An open letter to college crybabies from a CEO. Man does this guy have it right. There is no safe space. We do think he should have included that you also don’t get participation trophies and no one’s going to tell you “good job” unless you actually do a good job.

Before you get all offended and run to your “safe place,” understand that I pulled that word right out of one of your trusted resources of knowledge –

Here’s the first hit for the word:
wussification (verb): The act of turning one into a wussy.
The mother has been wussifying her children from young age.
The wussification of American children is notable.

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Target Changes Restroom Policy After Receiving Boycott Threats. This is why the Democrats get what they want. They take action. This is proof this can work for conservatives, too.


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The Sub-Zero Club: Getting Used to the Upside-Down World Economy. Get ready to be charged to keep your money in the bank. Or you can buy a safe or large mattress.

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WOW: Memo exposes Hillary’s JAW-DROPPING demands about travel. But she’s for the common people.

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Federal judge allows former CIA detainees to sue over torture. Here we go with more liberal BS. Allowing enemy combatants to sue is insane. This putz will probably allow the entire country of Vietnam to sue over the Vietnam War next. FYI Jimmy Carter appointed him – no further explanation needed.

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De Blasio accused of ‘willful and flagrant’ campaign violations. Alternative headline: De Blasio is no Slick Willie.

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Thousands of trade deal foes rally in Germany on Obama visit eve. Obama’s “Popularity European Tour” continues. Now the Germans are pissed off at him. Ich ein dummkopf.

German TTIP Protest Obama

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Prince’s entourage to be questioned over alleged overdose on painkillers during flight. If all this is true the guy should have been in a hospital.

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Obama Threatens Britain (and the U.S.) The Thug-in-Chief is making threats again. The Brits are probably rolling on the floor laughing. H/T Washington Free Beacon for YouTube video.

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Seven #EarthDay predictions that failed spectacularly. These guys would have been better off hiring psychic Jean Dixon.


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SunEdison: Death of a solar star #EarthDay. The solar power con game continues.SUNEChart

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Reminder: #EarthDay Co-Founder Killed and Composted His Girlfriend. To celebrate Earth Day we’ll remind you about the founder, Ira Einhorn. A true greentard, he composted his girlfriend after he murdered her, but unfortunately he was found out before he could use her to plant a tree.


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CDC secret warning on surge of illegal kids: ‘Plan on many having TB.’ Note they worry about their staff and really could care less about the rest of us.

“Most of these kids are not immunized, so we need to make sure all our staff are immunized,” said Denton, who is stationed at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, according to a new document obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch and released Thursday.

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Virginia Governor Restoring Voting Rights to Felons. ‘Felons’ is code word for Democrat ‘voters.’ Using his executive power sounds like he’s trying to be Obama Jr.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Terry McAuliffe speaks during a debate at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

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London mayor describes Obama as ‘part-Kenyan.’ Obama may go down as the most snubbed president in history. First Cuba, then Saudi Arabia and now the UK. We wonder who’s next?

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Pro-Family Group Calls for Target Boycott for Allowing Bathroom, Changing Room Use According to Gender Identity. Here we go. Like we said, we wonder how much business this is going to cost Target?

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Poll shows Gary Johnson in double digits in 3-way race against Clinton, Trump. 11%, proof plenty of voters are pissed off at the Republicans and the Democrats.

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Obama did create some jobs. In the firearms industry! Well, you just can’t screw up everything all the time.  H/T poppajoe49

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PayPal in Hot Water for Hosting Gender Equality Panel Featuring No Women. The same company that cancelled a new facility in North Carolina over who’s peeing in what bathroom? My oh my. Perhaps they figured some of the guys would be chicks?

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Is Secretary Kerry about to give Iran access to the dollar this Friday? While this moron it at it why doesn’t he give them Fort Knox, too?

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Prince Treated for Drug Overdose Days Before Death. This is what TMZ is now claiming from unknown sources. Time will tell.

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Prince Dead at 57. From TMZ: “The artist known as Prince has died … TMZ has learned. He was 57. Prince’s body was discovered at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota early Thursday morning. Multiple sources connected to the singer confirmed he had passed.”



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Fight Breaks Out At Gender-Neutral Bathroom Protest. The sign is not even up and they’re already duking it out. This is only going to get worse. Bear in mind this is in kookie Southern California.

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NOAA: Trash Island doesn’t exist. Now if they’d be this honest about global warming.

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The hunt to be offended You don’t have to look far to find the butthurt today. They’re all over the place. Curt Schilling calls it. BTW he was fired from ESPN today.

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