June 2018

Thousands turn out in cities across nation to protest separation of illegal immigrant families. In a country of 325 million people ‘thousands’ isn’t much.

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Oldest  living WWII veteran victimized by fraud, bank account now empty. He says ‘he’s angry and he wants to shoot somebody.” Everyone who’s decent is angry and many of them would like to shoot the perp(s) too.

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Illegal alien heroin dealer has been charged 41 times in 10 years. Catch and release is working well in Massachusetts.

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California couple beats baby to death, no charges. Law enforcement officials are hoisted by the petards of their own illogical abortion laws.

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Police readers – If you can, please help a kid who has had 2 brain surgeries and wants to be a Cop. Thanks in advance. If you need I can PM and get the info for you to send.

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CNN ratings fall below Food Network. If every airport and half the bars in the country weren’t tuned to CNN out of habit, their ratings might be zero.

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More than 30 per cent of Americans believe a second US civil war is imminent, while 59% of conservatives fear violence from radical left wingers who hate Trump. All we can say is that in our opinion beating a bunch of spoiled brats who act out in public shouldn’t take very long.

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Kamala Harris Predicts ‘destruction of the Constitution if Trump gets justice pick. Says the woman who hates the first and second amendments and thinks the Constitution is a living document. You you say cognitive dissonance people?

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Kennedy’s stunning retirement gives Trump chance to lock in lasting Supreme Court majority. Well well well. No doubt Schumer and his butt buddies will block block block. Mc Connell needs to use the nuclear option and get a conservative judge on the bench.

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Weekly Thread 6/27 – 7/4/2018. Let the comments commence!

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An asteroid four times bigger than the UK is now so close to Earth that it’s visible to the naked eye: Here’s how to see it. This is 106 million miles away and 50 times larger than the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs.

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Freed traitor Chelsea Manning loses her bid to run for Senate in Maryland. Evidently the people feel that Congress doesn’t need another leaker when they already have Adam Schiff.

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Supreme Court deals blow to unions, rules against forced fees for government workers. Now you won’t have to pay union dues to unions who support political causes you don’t agree with. We imagine there’s a mass Democrat butt pucker about now.

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Abolish ICE protesters tie Fed building’s door complain when pepper balls get thrown near them. Remember folks, these are the people who are going to win the next civil war. We  surmise if there was ever actual lead coming their way we’d have a new record for the number of crapped pants in one place.

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Cops: Woman Forced Ex To Have Sex At Machete-Point. Looks like a clear cut case of ‘use it or lose it’ to us.

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SCOTUS sides with California Pro-Life groups. We got a two-fer today. An added bonus is pro-abortion, anti-gun AG Becerra got his ass handed to him.

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For second year, Sanders earns more than $1M: Socialism is a racket.

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Michael Ian Black is writing a book on masculinity: Excellent, we’ve always wanted an outsider’s perspective.

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Wait… the protestors are shouting what? There is great unrest in Iran, with protests in the streets against the ruling regime, and believe it or not they are chanting “Death to Palestine.”

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Border Agents arrest 5,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records trying to cross the border – including a convicted murderer and scores of gang members. More than 505 gang members, including a convicted murderer and a pedophile. But according to the left they’re all sweet and innocent immigrants illegal aliens.

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Supreme Court upholds Trump travel ban on some Muslim-majority nations. The 9th Circuit Court of Schlemiels gets bitch-slapped again.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld President Trump’s controversial travel ban affecting several mostly Muslim countries, offering a limited endorsement of the president’s executive authority.

The ruling was 5-4 upholding the selective travel restrictions, which critics have dubbed a “Muslim ban” but the administration argued was needed for security reasons.

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Crazy restaurant owner stalked Sarah Huckabee Sanders. After Stephanie Wilkinson kicked the White House Press Secretary and her family out of her own restaurant, the Red Hen, she followed them to a nearby restaurant and tried to organize a protest to harass them there. But Wilkinson was pecking at the wrong seed over there because by that time Ms. Sanders and her husband had gone home and the only people who got harassed were her liberal in-laws.

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Missouri State professor wants men to send in dick pics. She’s doing a scientific study of self esteem and says she needs photos of survey respondents’ junk to make sure they’re telling the truth about their penis size. Uh huh.

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Richard ‘Old Man’ Harrison of ‘Pawn Stars’ dead at 77. RIP. He was the best part of the show IMO.

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Maxine Waters orders MORE public harassment of Trump aides: ‘God is on OUR side!’ How does this wack job get elected over and over and over again?

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