January 2019

Pennsylvania Governor forced to admit there are currently over 11,000 ‘noncitizens’ registered to vote. Democrats proven full of shit about no voter fraud again.

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It’s so cold….

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Chicago: Frigid Temperatures Break January 30 Record Low. Al Gore’s Arctic warm air cools off the country. Warmal Cooling strikes again.

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Fact: The Bernie/Kamala ‘Single Payer’ Scheme Would Rip Healthcare Plans Away From 177 Million Americans. Kamala should stick to what she does best. We’ll leave that up to you.

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Kamala Harris ‘no reason in a civil society’ to have semi-automatic ‘assault weapons.’ If you needed another reason not to vote for Willie’s concubine, here you go.

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Las Vegas Sun: SHOT Show Proves Industry Not Focused on Safety. Another reason we hate the media. They never let reality get in the way of a pile of bullshit.

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Illegal Alien Granted $3.5K Bond After Allegedly Killing Pierce Corcoran. Yes, you read it right it’s $3,500, not $3.5 million. This judge should should be bounced off the bench head first.

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Pope Francis declares neutrality on Venezuela. What a cowardly, disconnected, spiritually bereft leader the Catholic church has. Even with people starving, he won’t come out against the communist dictator.

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How about a GoFundMe page for the new Dem. Senator from Arizona? She can use the money to either buy more appropriate clothes, or install a stripper pole on the Senate floor.

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Bloomberg wants armed guards for alma mater. Hypocrisy must be his middle name. Yes presidential wannabe Big Gulp likes armed guards for me and my buddies but no guns for thee. We suggest rocks or hockey pucks.

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Kamala Harris action figure unveiled

Willie Brown Admits He Boosted Kamala Harris’s Career. Great timing on coming out with the new Kamala Harris Action Doll. We won’t get into what the action is. We hear rumor it comes with kneepads.

Former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown broke his silence on his relationship with Democratic senator Kamala Harris on Saturday, admitting in his weekly column that he used his powerful post to boost her young career when they dated.

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Baltimore School Board Kills Bill That Would Have Allowed Armed Police in Schools. Yes, it’s always better to let armed shooters run around schools shooting innocent children unimpeded until the police arrive 10-15 minutes later. Maybe they can get some hockey pucks.

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Nearly 1,500 private jets to land at climate change-focused Davos summit. It appears the wealthy have no qualms about being hypocrites.

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Jackson Lee Steps Down From 2 Leadership Posts After Lawsuit. Democrats are eager to complain about anything the Republicans do but are rife to admit to any wrong doing on their part. When is Kamala Harris’ going to be investigated over the $400,000 California paid out for a sexual harassment claim during her watch as AG?

Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas is stepping down from two leadership positions following a lawsuit from a former employee who says her sexual assault complaint was mishandled.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in the District of Columbia, accuses Jackson Lee’s office and the foundation of retaliation after the woman was sexually assaulted by a foundation employee in 2015 and threatened to sue.

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Feds Spend $453,592 Giving Financial Support to Transgender Women. Another day another government waste of tax dollars. Then everyone wonders why people resent paying taxes.

The National Institutes of Health is spending over $450,000 to provide transgender women of color financial tips and “gender transition supports.”

Virginia Commonwealth University began the project last year, which studies “economically disadvantaged male-to-female” transgender individuals in Richmond, Va., and St. Louis, Mo.

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ANOTHER FIREARMS BUSINESS LEAVES NEW YORK.  Democrat run New York, like California keep scaring off businesses. Who will win the race to the bottom?

Georgia’s new Governor, Brian Kemp, may want to send New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo a thank you note and a bushel basket of peaches.

That’s because another New York-based, firearms-related business has made the decision to expand its operations not in the Empire State with its highly restrictive gun control laws, but in this case in Georgia with its far friendlier business and political climate.

Check-Mate Industries, based in West Babylon, N.Y., makes handgun and rifle magazines, among other firearms-related equipment as well as life-saving devices for the medical industry. The company is an original equipment manufacturer for firearms makers and the U.S. military.

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Privileged, Old White Male Michael Bloomberg Plans to Win Democrat Presidential Nomination on Gun Control. You go gurl.

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ADAM SCHIFF RESPONDS TO TRUMP JR’S LEAKING ACCUSATION: IT’S NOT A LEAK, IT’S ‘EXPOSURE.’ Yeah. Kind of like I didn’t ‘rape’ her, I had ‘intercourse with her while she was screaming no.’

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WA Lieutenant Governor Refuses to Attend ‘State of State’ Ceremony, Fearing Concealed Carriers. This make no sense. The Lt. Governor is blind. To him, everyone is a concealed carrier. You could walk by carrying a dozen guns and he wouldn’t even know it.

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Revealed: NBC pretty much owns Buzzfeed. Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

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Ocasio-Cortez attacks… the New Deal? Every day she seems to achieve a glorious new level of incomprehensibility and stupidity. Does she even realize the New Deal was Franklin D. Roosevelt’s legislation, the guy who is an icon of the Democrat Party? Who knows if she knows? Tomorrow she’ll probably address Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and explain why we need to divest.

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Supreme Court agrees to hear 2d Amendment case involving NYC firearm transport restrictions.  In NYC a “Premises Permit” only allows you to have a firearm in your residence/business and to only transport it to/from 6 licensed gun ranges. Believe it or not you can’t take it out of the city even if unloaded and locked up.

The question presented is:

Whether the City’s ban on transporting a licensed, locked, and unloaded handgun to a home or shooting range outside city limits is consistent with the Second Amendment, the Commerce Clause, and the constitutional right to travel.

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Feds Spend $246,070 Getting Kids to Stop ‘Emotional Eating’ by Meditating. Today’s government waste of money post.

The project, “Reducing Emotional Eating in Obese Low-Income Adolescents With Mindfulness-Based Behavioral Weight Management,” received $246,070 from taxpayers.

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Oscar Mayer accepting applications for Wienermobile drivers. This is definitly a job made for Anthony Weiner.

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Weekly Thread 1/22-1/31/2019.

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