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ABC Forced To Issue Correction as Big Ukraine Story Crumbles. What happens when you use fake news to try and take down a President.

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Not so silent
Not so silent

And yet no one will do a F*cking thing to call this out on the republican side besides Trump…The rest of them are running around hiding in closets with their hand over the space where their testicles use to be…


The msm is all a buzz now because pencil neck is going to have the “whistleblower” in front of his committee with all measures taken to protect them. If shit for brains was truly concerned about security. The first question must be. Who authorized the change for becoming a whistleblower? Follow up question. When was this put in place? Next question. Who within the White House provided this so called information? Force this back stabbing treasonous ass hole to either answer the questions or take the 5th. Which will be the added proof that the dip shits with the assistance of the deep state will do anything to prevent President Donald Trump from a second term. Where he’ll be totally free of any restraints.

Another thing. There’s been no actual vote to begin impeachment proceedings. Just a “show” for the rabid leftards and the idiots who don’t understand the process


There are no actual journalists at mainstream media outlets like ABC. None. If there were any they would have quit in embarrassment years ago. They are all nothing more than talking heads and leftwing propagandists.