America’s Red State growth corridors. Foreign companies arrive to capitalize on US cheap energy boom: “…trends point to a U.S. economic future dominated by four growth corridors that are generally less dense, more affordable, and markedly more conservative and pro-business: the Great Plains, the Intermountain West, the Third Coast (spanning the Gulf states from TX to FL), and the Southeastern industrial belt.” Low-tax, low-regulation, pro-business states gaining jobs and population. Take what Obama says and do the opposite. Not Keynes, keen!

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Where’s Wesley Mouch? Time for the “Fairness Doctrine” !

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

Well, not to worry, the Commiecrats will fix this.

pink Floyd

You said quite a mouthful there. To expand, what worries me is that these “immigrants” will bring with them their progtard mindset and political
beliefs. If we give them even an inch in these places they will infect the entire pro-business and pro-Liberty atmosphere and we’ll end up with San Fran Freakshow south and central. I don’t look forward to working for some she-male that insists I call it “Mizzzzzz Split Cock Pierce-Nipple”.


Gee, low tax, low regulation states are attractive to business? Who would have thought?


Three things;

I always knew this but to see it right in your face, for the chart wonks

And you’ve seen this mentioned in the “National dialogue”, where


Horace Greely 2013: Go to the low tax no BS regulation states young man!