February 2016

New FBI Counter Extremism Site Fails to Mention IslamismBased on this the FBI should drop trying to force Apple to crack the cell phone. They weren’t terrorists, they were only Islamists.

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Amid Trump surge, nearly 20,000 Mass. voters quit Democratic party. Is it a “Trump surge?” Or just people fleeing the Democrat party because they’re disgusted with Hillary and Bernie?

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State Dept. declares 261 new Clinton emails classified. That’s about 2,000 classified emails. Again we ask how damn many does the FBI need for an indictment?

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NASCAR CEO, race car drivers endorse Trump. Some people not gonna be happy about this one.

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Award-Winning Actor George Kennedy Dies at 91. RIP. He was a great actor in a lot of films for a long time.


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Gun Owners of America Endorses Ted Cruz for President. Well this seems like a pretty good endorsement to us. Whether others will remains to be seen.

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Judge: US Can’t Force Apple To Provide Encrypted iPhone Data. NY Federal Judge Rules in favor of Apple. They still have to deal with the Federal Judge in Riverside County though. It looks like it’s time for the Supreme Court to get involved. Or, will the FBI get tricky and try to use the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to get a rubber stamp?

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’60 Minutes’ TV crew attacked and beaten in Sweden. We have little doubt the attacks will ever be seen on TV and that 60 Minutes will edit that part out and only show the nice Muslim people living in harmony.


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BREAKING: Army Again Delays Decision To Boot Green Beret For Attacking Afghan Rapist. As far as we’re concerned they should give this guy a medal and send him back and let him beat the snot out of some more of these child rapists.

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Oscar Ratings: Return Of Chris Rock Sees Show Hit 8-Year Low. Well, who wants to watch an auditorium full of self-aggrandizing, anti-gun, hypocrite greentards?

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Milton Friedman Anticipated Trump and Sanders in a 1974 Interview With Reason Magazine:

The two, chief enemies of the free society or free enterprise are intellectuals, on the one hand, and businessmen, on the other, for opposite reasons. Every intellectual believes in freedom for himself, but he’s opposed to freedom for others. . . . He thinks . . . [that] there ought to be a central planning board that will establish social priorities. . . . The businessmen are just the opposite — every businessman is in favor of freedom for everybody else, but, when it comes to himself that’s a different question. He’s always “the special case”. He ought to get special privileges from the government, a tariff, this, that, and the other thing. . . .

It is hard to categorize Bernie Sanders as an intellectual -after all we’re talking about a man that doesn’t understand interest rates, what standing has to do with the Supreme Court, how due process works and believes that child hunger could be solved by limiting choices in underarm deodorant- but other than that Friedman’s assessment pretty well describes the populist Republican and populist Democrat running for President in 2016.

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Trump’s father was arrested in 1927 KKK brawl with police. And 52 years later he apparently hadn’t changed his ways because his real estate company was successfully sued by the Justice Department for refusing to rent to black people. In case you’re wondering, Donald Trump was 33 years old at that point and working for his father’s company. Seen enough yet?

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Sorry, Girls Just Have to Deal With Being Assaulted for the Sake of Trans People: According to the proglodytes the only places in this country that shouldn’t be safe spaces are people’s private homes and the female restroom.

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The Jig Is Up For Bernie Sanders… Look What He Just Got BUSTED For Doing: Bad news for socialism’s great white hype.

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Valencia College requires that female students be raped. Yes, the headline seems inflammatory but there’s no other way to put it. Female students in a sonography course are required to get on the table so their fellow students, even the male ones, can do a transvaginal ultrasound on them.

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Celebrities to Wear Gun Control Bracelets at Oscars While Surrounded by Massive Increase in Armed Security. OK. Like we needed another reason not to watch the Oscars. Can you spell hypocrites?


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Trump gets first Senate endorsement. Well you can’t honestly say sessions isn’t a conservative. We’d bet that by tomorrow he’ll be known as a RINO in some circles.

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Exclusive new footage of Marine getting booted; wait until you see what you missed. This is a link to tww more videos regarding this.

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Now Even Michael Mann Admits The ‘Pause’ In Global Warming Is Real; Throws Allies To Wolves. So what’s he up to now? We suspicion it might have something to do with his lawsuits. He evidently defaulted on a lawsuit against Dr. Tim Ball in Canada and also has an ongoing lawsuit with Mark Stein. Perhaps he thinks this will make a jury believe he’s an honest Mann. Regardless the motivation it’s a hit for the warmers who have been doing backflips to keep the global warming scam going.

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Friday: Donald Trump “disavows” support of David Duke.

Sunday: Donald Trump doesn’t know who David Duke is.

Somehow, between Friday and Sunday, he forgot who David Duke is. And apparently he’s never heard of the KKK.

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BREAKING: Top DNC official just RESIGNED, wait till you hear why. Endorses Bernie after resigning. Little Debbie must have smoke coming out of her ears.

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Melissa Harris-Perry Fired by MSNBC. Well, she can always switch from tampon earrings to a burqa and get a job with Al Jazeera.


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The Game Changed Last Night in Venezuela– and International Media Is Asleep on the job. Looks like Maduro is terrorizing the populace so he can do whatever he likes with no resistance.

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‘Super lice’ outbreak hits 25 states. No, this isn’t a new super-hero from Comic Con. Make sure to thank Obama and the Democrats if you start itching.


States in pink have the super lice.

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Obama To Expand Surveillance State Powers By Signing A 21 Page Memo. If you like your privacy you can keep your privacy.

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