August 2015

Time for the Hillary e-mail dump of the month. If anyone’s interested in reading them. We suspicion most or all of the good stuff has been declared “classified.”

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Will Mitt Romney Jump In? If he does it’s proof the GOP is insane. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

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HILLARY SHARED AN EMAIL NETWORK WITH THE CLINTON FOUNDATION. How many crimes does she have to commit before her Teflon pantsuit wears out?

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Father of Murder Victim Will Campaign For Gun Control, After He Buys One. We pray we never have to go though the pain of losing a child but this guy gives the impression to us that a) he’s getting his 15 minute of fame at his daughter’s expense and now b) he’s a typical gun-control hypocrite.

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BREAKING: State Department says 150 more Hillary Clinton emails have been ‘upgraded’ to classified status in the release scheduled for tonight. But…but…there were no classified emails on her server according to Hillary.

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Barack Obama to test survivor skills on Bear Grylls show. The real test would be if they tried to live on Michelle’s school lunches for a week.

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Peak Oil Theory takes another hit. An Italian energy company discovered a new “supergiant” natural gas field in the Mediterranean that might be the largest ever.

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Obama, six years seven months in office: 250 rounds of golf and 443 fundraisers.

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Wal-Mart is cutting workers’ hours after pay raise. Touchy-feely, meet reality.

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New York Democrat’s kinky sex desires gave wife PTSD. Sometimes he liked to pretend he was a pony. Other times he dressed up like a maid. Sounds like the perfect Democrat—if the guy ran for president he’d clean up.

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Bernie’s Golden Parachute: There is a temptation here to accuse our favorite self-proclaimed socialist of acting like the very free market capitalists he has made a career out of disdaining. But that would be a mistake. In an unencumbered free market any organization giving out $200,000.00 to outgoing, but politically connected, failures would likely go bankrupt. Which is precisely why they need big government apparatchiks in the first place. Without men like Bernie $anders the little guy might very well forget his place and put them out of business.

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The ‘Denali’ Word Obama Chose for Mt. McKinley Has a Hidden Meaning That’s Already Spawning Jokes. Oh look! Obama named something after himself! Denali means “the high one.” Choom on folks!

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Obama on climate change trip to Alaska, summer snow storm in forecast. The Gore Effect strikes again.

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Jared Fogle’s foundation reportedly a sham. So what does Fogle’s foundation have in common with the Clinton Foundation?

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IRS drops a bomb on small employers. Yet another Obamacare bomb. The way this is going the only employer that will be left is the government. If you assist an employee with their health care cost you’re subject to a $100 per day excise tax. $36,500 per year possible total. Meanwhile the toads in Congress do nothing but croak about how wondefull they all are.

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Illinois state lottery not paying winners. But the state is still selling tickets. Gosh, there’s a name for that, isn’t there? What’s that called when someone accepts money with no intention of honoring a contract?

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AMBASSADOR SAYS POPE FRANCIS WILL URGE U.S. TO ‘OPEN DOORS’ FOR IMMIGRANTS. If Pope Commie I is so worried about them he should let them move into the Vatican.

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Top Jeb fundraisers leave campaign amid troubling signs. Possible sighting of Rove wandering around singing I am the egg man…I am the egg man…

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New York Times libels Justice Thomas with phony statistics. “Supreme Court Justice of Few Words, Many Not His Own,” says the headline. The article then tries to make him out as a plagiarist and dummy. Trouble is, the studies cited don’t say what the NYSlimes article claims they say.

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80-year-old woman trampled to death in Venezuelan supermarket stampede. Communism—always a flagrant mess.

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Texas County Sheriff Assassinated – Black Male Suspect Ambushed and Shot Officer In Back Of Head…. Thanks to Obama it’s now open season on cops and white people. Suspect in custody.

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Potential Hall of Famer Curt Schilling gets pilloried for telling truth. Here’s what he tweeted:

It’s said only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis. How’d that go?

For that he is enduring a firestorm and was suspended by ESPN. The lesson being: don’t work for ESPN unless you’re a flaming asshole like Keith Olbermann.

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California bill declares ungraduated high school students graduated. So that’s all it takes? Then why are we wasting money on schools and teachers?

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Obama’s NLRB just redefined the word “employer” and it’s going to be bad. Trying to tilt the roulette wheel for the unions is all this is. Sounds to us like if you hire a temp and tell the temp to wear a uniform you just became a co-employer and you can expect a visit from your local union organizer.

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BREAKING: Here is How Senators Were Paid Off (Bribed) to Support Treasonous TPP. TPP=The Payoff Pays

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