Not doing the jobs Americans won’t do: 70% of illegal aliens in Texas receive welfare

by editor on April 18, 2011


Illegal aliens crossing the border to line up at the welfare office

A new study has found that a remarkable 70% of illegal aliens in Texas are on the dole. Since only 39% of native born Americans are on welfare, it makes one think that the phrase “doing the jobs Americans won’t do” should be changed to “not doing the jobs that Americans won’t do.”

The Houston Chronicle tells the terrible tale of Texas taxes:

Thirteen years after Congress overhauled the American welfare system, 57 percent of immigrants with children — those in the country legally or not — use at least one government, welfare program according to a report released Tuesday by the Center for Immigration Studies.

In comparison, 39 percent of native-born Americans with children are signed up for welfare, the report found.

In Texas, 54 percent of legal immigrants and 70 percent of illegal immigrants receive welfare assistance, with illegal immigrants generally receiving benefits on behalf of their U.S.-born children, according to the study, written by a think tank that favors reducing immigration into the U.S.

Overall, Texas tied with California and New York for the second highest immigrant welfare rates behind Arizona.

Congratulations, Texas. Keep up the good work and you’ll be number uno in no time at all.

Source: Houston Chronicle

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I think we should bill the Mexican Government what it cost us to care for their countrymen.

Welfare Reality

My son has autism, which has impacted my ability to earn a wage. My ex husband decided he just didn’t want to deal with it, so he left. Single mom, two kids one with a significant disability.

We get housing, food stamps, SSI and Medicaid.
Housing assistance provides $670 a month in rental assistance. We pay rent + all utilities. Food stamps comes to $200 on average per month. My son gets an SSI check for $350 a month. Total the government spends $14,640 a year + medical costs for my son. However, because of people like me we provide how many people a job?

If the government took my son and placed him in institutionalized care, it would cost on average $57,000 a year + medical costs.

Cost savings to taxpayers $42360 a year.


And this has what to do with the topic?

John Reb

Is this blog controlled by Black American Musims?

Not so silent

Whoa dud, slow down on the crack….I bet you see space aliens under your bed…..But kudo’s for one of the dumbest questions I have ever seen posted here…


I’d vote #1


?!? *sighs* Yes. Any other stupid ass questions?