December 2015

Feds: N.Y. man linked to ISIL planned New Year’s Eve bar attack. Instead of attacking a bar he’ll be behind bars and perhaps attacked.


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Planned Parenthood 2014 annual report: The number of patients was down 16%, but the amount of federal funding received was up 4.8%… which was John Boehner pretty much spitting in our faces.

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New VA Clinic Opens For Transgender Vets: Finally Klinger can get all the medical care he deserves. All you other American heroes are just going to have to tough it out for a while longer.

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About that Christmas Day mosque fire in Houston. Remember how CAIR shrieked about hate crimes and a fictional spike in attacks on Muslims? And remember how you thought to yourself, “I bet it was another dumbass Muslim burning down his own mosque”? Well, you were right.

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From a Tweet We Just Saw From Salon:

I’m attracted to children but unwilling to act on it. Before judging me harshly, would you be willing to listen?

This person assumes that there is a judgement too harsh for them. We’re not convinced.

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AP-NORC Poll: Online surveillance is OK for most: Sorry guys but the whole point of the Fourth Amendment is that our rights are not to be negotiated by a vote.

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Obama set to unveil curbs on gun sellers: Dear Proglodytes, want tell us again how you fear having a dictator in the White House?

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New Year’s Surprise: Obama Regulation To Give Work-Permits To Foreign College-Graduates: Why spend all the money on grants for American college graduates when we can just import them?

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Militiamen, ranchers in showdown for soul of Burns. Is Bundy II about to happen? In our opinion it seems the Federal Government is getting very high-handed these days. When we were young you generally didn’t see this type of animosity, the government was there to help you, not screw you over.

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Bill Cosby to be charged with sexual assault in 2004 case. Next up should be Bill Clinton but we won’t hold our breath.

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Why are Senate Republicans giving any more judges to President Obama in his lame duck year? Because all they know is to bend over for Obama?

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Report: Obama NSA Stasi Spied on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and U.S. Congress. No doubt collecting information Obama can use to ensure the correct votes in Congress like the recent Omnibus Bill.

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January 1, 2016: The New Bank Bail-In System Goes Into Effect In Europe. The banks got away with stealing peoples deposits in Cyprus, they’re preparing to do it in Europe. Sooner or later you know damn well the Fed and US Government will try and get yet more “other people’s money” to spend on bullshit. Time to start stashing money, silver, gold, what have you in your mattress, safe or secret burial spot just in case.

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NRA Fights Virginia AG Herring’s Partisan Attack On Concealed Carry. How much to buy an attorney general? In Virginia it’s $1,292,417. Don’t believe it? Ask Bloomberg.

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Mosque Linked To Muslim Brotherhood Has Received Millions In Federal Grants. We have to wonder how much of this ends up a) in DNC coffers and b) in the hands of some terrorist group(s) directly or indirectly?

The Islamic Center of Greater Kansas City has received $2,739,891 from the Department of Agriculture since 2010, a Daily Caller analysis has found. The money largely went to the mosque’s Crescent Clinic to provide services through the Women, Infant and Children nutrition program, known as WIC.

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Sanders flies coach, social media says he’s first class: Meaningless populist posturing. If Bernito Sanders cared about the little people he wouldn’t be attempting to buy an election with 18 trillion dollars in new debt handed down to our children.

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Remy: Students United (Tuition Protest Song)- Somebody give this man a Grammy.

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ISIS release ‘rape handbook’ to fighters, with 15 sickening new rules revealed. Aww those nice Muslims making certain rape and slavery are done in a proper manner. No wonder Obama wants to bring hundreds of thousands of them over. We just can’t wait for their Handbook on Goat Sex.

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Costly beliefs: State squeezes last penny from bakers who defied lesbian-wedding cake order. This is what happens when liberals take over. They just love confiscating guns, money, property and most of all constitutional rights.

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Virginia Lawmakers May Take Away Anti-Gun Governor’s Body Guards. We heartily encourage this. Time to play hardball with the gun grabbers. Perhaps Congress should take away all arms from Obama’s secret service protection for starters?

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Liberals Find Out What Happens When You Open Your Home To Muslim Refugees. Looks like one liberal family has had an epiphany. Do we feel sorry for them? Not  one bit. Note you don’t see jack about the police doing anything.

Andrew and Ray Wartnaby

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One person shows up to O’Malley event in Iowa, remains uncommitted. In our humble opinion perhaps he should be committed, like for counseling.

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End of meat? Startups seek meat alternatives for the masses. Soylent Green – here we come!


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State Department lists bringing peace to Syria as 2015 accomplishment. Are they on crack?

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Don’t Let Liberals Tell You What You Can and Can’t Say About Hillary. The first rule about unleashing Bill is don’t talk about Bill.


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