The odd couple: Bill Clinton tells Paul Ryan he’s worried Democrats won’t reform Medicare

by editor on May 27, 2011

You won’t believe this one. When it comes to Medicare reform and the budget, Slick Willie has transformed into scared Willie.

Clinton approached Ryan backstage to express his concern that Democrats would use their special election victory in NY-26 as an excuse to accelerate their inaction on Medicare reform.

Talking Points Memo has the conversation:

“I’m glad we won this race in New York,” Clinton can be seen saying in the video. “But I hope Democrats don’t use it as an excuse to do nothing.”

Ryan responded: “My guess is it’s gonna sink into paralysis, is what’s gonna happen. And you know the math. I mean, It’s just — we knew we were putting ourselves out there. But you gotta start this. You gotta get out there. You gotta get this thing moving.”

Clinton told Ryan to call him if he ever wanted to talk about the issue, Ryan said he would, and the two parted.

We’re going to guess Clinton didn’t know the cameras were rolling.

Source: Talking Points Memo

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Buck O'Fama

The Demogogues don’t need an excuse to do nothing. They used their entire repertoire over the last two years – flush money down the toilet as fast as the sewer line can carry it away – and it didn’t work. They got nothing else so they’re gonna sit on their hands and make Keith Olberman noises with their butts.


I literally just fell out of my chair!!! I cannot stop laughing. Just at the last sentence. The first couple make me want to scream.


Congressman Ryan, I’d save that suit for the political DNA Clinton got all over it.



Oooohhhhh you went there!


He probably feels guilty that he doesn’t need Medicare but so many people do and that it will go broke and he didn’t do anything about it.


Everybody ready for the crickets after hearing this one?