October 2015

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Altamont Pass: Controversial wind turbine company blamed for bird deaths shutting down. Now this is what we call progress.

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Blow up between senator and gun control advocate leads to apology, police report. As usual it was the anti-gun guy making the threats.

“I’m going to be your worst nightmare you little bastard,” and another that read, “When you see me again, you best walk the other way lest I beat your little ass with my bare hands.”

Blow up between senator and gun control advocate leads to apology, police report

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Commerce Department using Common Core math to calculate GDP growth. Government statistics under Obama have become so ludicrous, analysts just make jokes about them rather than take them seriously. Durable goods orders went up 2% in July, down 3% in August, and down 1.2% in September, and somehow the Commerce Department calculated they added 0.48% to GDP growth.

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Happy Halloween, looks what’s headed for Earth. That’s Asteroid 2015 TB145. It’s as large as a football stadium, looks like a giant skull, and will arrive this afternoon.

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Saint Louis / Ferguson Church Arsonist Arrested Look! It’s the white, Republican, conservative KKK member who was burning black churches!

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Ben Affleck had Hillary Clinton’s private email address. Looks like about everyone on the planet had her email save for Ambassador Stevens.

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Breaking: Hundreds Of Students Walk Out Over Firing Of Spring Valley School Resource Officer. Looks like we have yet another story trumped up by the MSM to fit their narrative.

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Hundreds more Clinton emails now deemed classified. Yet she’s still out running around in stead of in jail.

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RNC DUMPS NBC FROM DEBATE: NETWORK TRIED TO ‘EMBARRASS OUR CANDIDATES.’’ Well, in our humble opinion some of them didn’t need any help to be embarrassing, some of them made it  point to embarrass the dumbass CNBC moderators. Nevertheless, even though Reince owns this fiasco, we agree NBC should be out.


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Senate passes two-year budget deal at three in the morning. “Quick, let’s grab all the goodies we can before the American people revolt or this shithole city collapses under its own weight.”

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Stent time! Tomorrow at O’Dark:30 I go in for an angiogram, probably will lead to an angioplasty or probably a stent. Hopefully not a bypass. Hopefully I’ll be back on before noon. Prayers and good wishes are graciously accepted. I’ll update when I’m able.

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Report: Obama’s Paris Climate Change Plan to Cost Up to $45 Billion Per Year. “Reduces global temperatures less than two-tenths of one degree.” Makes his cronies with green scam companies rich!

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Cost of Regulations Will Take Your Breath Away. This is what happens when you have an unaccountable agency running amok. Bend forward. We’ve been saying for years that the trucking industry should just boycott California because they’re regulating interstate commerce, but no one has the balls to park all their rigs at the border and flip Jerry Brown off. It’s finally going to the Supreme Court, but with that bunch of wackadoodles, who knows?

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NOAA withholds climate documents from Congress. A two-bit agency head who decides to act like a two-bit dictator when he’s really a two-bit climate whore.

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Department of Energy says jack-o’-lanterns cause Global Warming. We can’t help wondering what else causes Global Warming… like maybe pointless overbearing climate announcements from useless government bureaucrats?

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CNBC debate moderators unfriendly and unprofessional to Republican candidates. After fifty years of the same shit, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was still surprised last night. What does that tell us about the brain power in the Republican establishment?

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Modern art exhibit mistaken for trash. Artists Sara Goldschmied and Eleonora Chiari were not amused when night janitors reacted to their creation of “empty champagne bottles and spent party poppers” by throwing it all in the dumpster… but we were.

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You’ll Never Guess The Politician Sanders Loved Most in 1985. Want to bet Bernie has and loves his Fidel and Che t-shirts?

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Al Gore tweets about Global Warming making people dumber. Now wait a minute, before you start poking fun, let’s admit the man finally found a topic on which he can speak as an expert: being dumber.

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RESOLUTION INTRODUCED TO IMPEACH IRS COMMISSIONER. About time. Now if these cheesedicks follow through for a change.

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Ted Cruz’s plan to pick off the competition. I remarked to someone awhile back who was complaining about Cruz’s campaign that I thought he was sitting back, being kind of quiet and waiting for some of his competition to drop out or screw up, then when the time was right.

The players that were expected to be formidable in those lanes have not got the traction they had hoped,” Cruz said. “The most encouraging thing I would say is that I think three of the lanes are collapsing into one, which is the evangelical lane, the conservative tea party lane, and the libertarian lane are all collapsing into the conservative lane and we’re seeing those lanes unify behind our campaign.”

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Shotguns ‘Sold Out’ In Austria As People Buy Arms Amid Fears Of Influx Of Migrants. Looks like the right to bear arms just became important to those uppity Europeans who love to brag about their gun control.

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Why I Will Vote For Donald Trump (Just Not In the Primary). Don’t like the Donald? It’s better than the Hildabeast. So if you have to, hold your nose, vote and hang on if he’s the GOP candidate.

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Sneaky Muslim Postage Stamp. We wonder how many people buy Christmas stamps at the post office and get one of these? Looks like a Christmas tree right? It’s not. It marks the two most important festivals—or eids—in the Islamic calendar: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. My wife almost bought some of these yesterday until that was pointed out by the Christian post office clerk.


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