See’s Him Rioting in Baltimore. Put this mom in charge of Baltimore and watch the riots disappear.

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Iran seizes U.S. ship, 34 sailors. This should get interesting. We’ll see how President Carter Obama reacts.

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STUNNING NEW CHART O` THE DAY: How the Clinton Foundation Spent its Money in 2013. Evidently they’re believers that charity starts at home and screw everyone else.

clinton foundation spending 2013

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Violence erupts in Baltimore as roving gangs attack police, torch patrol car, loot stores following Freddie Gray funeral. Democrats…if you like your violence you can keep your violence.

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GoFundMe will raise money for murderers and child molesters… but not for Christian bakeries.

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