June 2015

John Roberts: I … can’t help but think this decision opens the door to legal polygamy. Well, at least they’ll be able to get Obamacare for all their wives or husbands. Perhaps bisexuals will be able to have one of each? Who will be first to use this? CAIR or the Mormons? All questions that remain to be answered that perhaps were not considered by some on the Supreme Court.

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Liberals want to control your underwear, too. North Charleston police sergeant Shannon Dildine was fired yesterday for owning Confederate flag boxer shorts.

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Like yesterday’s decision about Obamacare, words not in the Constitution magically appear. 5-4 ruling, Kennedy swing vote.

Roberts: “The majority’s decision is an act of will, not legal judgment.” Amazing hubris. Isn’t this exactly what Roberts did yesterday? 

Gay flag.

The closing of Kennedy’s opinion. Sounds real ‘legal’ to us. Let’s base all future SCOTUS decisions on touchy-feely from now on.

Closing Kennedy Opine on Gay Marriage

Part of Robert’s dissenting opinion. This could be said about yesterday’s ruling on Obamcare.

Robert's Dissent Partial Gay Marriage

Another part of Robert’s dissent. Deepthinker called it. We’d especially be curious to see what happens when a Mosque refuses to marry two gays. No doubt not one damn thing.

Part 2 Robert's dissent on gay marriage

Scalia’s dissent (footnote). “Mystical aphorisms of the fortune cookie.”

Scalia dissent gay marriaage

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National Cathedral to remove Confederate stained glass. Yet another fit of politically correct.

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Vatican signs treaty with “State of Palestine”: Fake country signs treaty with other fake country; Jewish women and children to be the hardest hit.

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Grenoble attack: Man found beheaded and Islamist flag raised above factory in France: Unable to find a Confederate Battle Flag at Amazon the racist terrorists had to resort to using an Obama approved banner instead.

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Meet the new Obama Approved Dukes of Hazzard Dodge Charger. Oh, Bo and Luke Duke have been replaced. Can’t have a Confederate flag yanno.

Dukes of Hazzard Gay Charger

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House bill would force the Supreme Court to enroll in ObamaCare. While you’re at it add everyone in Congress and all Federal employees except the military. It’s important all of you know what the impact is when you pass a law and when you enforce one.

“As the Supreme Court continues to ignore the letter of the law, it’s important that these six individuals understand the full impact of their decisions on the American people,” he said.

“That’s why I introduced the SCOTUScare Act to require the Supreme Court and all of its employees to sign up for ObamaCare,” Babin said.

“By eliminating their exemption from ObamaCare, they will see firsthand what the American people are forced to live with,” he added.

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Chris Christie to Run. Not literally of course.

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Obama Tosses Heckler From LGBT Event: ‘You’re In My House’: Remember when the White House was the people’s house? That was back before the era of a government of Obama, by Obama and for Obama.

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Boehner Marks Six Months of Progress on the People’s Priorities. If you like sick comedy read his post. So today “a state” became “the state” and now Boehner is referring to the “people’s prioritys.” Sound Stalinesque to you?

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Apple removes war games featuring Confederate flag from App Store. More PC bullshit. This is a slippery slope. If they removed every game that offended someone they’d have few left.

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Obamacare Ruling May Have Just Killed State-Based Exchanges. There’s really no reason to have them now is there? Especially since they all seem to be bleeding money.

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Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare subsidies.

Obama must be passing out Vaseline to everyone in Washington, DC this week as a hint of what will happen if they don’t conform. See Scalia’s comment below.

Media preview

Justice John Roberts once again voted in support of ObamaCare. No surprise here. This is a very good example of how important Presidential appointments to the Supreme Court are. In this case George W. Bush failed big time when he nominated Roberts as did the Senate when they approved him.

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House Republicans Considering Impeachment of IRS Head over Stonewalling in Lois Lerner Investigation. Frankly we are amazed he isn’t in jail.

IRS John Koskinen

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Mitch McConnell to Kentucky Capitol: Lose the Jefferson Davis Statue. We have to now ask when’s Obama divorcing Michelle and when’s Mitch going to become the new Mrs. Obama?

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‘Gone with the Wind’ should go the way of the Confederate flag. Looks like this insanity is an infection gone wild. Meanwhile there’s tons of movies about Adolph Hitler and the Nazis we don’t hear anyone complaining about.

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Testicle chomping fish from Amazon found in New Jersey lake. The stories about illegal immigrants allowed into the country by Obama’s open border policies keep getting worse.

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USA Spied on France: Apparently all the microphones were hidden under the soap.

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Amazon Bans Confederate Battle Flag: Fortunately for their progressive customers Mein Kampf still appears to be available, but you’ll have to forgive us for not linking to it.

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Senate approves fast-track, sending trade bill to White House. Boehner and McConnell are done bending over for the day. Guess their lord and master Obama couldn’t wait until Thursday.

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Bobby Jindal Isn’t Real Indian, Says White Liberals: Obviously. All legit Indians have authentic ancestral names like Warren.

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Rolling Stone’s Glamour-boy Sentenced to Death. Tsarnaev was found guilty of all 30 charges related to the bombing in April and sentenced to be executed in May. Now we’ll see how many years it takes.

Media preview

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Say what? Climate experts are back to predicting an ice age. Turns out the sun—that big ball of fire that warms the planet but the IPCC seems to think is irrelevant—has been unusually inactive lately and the repercussions could be dire. Our No Shit Sherlock moment for the month.

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Valerie Jarrett’s family. According to FBI files, Jarrett’s father was an ardent communist in communication with a Soviet agent who fled the country to avoid arrest, her grandfather, another communist, had a business partnership with that same Soviet agent, and her father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, was considered by the FBI a “potential Communist saboteur.”

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