June 2015

Newly Released Emails Show Obama Aides Knew Of Hillary Clinton’s Private Email As Early As 2009. Must have been Extra Double Super Top Secret.


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David Axelrod caught emailing Hillary Clinton at personal address he knew nothing about. Axelrod goes Sargent Schultz.

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Smartest women ever hears about cabinet meeting on the radio. We now wonder of someone had to turn on the radio for her?


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Hillary can’t use a fax but wants to be President. Imagine when she gets that 3 AM phone call? Oh wait, we already know the result of that one.

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Pigs really CAN fly: United Airlines flights could soon run on non-edible ANIMAL fats, farm waste and household rubbish. So are Muslims going to get offended and stop this? If not, will they fly on it? What’s the call sign going to be? This is Flight French Fry 411 requesting permission to taxi. Perhaps they’ll have Halal flights with no pork fat running the engines?

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Greece Defaults. First developed country to default. “Falling into arrears,” something the Greeks do well.

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Donald Trump Sues Univision for $500 Million. Trump should just buy it and fire everyone.

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While fighting for gag orders on defense attorneys… Marilyn Mosby was posing for a photo spread in Vogue, getting interviewed by Cosmopolitan, and appearing on stage with the artist formerly and currently (last we heard anyway) known as Prince.

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The power of dumb ideas.

“Sometime this summer, a United Airlines flight will take off from Los Angeles International Airport bound for San Francisco using fuel generated from farm waste and oils derived from animal fats.”

This could go from dumb to ugly: if they land in San Francisco smelling like French fries and the lefties discover they had trans fats in the jet fuel, there’ll be riots.

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New York Is Business-Friendly: Mexican Sinoloa Cartel Offers FREE Meth in NY. Here they go again, trying to steal business from New Jersey.

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Obama proposes major overtime pay expansion, amid GOP resistance. Yep, we agree that this will put a lot of people on part time. More smart economics.

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Amid Puerto Rico debt woes, reality hits San Juan streets. The Greece of the Caribbean. So nobody’s making money so the libtardos raise the sales tax to 11.5%. That should really attract tourism. Not!

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Chris Christie Enters Presidential Race. Golf clap.

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Illinois 24 hours away from government shutdown. The result of Democrat delusionsists spending money they don’t have who will no doubt lay the blame at the feet of the Republican governor.

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‘Things Just Got Violent’: Dueling Confederate Flag Protests Outside S.C. Statehouse Nearly Plunge Area Into Chaos. The race-baiters, hate-mongers and fear-mongers are smiling now.

Screengrab via Twitter video

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Voting-Rights Advocates Get Win at Supreme Court. I don’t got to show you no stinkn’ citizenship papers.

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Trump: NBC ‘stands behind Brian Williams,’ not people who tell it ‘like it is.’ Sorry, NBC only deals in illusion.

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Greece Crisis: Banks Shut For Week, Restrictions Imposed on ATMs. $60 Euro per day limit on ATM withdrawals ($67.00). Bend forward.

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Trooper had the law on his side when he shot unarmed escapee. Good thing Sweat isn’t black or Sharpton and Obama would be stirring it up.

Escapee David Sweat

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Elena Kagan in 2009:

“There is no federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage.”

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How much does it cost to buy a Republican soul? Well, to get TPA passed, it was $9 million for McConnell’s soul, $5 million for Boehner’s, and $2 million for Ryan’s.

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India has a solution for Global Warming: Heat-tolerant dwarf cows.

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This Group of Americans Just BANNED Gay Marriage Forever. We wonder how Fauxchahontas feels about this?

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Judge orders Brady Center to pay ammo dealer’s legal fees after dismissing lawsuit. Perhaps this judge should be on the Supreme Court. Judge Matsch said:

“It is apparent that this case was filed to pursue the political purposes of the Brady Center and, given the failure to present any cognizable legal claim, bringing these defendants into the Colorado court where the prosecution of James Holmes was proceeding appears to be more of an opportunity to propagandize the public and stigmatize the defendants than to obtain a court order,” he said in his order. 

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Breaking: Supreme Court rules against EPA on pollution rules. Ruled 5-4 against EPA pollution rules for power plants. Smog Nazis smacked upside the head.

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