April 2017

Colorado climate marches cancelled because of cold and snow. Mother Nature keeps trying to teach these morons. How many climate gatherings have to be cancelled because of cold weather before they get it?

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Bloomberg’s Gun Control Rally Against NRA Fizzles In Atlanta. Did about as well as one of North Korea’s missile launches. Maybe they at least fed the homeless guy.

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The FBI Is Investigating Bernie Sanders’s Wife Over Sketchy Land Deal: For those of you that don’t remember Bernie Sanders is the socialist that wants to take over the health care system despite having no expertise in the area except for having run the VA into the ground; he wants to take over the banking system despite having no idea how production calculation or interest rates work and basically having the same economic beliefs as Mussolini; he is the man that complains about rich people not paying their fair share despite only paying 13.5% of his income into federal taxes; he is the Senator that complains of greed despite having three different residences; he is the guy that collected millions of dollars in campaign contributions to stand against Wall Street and then turned around and supported their preferred candidate. So it is little wonder that his wife would be the sort of person that would force a small private college to take on debilitating debt and then cash out a $200,000.00 golden parachute before her actions shut the institution down forever -that her actions may have been illegal, as well as immoral, does not surprise us at all.

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Bill Nye Has Had Enough Of Your ‘Extra Kids’: No more an economist than he is a scientist Bill Nye has failed to grasp the elementary fact that destroying those contributing to the productivity of the world is the same as destroying those who are not.

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Pope Francis warns against “invasion” of libertarianism. Because look at all the people killed and enslaved over the centuries by libertarians, right? Whereas socialists, communists, and Muslims–the people the pope likesthem we don’t need to worry about.

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Berkeley riot organizers tied to NAMBLA and Marxist pedophilia supporters. What in the world, you ask, could possibly be the connection between Marxism and pedophilia? Well, we answer, just like the connection between liberals and Islam, they are demonic allies.

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Yale grad students go on “symbolic” hunger strike. A symbolic hunger strike is when you’re allowed to go eat if you get hungry… which puzzles us, being so similar to what happens when you are not on a hunger strike.

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D’oh! CA Law Requires ‘Assault Rifle’ Registration, but State Registration Web Site Doesn’t Work. Like the the entire rest of the state, this website is FUBAR.

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GOP moves to kill exemption for Congress in healthcare bill. All we can say is it’s about damn time they did this. They need to remove their insider trading exemption, too. The time for them being special is over, they need to feel the effects of their legislation like the rest of us peons.

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Disgrace: Oregon Parade Canceled Due to Violent Threats By ‘Anti-Fascists’ Against Republican Participants. Well, don’t expect the Portland PD to do anymore than the Berkeley PD, which is about zero. PD apparently now stands for Political Department in leftist run cities.

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VIDEO: Maxine Waters suffers brain freeze during rant on North Korea. It must be National Brainfart Week in Washington, DC.

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Pelosi garbles words, mispronounces countries in speech to Refugees International — Video. Nancy Pelosi D – (Dipstick) California. who confuses Yuma with Yamen because she can’t prounouce Yemen.

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Republicans tell Trump to hold up on NAFTA withdrawal. It seems just talking about the wall practically stopped illegal immigration and now it seems Trump’s contemplating dumping NAFTA has the GOP running for cover and Canada and Mexico crapping their pants. Canada says ready to come to NAFTA talks ‘at any time,’ the Nafta Report Sends Peso Reeling and border wall talk leads top Mexican official to float American entry fee.

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UC Berkeley riots: Violence looms as mayor questioned over ties to extremist group: If you are not familiar Jesse Arreguin is the mayor of Berkley. There have been allegations that he is giving support to the political thugs that have been terrorizing the city. These allegations have been bolstered by incidents of local law enforcement seeming to be restrained from performing their duty of protecting citizens and property that are being targeted for violence by the fascist left. Note: Don’t blame the police for what you see in this video, it seems very likely that their hands were tied.

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Ann Coulter cancels Berkeley event amid protests: First they came for dissenting speech and we did not speak out -because we were afraid of violence from the fascist left.

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Nordstrom is selling jeans caked in fake dirt for hundreds of dollars. Because work is just a four letter word.

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How crazy is U.S. immigration law? In border towns, Mexican kids line up every morning to cross the border so they can attend free public schools in the U.S. Why? Simply because their mothers crossed the border to have their babies in U.S. hospitals, they are considered U.S. citizens. They have never lived here and their parents have never lived here but we have to educate them.

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College students feel unsafe as chicken sandwiches loom. Bawking chickens who are afraid of chicken sandwiches. Perhaps someone should spread Chick-fil-A’s around Berkeley when Ann Coulter speaks. That will keep the rioters away.

CAUTION! May cause special snowflakes to run.


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Weekly Thread 4/25 to 5/2/17. The left continues to throw giant monkey wrenches at conservatives.

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San Francisco Judge Blocks Trump Order On Sanctuary City Money. Here we go again. Not amazingly the leftards found another libtard Obama appointee to block Trump from cutting off funds. Looks like he is well liked by Planned Parenthood, too.

Update: Judge Who Blocked Trump Sanctuary City Order Bundled $200K for Obama

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If you have “genital preferences” in dating, you are a bigot. That’s according to activist Riley J. Dennis, a man who thinks he’s a woman, who says being a man who prefers that his date have a vagina or a woman who prefers that her date have a penis is transphobic.

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BART takeover robbery: 40 to 60 teens swarm train, rob weekend riders. Welcome to Oaklandistan, where you can only get a concealed carry permit if you’re a cop, politician or a celebrity. Self-defense isn’t considered a good enough reason these days.

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The most cringeworthy performance of the year —My Sexy Junk : This clip of cringe inducing insanity and industrial level derp is from the new Netflix original series “Bill Nye Saves the World”. A streaming television show in which Bill Nye does not save the world, or his dignity, or an audience.

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Mike Bloomberg reveals he didn’t run for President because he worried his record as Mayor of New York meant he could not hide his true beliefs in order to win. Just what we need – President Big Gulp.

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In the 1950s Planned Parenthood admitted that abortion was murder. That was before they realized how much money they could make killing babies.

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