A feather in IHateTheMedia.com’s chapeau: Bill Clinton wants to spend the day with us

by editor on December 14, 2010

Really, the former President of the United States says he wants to spend the day with us. He sent us the following email that said so.

From: Bill Clinton
Date: Fri, Dec 10, 2010
Subject: A special invitation
To: Administrator@IHateTheMedia.com

Dear Administrator,

There is nothing I enjoy more than good conversation with good people. Everyday, my life and work are enriched by the people I meet, and that’s why I’m sending you this special invitation.

Hillary’s campaign is so close to paying off the last of her debt, but she’s not there yet. Will you consider helping her in this last phase by making a contribution to her campaign?


Congratulations to IHateTheMedia.com's Administrator. Bill Clinton wants to have lunch with him.

If you enter by Thursday, December 16, you and a friend will have the chance to fly to New York to spend a day with me.Last year, we flew one of Hillary’s biggest supporters to New York to spend the day with me. It was such a good time that I’d like to do it again.

Click here to make a contribution and you will not only help pay down Hillary’s campaign debt, but also be automatically entered to win a free trip for two to meet me in New York.

From her advocacy for children and families, to her work on health care, to her current commitment representing our nation to the world, Hillary has made a deep and lasting difference for our future. I could not be more proud of her accomplishments and her work.

I know you share my pride in Hillary’s achievements, and I know how much your continued support means to her. That’s why I want to offer you this special opportunity.

Make a contribution of $5 or more today and you and your guest could be my guests in New York. Click here to contribute and be automatically entered to win.

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to countless people over the course of my work and life, and I hope that I get the chance to meet you, too.

Thank you for the wonderful support you’ve shown to both Hillary and me over the years. We wouldn’t be where we are today without friends like you.

Bill Clinton

We’re looking forward to spending the day with you, Bill, but we do have just one little question:

Is it true that you’ve made about $100 million since you left office? If so, how about if you pony up the money to pay off Hillary’s debts so that crass subjects like money don’t spoil our lovely lunch.

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Why, I’ve asked myself many times since the end of the most previous presidential election, did I ever contribute my hard-earned money to any millionaire running for office? It strikes me now as the height of lunacy.

I’ll never again give even a penny to any such candidate, and much as I like her, that includes Sarah Palin. If you’re worth $12 million (and God bless ya), you can afford to pay for your campaign yourself.


Slick Hilly and Billy want to spend the day with IHTM???? Well, all I can say is “Wear a short blue skirt, and save any bodily fluids.”


Hi, I think Bill and Hillary they desirve more then a $5 to support thier up coming compian.What a shame


I dont blame these two sleaze bags for trying. You cant possibly overestimate the stupidity of their supporters. Remember when Poor Willie had to respond to all those sexual harassment and perjury charges? (Ones that would have likely sent an ordinary citizen to to slammer, and if not, at least big $$$ in damages) They were mewling to their idiot supporters to send them money to pay their lawyer fees (that IMO the govt paid). I understand they received a lot of money. Then they turn around a few months later and buy a mansion in New York. Now people above the level of nitwit would have been pissed, but that doesn’t include their supporters. Their not that smart.


How about you take some of those sweet, sweet speaking fees you been pullin’ down and pay off that debt for the little woman, Bubba?

I personally don’t care if she can pay it off.

Jim Stewart

Exactly! People only encourage her by sending her money.


The Clintons want money from US to pay THEIR bills?! Liberals keep asking all the evil rich people “how much is enough”. Maybe it’s time they asked each other. Bill has made a fortune hawking his books and speechafyin’ and he’s asking for donations…seriously.


Aren’t the Clinton’s worth north of a hundred million?

Can anyone imagine how small the spending bills would be if the democrats had to pay for them out of their own pocket?

I’ve never seen a cheaper group of people.


What would one do on a day with Bubba?……Hookers & cigars?




HHHmmm, good point. With all the people throwing money at him, and them still married, Queen Hillary ought to go ahead and seize her some marital assets to take care of her debt.


There is no amount of money that could tempt me to spend a day with either of those self proclaimed socialites. If I look in the dictionary under sleaze I bet there is a picture of bill and hillary. What is beyond belief is this scums approval ratings, for what? blank check mentality or his (or her) unprecedented morality?


Correct. I’m not a lawyer but I think this may have something to do with Hill-Dawg going for POTUS again in 2012. She’s like a zombie…she’ll keep comming at you until you blow her head clean off.

What the hell kind of country do we live in? We were just a few primary caucuses away from 2 decades of presidents being: Bush, Clinton, Bush Clinton.