German Mayor Confirms Blast Killing 1, Injuring 11 was a Terror Attack. Yes a bomb. There was also a machete attack by a “Syrian migrant” in Germany today. Herr Merkel and the Reichstag are no doubt planning how to spin this as we type.

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DNC Chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz Stepping Aside in Wake of Leaked Email Scandal. Dizzy Debbie is out. But don’t get too excited. Hillary just hired her to be her honorary chair. Hillary’s way of saying screw you America.

Hillary Clinton Statement on the Resignation of Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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9 Leaked Emails the DNC Doesn’t Want You to See. There’s more, but this is a good start. Bottom line? The fix is in for Hillary (Bernie’s been screwed from the start) and there’s now proof the MSM gets their marching orders from the DNC. Funny aside is it appears Twitter has been trying to suppress this by making the hashtag about it disappear.

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Tim Kaine: The Spanish-speaking, anti-abortion Democratic senator. Looks like Hillary’s VP choice has a big abortion problem.tim-kaine-bio-photo

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Va. Supreme Court strikes down restored voting rights for felons. So Hillary just picked Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate for VP. She’ll probably want a do-over when she hears no felons in Virginia will be voting for her.

UPDATE: Now the governor is claiming he can’t do them en masse so he’s going to sign 200,000 of them individually. We hope he gets permanent writer’s cramp.

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Wikileaks: Where do all those Democrat protester come fromWhat? You mean all those protesters are phonies?

“Yes, but going forward, when our allies screw up and don’t deliver bodies in time, we either send all our interns out there or we stay away from it.. we don’t want to own a bad picture”

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Politico biased for Democrats? Per the Wikileaks emails Politico’s Ken Vogel sends articles to the DNC before he publishes them.

Date: 2016-04-30 22:32
Subject: Fwd: per agreement … any thoughts appreciated
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CNN Proves Obama Wrong. Under Obama’s photo at the left “Obama: Trump’s doom-and-gloom doesn’t match reality” and just to the right “Shooting spree at mall.” Gotta love CNN.

CNN   Breaking News  Latest News and Videos

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Muslim Migrants to be trained as German pool lifeguards to reduce escalating sex attacks by Muslim migrants at public pools. This should work out well. Like putting NAMBLA members in charge of pre-schools so no one gets molested.

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Man charged with putting chemical weapon in a Walmart. So when people can’t get guns they’ll resort to chemical weapons, trucks, spearguns, crossbows, knives, hatchets, lead pipes, bricks, rocks, cars, molotov cocktails and you name it.

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Prosecutor says killer of 84 in Nice, France, had accomplices and planned an attack for months. So much for the MSM spin about “lone wolf” “not a Muslim” etc. Why we hate the media. Obama still waiting to figure this one out.

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Liberal Filmmaker Michael Moore: ‘Trump Is Going to Win.’  This should test the theory that a stopped clock is correct two times per day.

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Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law. So we’re back to trying to throw the election for Hillary by allowing illegal voters, dead voters and multiple votes. Meanwhile, remember, you need an ID to get the following:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Cigarettes
  3. Opening bank account
  4. Apply for food stamps
  5. Welfare
  6. Medicaid/Social Security
  7. Unemployment
  8. Rent/Buy a house
  9. Rent/buy/drive a car
  10. Get on a plane
  11. Get married
  12. Purchase a gun
  13. Adopt a pet
  14. Rent a hotel room
  15. Apply for hunting licence
  16. Apply for fishing licence
  17. Buy a cellphone
  18. Visit a casino
  19. Get a prescription
  20. Hold a rally or protest
  21. Donate blood
  22. Buy an M rated video game
  23. Purchase nail polish at CVS
  24. Purchase certain cold medicines
  25. Enter state and federal buildings
  26. Soon in California to purchase ammunition


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Kansas City Police Captain Murdered In His Cruiser By Multiple Suspects. Sounds more like an assassination to us. RIP.

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John Kerry walks into door 10 Downing Street. Thus symbolizing his entire time as Secretary of State.

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‘You Need to Leave’: Taco Bell Employee Stuns Sheriff’s Deputies With Refusal of Service. Cop refused service? Check. Investigation by corporate HQ? Check. Employee fired? Check. Glad they took care of the problem.

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At least 15 people reportedly injured in axe attack on train in Germany. German caucasian, conservative, NRA member we suppose.

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Murdochs Have Decided to Remove Roger Ailes — the Only Question Now Is When. Frankly we were surprised and we now wonder what the deal is?

Is this someting to reduce Fox’s liability regarding Gretchen Carlson’s claims of sexual harassment? Are the Murdoch’s taking advantage of this situation to get rid of him without a golden parachute? Did the Murdoch’s find out this guy is a huge liability and decided to dump him? We guess time will tell. Too bad they don’t confide in Obama. Then, like ISIS, everyone would know what’s going on before it happens.


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Freddie Gray case: Judge acquits Lt. Brian Rice of all charges. Marilyn Mosby is batting minus 100%. This dumbass doesn’t know when to quit.

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Weekly Thread 7/18 through 7/25/16. Republican National Convention.

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Report: 3 police officers in Baton Rouge shot dead. Fluid situation. 3 confirmed dead, 4 wounded. We wonder when Obama will declare BLM a terrorist organization? Probably never. You can bet he’ll turn the next police funeral into a gun-control commercial and you’ll never hear a word about BLM. Fox reporting 1 suspect dead, 2 at large.

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Minimum standards released for LEO smart guns. Halt! You’re under arrest! Um, please don’t shoot until my pistol reboots.


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Declassified 9/11 pages show ties to former Saudi ambassador to USA. Below is the first two sentences. You can read the entire document here (PDF). References to ties to Saudi Government, Saudi Royal family and what appears to be money laundering to get money to charities tied to the Saudi Government in the US and ties to Bin Laden.. Also lack of cooperation from the Saudi Government one even calling them obstructionists.

One guy who was arrested here and was sentenced to death in Jordan was extradited to Jordan. They promptly released him to Saudi Arabia. Theory is the Jordanian government was bought off by the Saudis.

While in the United States some of the September 11 hijackers were in contact with, and received support or assistance from, individuals who may be connected to the Saudi Government. There is information, primarily from FBI sources, that at least two of those individuals were alleged by some to be Saudi intelligence officers.

70-80% of the population of Saudi Arabia support Usama Bin Laden.

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France ‘Suppressed News of Gruesome Torture’ at Bataclan Massacre. Warning this is “gruesome.” If true, yet another coverup by a corrupt government.

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‘He wasn’t a Muslim. He was a s***’: Truck terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel’s cousin says he was a wife beating drug taker who ate pork… and NEVER went to a mosque. Well, it didn’t take long for the media spin to begin.

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