May 2015

Patriot Act expires as Paul blocks final vote on NSA reform. Don’t get all excited. We seriously doubt the NSA will quit spying on everyone as they most likely have a huge black budget they can whip out to pay the bills if need be and two, the morons in Washington, DC will soon figure out a way to put it back in play anyway.

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RESTAURANT TREND: WAITERS TIPS TO PAY FOR MINIMUM WAGE HIKE. It appears Newton’s Third Law of Motion can now be applied to economics. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Sir Isaac Newton

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Mitch McConnell expected to swallow USA Freedom Act. Gee and Obama isn’t even around.

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It’s Official: The Donald To Make Major Announcement in June. Hopefully he’ll tell everyone WTF that is on top of his head. Other than that we could just care less.

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Virgin Mary Painting Covered in Dung and Porn to be Sold at Christie’s. My isn’t it amazing the New York Times shows this offensive photo but no photos of Mohammed. Go to the link to see the photo. We don’t want it on our site.

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How Ty Cobb was framed as a racist. Even back then we could have hated the media. Sounds like the stuff the MSM pulls today with regularity.

ty cobb

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New Internet Taxes to Pay for Freebies: A Chicken In Every Pot and Broadband In Every Home. Lean forward taxpayers! Yet another redistribution of your money.

lean forward

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Meanwhile, for President Obama, nothing but free time… He played 18 holes yesterday and it only took four and a half hours, so he decided to keep going and played another 9 holes.

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Elon Musk: crony capitalist. $4.9 billion in government subsidies and counting. In the old days, people got rich by meeting an economic need. That was the American way. Here in the 21st century, people get rich by shouldering their way up to the public trough and gorging until they’re fat.

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Good news for U.S. foreign policy. Kerry fell off his bike and broke his leg. He had to be flown home from Switzerland. So what about the talks with Iran? “The prospect of a lengthy rehabilitation could hamper the nuclear talks and other diplomatic endeavors.” Yippee.

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Will Smith’s son wears dress & sneakers to prom. Quick survey: fathers, what would be your reaction if some spoiled-rotten, disrespectful, Hollywood child showed up to take your daughter to her prom dressed like that?

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If the Democrats worried about cancer like they do gun control. Beau Biden’s unfortunate death today from brain cancer got us thinking. Could Beau Biden and lot of other people have been saved if the Democrats were as persistent and vicious about attacking Cancer as they are with gun control? Think about it. According to the in 2013 there were 33,636 gun deaths in the United States. According to the CDC in 2013 there were 584,881 cancer deaths in the United States. Food for thought folks.

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New Report Finds Obamacare Overhead to Cost $273 Billion. Stephen Hawking has discovered a new black hole….Obamacare.

Money down black hole

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Joe Biden Announces Passing of Son, Beau Biden. We may joke about Joe and his gaffs but no one deserves to lose a child. It’s a very sad day for a parent. IHTM offers our sincerest condolences to Vice President Joe Biden. May your son rest in peace. Update: He had brain cancer.

Beau Biden

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Vatican Chief Justice: Nancy Pelosi Must Be Denied Communion. Well, well, it looks like it’s instant karma time. Pelosi just threw Rubio under the bus about being a bad Catholic and now Cardinal Raymond Burke has thrown her under the bus. In our book a Cardinal trumps a dopey representative, big time.

Cardinal Raymond Burke

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NANCY PELOSI PAINTS MARCO RUBIO AS A BAD CATHOLIC. You have to love it when the gay marriage – abortion queen knocks another Catholic. Amazing hypocrisy.

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When Will Climate Scientists Say They Were Wrong? Below is delusion vs. reality. Meanwhile, millions of morons believe delusion including the one in the White House.

Climate graph 2015 Observations vs reality

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Administration preps new gun regulations. The headline should be ‘Administration tells Congress to eff off again and pulls new regulations out of their assholes.’

Map of the US with the address of all criminals wwith guns

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Child sex abuse claims shake UN as revelations continue. Just what we need, another reason the US should boot the UN out of New York City and stop contributing.

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Asshat of the day video. We thought we’d do something different today. We present you a moron who appears to be a product of inbreeding who obviously should have his ass kicked.

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BREAKING: Meet the Largely Unknown Legal Concept that Could Destroy Hillary Clinton for Good. Sorry no, they’re not going to pour water on her and watch her melt.

Hillary I'm melting

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Democrats Turn To Election Losers. We have to wonder why they want to regain control of the Senate when Obama gets more stuff from his bitch Mitch than he ever did from Happy Harry.

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Why new green fuel rules could damage car engines. This is exactly what the bastards at the EPA want. It’s an effort to force people into electric cars no one’s buying.


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One of the founders of Ben & Jerry’s has a recipe for Bernie Sanders ice cream How may children have to go hungry so that bourgeois fatcat Bernie Sanders can have his very own flavor of ice cream?

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‘Tyranny is in America’: Anti-Muslim armed rally organizer says he’s headed into hiding after getting death threats. For all their talk of opposing “hate” the proglodytes seem to be missing a fine opportunity to denounce all the hate involved in threatening to kill someone for having engaged in some free expression.

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