May 2017

Federal agents nab nearly 200 people in L.A.-area immigration raids targeting criminals. This is what we call a good start.

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Mark Zuckerberg joins Silicon Valley bigwigs in calling for government to give everybody free money. Free means if you’re a freeloader it won’t be your money but if you work it will be your money. We think dorkboy should fund this 100% out of HIS money.

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FBI misses House committee’s deadline for providing Comey’s Trump memos. “Consultation” must mean they’re either forging one or Comey is trying to figure out how to get out of it if one doesn’t really exist.

In a letter released Thursday, Assistant Director Gregory Brower, in the FBI’s Office of Congressional Affairs, told committee chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz the special counsel investigation means more “consultation” is needed before any documents are released.

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White women not allowed to make burritos in Portland. Because they “culturally appropriated” from Mexicans the food they were selling from their food cart.

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GOP candidate charged after allegedly ‘body slamming’ reporter.

We here at IHTM are old enough to remember when, now, Senator Al Franken was fairly well cheered for physically attacking the public.

Tired of several ranting detractors trying to shout down Howard Dean at a New Hampshire rally on Monday, Al Franken cleared the air by knocking them down. Not rhetorically, mind you. He aimed himself at one of the cacophonous critics and charged. “I was a wrestler so I used a wrestling move,” Franken said.

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Trump, Macron engage in a little handshake diplomacy.

U.S. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron barely know each other but they seemed to have a hard time letting go when they first met on Thursday.

Each man gripped each other’s right hand so firmly that their knuckles turned white and their jaws seemed to clench.

There is no point in getting into a pissing contest with a guy who needs Angela Merkel’s permission to pee.

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Report: Obama NSA Illegally Spied On Americans For Years. Why is the left so invested in crackpot conspiracy theories about Russians hacking the election? Because if that story goes away then all of a sudden a lot of focus is going to shift onto O Duce and the Stasi type tactics of White House #44.

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Report: Girl in Weiner sexting case lied to damage Clinton. We haven’t seen this much victim blaming since that time Bill Clinton’s victims showed up at a presidential debate.

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WATCH: Pelosi Says the NRA is a Member of the Intelligence Community. Nancy doesn’t appear to be a member of the intelligentsia.

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AP sneaks leftwing activist into closed GOP event as “reporter.” Clearly the AP is not even going to pretend to engage in impartial journalism anymore.

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New: James Comey will consult with special counsel Robert Mueller before testifying at Senate Intel Community. Can you spell ‘the fix is in’ and ‘conflict of interest?’

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Ariana Grande concert explosions: ‘Number of confirmed fatalities,’ police say. Of course the Brit authorities won’t confirm anything, leading us to believe it was either a popcorn machine explosion or a bombing by a white, conservative, Christian, NRA member. It certainly couldn’t have been terror driven.

Update from Fox News: 19 dead and 50 injured. Authorities now treating this as a terror attack but have not confirmed.

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Nugent Puts Democrats on Edge, Hints at Possible Run for Senate in 2018. The Democrats will be getting Cat Scratch Fever over this one.

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EPA setting aside millions for buyouts and early retirement. Wait… what? Yes folks, the taxpayers have deep pockets when it comes to getting rid of useless government employees.

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Revealed: Facebook’s internal rulebook on sex, terrorism and violence. If you want to read how nutty Facebook is read this. Animal abuse videos are OK, but don’t you dare say anything bad about Muslims. Videos of death, abortion and self-harm are also A-OK.

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AP Exclusive: Strapped UN health agency spends big on travel. The libtards at the UN evidently like to blow other people’s money, too. Gotta have those junkets fact finding trips.

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Buckhorn’s joke about pointing machine guns at media draws fire. Of course Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn is a Democrat and probably the first one to want onerous gun-control laws.

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Flynn to invoke Fifth Amendment, rebuff Senate panel subpoena. Of course when Democrats like IRS scum Lois Lerner take the 5th Amendment you hear crickets. We’re waiting for the screaming to start any second from the MSM.

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Acquitted of Manslaughter, Tulsa Officer Betty Jo Shelby Returns to Work. We’ve watched the video plenty of times and always came to the conclusion this was a good shoot. Yeah, you hear lots about him having his hands up, which he did until he reached inside the window, where he could have very easily had a firearm on the seat to grab. Then we’ll toss in non-compliance. Our personal opine is that the the DA was throwing her under the bus to prevent riots.

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Brit sniper takes out ISIS sniper from 1.5 miles away. And the 1.5 miles is not the most amazing part: a bullet takes three seconds to travel that distance but somehow he hit a moving target.

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Notre Dame students walk out on Pence commencement speech. The special snowflakes again prove why they want women’s sanitary napkins in the men’s room.

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In James Comey’s hometown, he is no ‘nut job’, but principled career man: After scouring the country USA today have found four people who don’t think Comey Clouseau is a sleaze-bag; these four people are from his small home town. A small home town which, it would seem, has been missing it’s Eddie Haskell for several decades now.

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This Professor Resigned Rather Than Go to Diversity Training. More like brainwashing.

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Weekly Thread 5/20 to 5/27/17. Russians – Russians everywhere.

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Democrat Pundit Bob Beckel FIRED FROM FOX After Racist Comment. Bob is fast turning into the Keith Olbermann of news stations. Maybe ESPN will hire him.

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