September 2018

Cotton: Feinstein to be investigated over leaked letter from Ford. They should do her 20 year Chinese spy while they’re at it.

Cotton, an Arkansas Republican, also said lawyers recommended to Christine Blasey Ford by Democrats will face a Washington, D.C., bar investigation for telling her that Senate Judiciary Committee staffers would not travel to California to interview her about her sexual-assault allegation.

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Mike Adams WARNS conservative Senators, Supreme Court justices: The unhinged left is planning “kill team” home invasions to execute you and your families. These people would be wise to get Secret Service protection, arm themselves and learn to use their firearms.

We are now learning that left-wing domestic terrorism groups are openly discussing “kill team” tactics on Twitter and Facebook, discussing methods of carrying SBRs (short-barreled rifles) under their clothing, blending in with crowds, then popping out of the crowds to assassinate prominent conservatives such as U.S. Senators, Supreme Court justices and prominent conservative radio personalities. All this was first reported by PJ Media.

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Michael Moore’s Anti-Trump Documentary Pulls a Disappearing Act at the Box Office. Reminds us of what happens to food when he’s around.

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Driving Miss Dianne. Hysterical!  Probably about right, too.

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Hatch worried about time limit on FBI Kavanaugh investigation. He should be. The Democrats will do everything and anything to delay this past a week.

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5 Signs You’re In The Midst Of A Moral Panic. Exactly what’s been going on during the Kavanaugh hearing.

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More cuckoo from Jerry Brown. But keep voting Democrat liberal morons of California.

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Weekly Thread 9/29-10/6/2018 – Kavanaugh vs. The Slime.

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Got a post or a link? Stick it here – 10 – Month of October.

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American Bar Association Issues a Stunning Change to Their Stance on Kavanaugh. More Democrat bullshit. It turns out their President conveniently forgot notify the ABA Standing Committee about his actions dissing Judge Kavanaugh. He should be removed from his position and disbarred in our opinion.

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The media scrutinizes Kavanaugh but gives Ted Cruz’s challenger a pass. People compare him to the Kennedy’s. It appears to us Beta is on the right track. All he needs is to do it kill a woman while drunk and then sit in the Senate and smirk about it for the next 50 years.

Meanwhile, Rep. Beto O’Rourke had a pair of felony arrests in his mid-to-late 20s, including a reckless drunk-driving incident in which he crashed into a car and allegedly tried to flee from the scene.

About three years before the car crash, O’Rourke was arrested for allegedly burglarizing a campus building at the University of Texas at El Paso. He reportedly claimed the incident was a college prank, but he was not a college student at the time.

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Woman Who Confronted Flake In Elevator Runs Soros-Funded Organization. Flake not only flaked he got conned. We’ll be glad when him and his hurting vagina are out of the Senate. Also, who in the hell let’s these people into the Capitol building?

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Bankruptcy judge hits Michael Avenatti’s firm with restraining order to freeze legal fees in 54 cases. Couldn’t happen to a nicer jerk.

A federal bankruptcy judge issued a restraining order late Wednesday to block the firm of Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels, from spending any fees it collects while it owes more than $10 million in unpaid debts and back taxes.

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The envelope please. Sorry Shiela this isn’t the Academy Awards so what’s in that fat envelope? Shopping coupons?

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Lindsey Graham socks it to the Democrat PTA. This is the best speech this guy’s ever made. Amazing what he can do without McCain bossing him around.

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Full transcript: Christine Blasey Ford’s opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Perhaps the only good thing Marx ever said was “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” The high-tech lynching of Clarence Thomas was a tragedy while the performance of Dr. Ford, a highly credentialed research psychologist, acting like a cross between 7 year old girl and a dumb blond, is an absolute farce.

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Julie Swetnick Was Sued For Domestic Violence And Defamation According To Court Documents. Oh my more proof of her credibility.

A background search of Swetnick reveals two liens, including a 2014 federal tax lien of $40,303. She also has a Comptroller of Maryland Annapolis lean for $62,821.03.

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Another Democrat with a phony life story. If she wins the election she can join the phony Cherokee, the phony Vietnam War vet, and Cory Booker, the New Jersey senator who actually lived in New York when he was elected. Apparently Democrats are natural-born fiction writers.

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New accuser says she was drugged and gang-raped at a high school party where Brett Kavanaugh was present, and claims she saw him ‘lining up’ to ‘take his turn’ with a drunk girl at another, in sworn statement released by Michael Avenatti. So basically she has nothing. She never says Kavanaugh raped her, or that she saw him rape anyone else. No dates of this party because Avanatti was afraid the Judge’s calendar would show he was somewhere else at the time? Can you spell sleazy?

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Swedish media wait 24 hours to report on a car that ploughed into a crowd of 100 children. Well who the hell needs guns these days? Just lease a car. Don’t count on the cucked Swedish media to report it either.

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Bill Cosby, 81, is handcuffed and led straight to prison after a judge sentenced him to between three and 10 YEARS for drugging and assaulting a woman over a decade ago – and branded him a ‘sexually violent predator.’ Bill will be lunching on a whole new type of pudding pop very soon.

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4Chan is claiming they BURNED Michael Avenatti with fake Kavanaugh witness!!! It this is all true this is about the funniest thing this year.

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10 Serious Problems With New Accusations Against Kavanaugh. Lots of apparent sleaze here. Burying comments deep in the article, no witnesses, no corroboration, etc.

The New Yorker has not confirmed with other eyewitnesses that Kavanaugh was present at the party. The magazine contacted several dozen classmates of Ramirez and Kavanaugh regarding the incident. Many did not respond to interview requests; others declined to comment, or said they did not attend or remember the party.

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True Pundit Releases Unedited Yearbooks from Christine Ford’s Wild High School That Were Scrubbed from InternetIf you want to see Dr. Christine Ford’s unredacted year books here you go. Make your own judgement about her.

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Rod Rosenstein has resigned no resignation, not fired, to meet with Trump Thursday. as Deputy Attorney General in anticipation of being fired. This must be one time a NYT report using unnamed sources was true. Other news sites are reporting he said Trump will have to fire him. Either way he’s on the way to the White House. We should know whether he resigned or was fired soon.

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