July 2017

Trump Removes Anthony Scaramucci From Communications Director Role. Well that didn’t last long. Requested by new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. Bizarre indeed.

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Fresno Mayor Opposes Concealed Carry, Carries Gun. What’s worse than anti-gun Democrats? Hypocrite Republicans who think they’re special.

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After Sanctions, Putin Orders U.S. to Cut 755 Embassy Workers. Yet according to the Democrats Trump and Putin are having a love fest.

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Hackers descend on Las Vegas to expose voting machine flaws. Voting machine flaws, illegal voting, multiple voting. Nothing to see here, now move on.

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New study: at least 45,000 people voted twice in 2016 election. That’s just people voting twice. It doesn’t include dead people votes, illegal alien votes, felon votes, absentee ballot fraud, intentional miscounts, and the blatant wholesale fraud we see in big Democrat cities like Chicago and New York. So just the tip of the iceberg.

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Defense Department sold $1.2 million in excess equipment to ‘fake law enforcement.’  We can’t help but wonder if any or all of this ended up with some cartel dudes in Mexico.

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Apple Removes Apps From China Store That Help Internet Users Evade Censorship. CEO Tim Cook, who wouldn’t give the FBI help cracking the cell phone of the San Bernardino shooter, happily bends over for the Chinese. What a guy.

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Sanctuary dummies in Oregon release illegal alien felon who rapes 65 year old woman. Oh yes this is bad. Let’s add to it this guy’s been deported 20 times. Yes 20 times. We sincerely hope she sues the snot out of Multnomah County and Sheriff Mike Reese who should be immediately fired. We’ll remind everyone that this is why Kate Steinle was shot dead, with a stolen firearm, by an illegal alien with 7 felony convictions, in a sanctuary city, who has crossed the border illegally 5 times.

Earlier this year, Multnomah County leaders and Sheriff Mike Reese wrote a letter to the community saying, “The Sheriff’s Office does not hold people in county jails on ICE detainers or conduct any immigration enforcement actions.”

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UAW Exec’s Wife, Auto Exec Charged for $1.2 Million Bribery Scheme. All we have to say is ‘something, something, Russians.’

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Because of Global Warming… a Sharknado could really happen. So says the movie’s Hollywood creator.

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John Kelly replaces Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff. Well, Rinsed Penis is no more. We’ve always thought he was a rat for the RINOs anyway. He will be on Hannity at 10PM EDT tonight if you want to watch him whine.

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Center for Public Integrity: Steve Bannon has a shadow press office. It may violate federal law. We searched these guy’s site for any stories about the Obama shadow presidency. There was zero coverage of that very important story. Obviously this center for integrity has none of their own.

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George Clooney Lashes Out at Paparazzi Photos of Twins: They “scaled our fence…” Apparently Prince George believes that open borders are only for the little people.

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National anthem protests biggest reason NFL ratings declined. The only people surprised by this are the nincompoops in suits who run the NFL, who still can’t grasp PV=nRT even after a year and a half of tutoring.

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Dolphins ex-cheerleader, prosecutor getting divorced — and Trump’s a factor. Rah-rah-rah, sis-boom-bah, I get the goldmine you get the shaft. H/T poppajoe49

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The night John McCain killed the GOP’s health-care fightEvidently removing his brain tumor didn’t make any difference in him being a first class asshole. Our sympathy for him has ended.

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Maxine Waters interrupts Treasury Secretary’s single answer — 12 times! We have children running the country.

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Undocumented immigrant driver’s licenses near milestone in California. Almost 1,000,000 of them running around. We wonder how many vote?

Through June 2017, the Department of Motor Vehicles has issued approximately 905,000 driver’s licenses under Assembly Bill 60, the law requiring applicants to prove only their identity and California residency, rather than their legal presence in the state. 

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Book burning in Sweden. Swedish libraries, frothing at the mouth to be politically correct, are burning copies of Pippi in the South Seas by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren because the book uses the word “Negro.”

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Trump bans transgenders from military… by tweet.

“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow…Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming…victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you”

Nuclear explosion of screeching, wailing, and figurative hair-pulling in 3… 2… 1…

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California secession campaign can start gathering signatures. Hold your cheers. This dummy has tried before and failed because most people are aware this is stupid.

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Davis Islamic Center Under Fire After Sermon Translation Surfaces Online: Apparently this Imam didn’t get the memo about Islam being the religion of peace.

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Al Gore Humiliation: NASA Study Confirms Sea Levels Are FALLING. Yes, contrary to all the hyperbole you hear from the like of Al Gore, Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger there is no sea-level rise, in fact just the opposite.

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Wasserman Schultz aide arrested trying to leave the country. Nothing to see here, just hammering hard drives and $165,000 alleged bank fraud. Poor bastard probably wanted to escape before he committed suicide by shooting himself 5 times in the back of the head.

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Appeals Court Strikes Down D.C. “Good Cause” Handgun Carry Ban. Hopefully this will put California one step closer to getting rid of their good cause bullshit. Here’s the ruling wrenn-v-dc-opinion

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