October 2019

California congresswoman wears Batwoman costume to impeachment vote. Forget about the impropriety of wearing a Halloween costume while considering the removal of the president of the United States. Forget about that. More importantly, should this saggy old woman be wearing that cheap-ass costume without breast support?

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Trump judicial pick breaks down in tears at hearing over legal group’s attack. ABA must stand for the American Bitch Association. Another honorable man attacked by the left.

One of President Trump’s nominees for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals broke down in tears during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday, as he disputed suggestions that he would not be fair to members of the LGBTQ community.

Lawrence VanDyke was the subject of a scathing letter from the American Bar Association, sent to committee leadership Tuesday night, which alleged that people they interviewed expressed this concern, and that VanDyke himself “would not say affirmatively that he would be fair to any litigant before him, notably members of the LGBTQ community.”

But conservatives have adamantly defended the nominee. And when asked about this at Wednesday’s hearing, VanDyke strongly disputed the ABA’s account.

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High Capacity Gun Magazine are Standard - Get the Truth, Read Facts

Judge Strikes Pittsburgh Ban on Use of AR-15s, ‘High Cap’ Magazines. Another blow to the Second Amendment is fended off.

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California Governor Newsom Took BIG Dollar Donations From Company Behind Power Outages. Maybe PG&E stands for Pacific Graft & Extortion? Have they donated to Jerry Brown or any PUC members?

Newsom and his allies took $208,400 from Pacific Gas and Electric during his run for governor before the public utility began controlled blackouts. PG&E gave the governor the maximum amount of $58,400 and gave another $150,000 to a political spending group supporting his candidacy.

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WOW! Top Democrat Witness and Pompous Nutjob Col. Vindman Tried and Failed to Tamper with Rough Draft of President’s Call to Ukrainian President. Yep you’re supposed to be impressed by this asshole’s integrity because he was in uniform.

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Got a comment post or a link? Stick it here 10-11. Month of October-November 2019.

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CROOKS! Witness Vindman Tells Committee He Shared Classified Read-Outs of Trump’s Call — When Jim Jordan Asked Who, Schiff SHUT DOWN Questioning. Shifty Schiff Shithead gets shiftier.

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Iran turning into Venezuela. Trump’s sanctions are biting and the ruling mullahs just moved $22 billion out of the country into foreign banks, always the first sign that failing dictators are preparing their post-collapse retirement.

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Washington Post headline writers change al-Baghdadi title from “Terrorist-in-Chief” to… “austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State.” Oh, and if that doesn’t already make you throw up your Cheerios a little bit, in the body of the article they call him a “conservative scholar,” apparently trying to make the murderous barbarian sound like a member of a Republican think tank.

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Rep. Katie Hill to resign amid allegations of inappropriate relationships with staffers. We hear rumor she’ll be applying for a job as a hair dresser, or bikini waxer, we’re not sure which.

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California Businesses Consider Leaving State Due To Unreliable Power System.  Not to mention the cheese-dicks in Sacramento are trying to split-roll Proposition 13 property tax protection, raising business property taxes, which in turn will raise the cost of everything else in the state. Keep voting Democrat you morons.

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James Comey says he will move to New Zealand if Trump is reelected. That howl of anguish you just heard originated in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Big Sky Conference names man “Female Athlete of the Week.” We live in the Bizarro World. No other explanation.

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It ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun. An Arkansas hunter died Tuesday when the deer he’d just shot got up off the ground and attacked him. Apparently the buck did not stop there.

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Mitt Romney has fake Twitter account under name “Pierre Delecto.” Which he uses to defend himself from criticism. What a tool.

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Hunter Biden never visited the Ukraine once… during the five years he was a $50,000-a-month director at Burisma. To summarize, Hunter Biden did not know anything about the energy business, did not speak the language, and never even bothered to show up for a directors’ meeting while he was being paid millions of dollars to “advise.”

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38 people cited for violations in Clinton email probe. Of course, nothing much will happen for this massive security breach and Hillary skates again.

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Freshman Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) has had affairs with two staffers since taking office. Not surprisingly, she and her husband are now “estranged,” which we think might be California-speak for “he is tired of being married to a ho.”

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Hillary Clinton just called Tulsi Gabbard a “Russian asset.” Let’s see, the matriarch of the Clinton Crime Family, which has spent more than half a century cozying up to Soviet communists and socialists, and spent eight years in the White House selling American military secrets to the Red Chinese, calling an Army major who did two tours in the Middle East a Russian asset… that makes about as much sense as Bill calling himself a feminist.

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California governor signs bill letting murderers and violent criminals serve on juries. A heartfelt thanks to Governor Greasy Gavin Newsom for flushing California again.

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Elijah Cummings Explodes When Caught in IRS cover up ...

Elijah Cummings dead at 68. We wonder if his district is celebrating?  It appears he hasn’t done shit for them for decades.

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Pelosi Meltdown – then she blames Trump.  Oh my. Look who’s standing up and wagging her booger hook at the President.

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HUGE! FBI Employees Conducted 3.1 Million Questionable and Illicit Searches, Including Searches on US Citizens in 2017-2018. Oh look. Another benefit of living under the Obama regime.

According to a new declassified ruling from the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), FBI personnel systematically abused National Security Agency (NSA) mass surveillance data in both 2017 and 2018. The 138-page ruling, which dates back to October 2018, was only unsealed 12 months later in October 2019. It offers a rare look at how the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been abusing the constitutional privacy rights of U.S. citizens with alarming regularity. The court ruling is also a stinging rebuke to the FBI’s overreach of its ability to search surveillance intelligence databases.

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Judge Suppresses Evidence Of Baby Body Part Trafficking In Planned Parenthood Trial. Here we go with another Obama appointee running a coverup for Planned Parenthood and the Democrats.

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Fake news, ABC version. Over this past weekend, ABC News repeatedly aired video they claimed was from the frontline battle between Syrian Kurds and the invading Turks. Except it was actually video from Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky.

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